We often take geography for granted, thinking that it’s just the study of mountains, oceans, and climate⁠—but geography covers more than just that. In fact, there are two subjects under geography: physical geography and human geography.

Physical geography is where we get to learn about the different seasons, atmospheres, landforms, and oceans. Human geography, on the other hand, covers how different cultures and peoples are distributed in different parts of the world. 

With that being said, there’s a wide range of topics covered in geography that make it such an interesting course and, eventually, a career. A lot of people pursue it, especially in Canada

Geography Courses in Canada

Canada is filled with tons of world-class institutions that offer excellent programs and courses. Excellence isn’t limited to programs but also the facilities and non-academic activities that can help students grow holistically. 

So if you’re looking forward to studying in Canada, here are some institutions that you can check out:

Geography Courses in Toronto

There are bound to be several geography courses in the largest city in Canada. With a long list of reputable institutions to choose from, one can definitely find the right geography program fit for their interests.

One popular choice would be the University of Toronto. This university has been around since 1827 and is now one of the leading institutions in the country in terms of learning, research, and knowledge creation. 

Believing in that excellence comes from a conducive and inclusive environment, this university creates conditions where both staff and students can maximize their creativity and productivity. They also respect the freedom of speech, expression, academic freedom, and research.

In the department of Geography and Planning, several programs of study in geography are offered. The courses are listed down below:

  • Human Geography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Physical & Environmental Geography
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Environment & Energy
  • Asian Geographies

Moreover, students taking up these programs can freely choose their focus that complements their geography program⁠—whether a Focus in Planning or Focus in Urban Geography. Students can also take both focus, given that they don’t overlap. 

Check out Courses for Geography in Toronto to get started.

Geography Courses in Montreal

Widely known as the francophone city, Montréal is filled with world-class tourist destinations and restaurants that people aspire to visit and experience—attracting thousands of tourists each year. 

But more than just being a top tourist destination, this city is also filled with institutions that offer quality education and an overall great university experience. One university is McGill University. 

This public university was founded in 1821 and has grown to become one of the leading universities in the world. Students from over 150 countries make up quite the diverse community and contribute to a unique campus experience.

The university’s Geography department offers Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), and interfaculty Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degrees. The list of some of the courses they offer are shown below:

  • BA - Major Concentration Geography
  • BA - Minor Concentration Geography
  • BA - Minor Concentration GIS & Remote Sensing
  • BA - Minor in Health Geography
  • BA - Major Concentration Geography (Urban Studies)
  • BA - Minor Concentration Geography (Urban Studies)
  • BSc - Liberal Program 0 Core Science Component Geography
  • BA & Sc - Major Concentration Geography - Physical Geography
  • BA & Sc - Interfaculty Program in Sustainability, Science, and Society

They also have honours and joint honours for geography.

Geography Students in Canada
Geography Students in Canada. Source: Pixabay

Geography Courses in Vancouver

Vancouver is widely known for its beauty, livability, and, of course, it’s salmon and local seafood. It’s also one of the major urban centres in Canada which makes it a popular choice for migrants. This city has so much to offer that people just want to study, work, or migrate here altogether. 

As for higher education, there are several institutions to choose from. One of these is The University of British Columbia - Vancouver Campus. The university is consistently part of the top 20 public universities in the world. 

Not only that, this university has also been recognized as the most international university in North America, welcoming students from all parts of the globe. The university has been around since 1915 and has consistently been dedicated to supporting students who have the drive to shape the world. 

The Department of Geography at this university offers links between humanities, social sciences, biological, and physical sciences. They offer three undergraduate programs in relation to geography:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography
  • Bachelor of Arts in Environment and Sustainability
  • Bachelor of Science in Geographical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science
  • Minor in Urban Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
  • Minor in GIS & Geographical Computation

They also have graduate courses, so better visit their website for more details. 

Geography Courses in Calgary

Sitting at the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountain, the sunny city of Calgary was declared as the most livable city in North America back in 2019. It’s surrounded by an unspoiled environment and is the major urban centre in Alberta. 

Considering all these characteristics, there’s no doubt why so many people want to head on over to this city either to study or to simply reside in. The city’s not just livable but it also has a low population density and, generally, has a great quality of life. 

As for education, the quality of geography programs in this city is also guaranteed to be great. One such university that offers top quality education is the University of Calgary.

The university was founded in 1996 and now consistently ranks as one of the top universities in the world. Members of this university constantly aim to do better and seek more knowledge. It has 5 campuses and over 250 programs to choose from. 

As for geography, the university’s department of geography offers several programs. Some of which are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography
  • Bachelor of Science Honours in Geography in Co-operative Education options
  • Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies with Co-operative Education option
  • Bachelor of Science in Earth Science

They also offer the option for students to take up a minor degree in geography. 

Geography Courses in Ottawa

Despite only being the fourth latest urban region in Canada, Ottawa definitely does not fall short of top tourist destinations, world-class facilities, and tons of learning and working opportunities. The capital city is also a region where both English and French are widely spoken.

Not only that, lots of immigrants come to the city making it quite diverse and multicultural. So from food to communities, you’ll find that Ottawa has a lot to offer. 

In terms of education, this city is home to several world-renowned institutions, one of which is the University of Ottawa. The university offers a wide variety of tools, expertise, and technology to support students in becoming better versions of themselves. 

There are also several communities inside the campus where people engage and join together to build a better society and a sustainable world. 

Under their Department of Geography, Environment, and Geomatics, several undergraduate programs for geography are offered. These programs are listed below:

  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in Geography
  • Major in Geography
  • Minor in Geography
  • Major in Physical Geography and Geomatics

Geography Courses in Edmonton

Edmonton is known as the festival city of the country, where over 50 festivals are held annually. More than that, this city houses the largest history museum in Canada and the largest mall in North America.

The culinary scene in the city is also slowly coming to life. Needless to say, the city is packed with activities and events to look forward to. This is probably one of the major reasons why so many students want to study in this city, aside from quality education. 

If you want to study geography in the city, the University of Alberta is one of the top choices among aspirants. It’s part of the top five Canadian universities and the top universities in the world. 

They offer a program in Human Geography where relationships between human societies and natural environments are tackled. Through this program, students will be able to develop skills on how to use spatial data and how to build better cities and more sustainable communities.

Studying Human Geography in Canada
Studying Human Geography in Canada. Source: Pixabay

Finding a Geography Tutor in Canada

Pursuing a degree in geography can be quite challenging, which is why there are plenty of geography tutors who are willing to offer their time and knowledge to those who seek it. These professionals have the sufficient knowledge and experience to help you achieve your academic goals. 

What’s even better about getting a tutor is that you have the chance to learn through methods that suit you best. You also don’t have to worry so much about schedules because you can plan this with your chosen tutor. 

One platform that will help you find the right geography tutor is Superprof. This online tutor platform will connect you to tutors near you. Just simply type in your current location and you’ll immediately get a list of tutors near you.

You’ll get a list showing brief descriptions, rates, and reviews made by former students. Using this information, you can make an informed decision on who you want your tutor to be. 


Canada has several urban centres that not only attract tourists but also students from all over the world. These world-class institutions offer quality education and state-of-the-art facilities that are worth noting. 

If you aspire to study geography in the country, better check out the institutions mentioned above or find a geography tutor near you through Superprof and start your journey today!

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