Whether we like it or not, pursuing a degree has a lot to do with knowing where you want to study. Studying in a great university or college and being in the environment that you want to learn in are just some of the reasons that motivate students to finish their studies. 

Indeed, getting a degree can be one of the toughest things you do in life but it gets so much easier if you like what you’re studying and you are right where you want to be. And if you’re studying in a great city, it’s definitely the icing on the cake.

So, with all these said, you might want to consider studying geography in the city of Edmonton. It’s the northern-most city in Canada and is widely known for its world-class universities and colleges. 

Read on to know more about the advantages of studying in this city and the geography programs you can pursue. 

Why Study in Edmonton

As the capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is in a highly strategic location where you get to discover all the great sites and experiences in both the city and the province. From a thriving culture and arts scene to exhilarating sports, this city is definitely an adventure waiting to unfold.

Of course, as a student, your primary goal is to focus on your studies and finish your degree with flying colors. Lucky for you, this city has both quality education and wholesome entertainment to make your student life fulfilling. 

If you’re curious as to why you should study in Edmonton, here’s a list to persuade you:

Abundance of Scholarship Programs

World-class institutions in this city readily offer scholarship programs to students from all over the world and all walks of life. Considering that it’s the education centre of the province, it’s only expected that financially challenged students are presented with options to fund their studies.

Just simply check out your university and inquire about scholarships. If you’re qualified, then don’t hesitate to send in your application!

Tons of Housing and Accommodation Options

If you’re not a local and have no relatives in the area, then don’t fret! There are tons of housing options and accommodations all over the city. You can even narrow it down to your desired price range and find the most affordable ones for you.

Moreover, the city is also considered to be one of the most livable ones in the world making it ideal and safe for international and non-local students. With affordable housing and a safe city, you won’t have to worry about working late nights. 

Exciting Student Life

We’re not just talking about your campus life, but also your life outside the corners of your chosen university or college. The largest mall in North America is located right in this city which means that you can check it out for yourself. 

And once winter hits the city, there are endless options for entertainment such as the Ice Castles in Hawrelak Park and winter patios at the Polar Patio Club. you can even enjoy the live music and sleighs during the Silver Skate Festival. 

Geography Programs in Edmonton

Indeed, your student life can be quite exciting and fulfilling if you choose to study in Edmonton. The primary issues of housing and financial aid are already taken care of, so what else could hinder you from studying in this city? 

If you’re unfamiliar about the geography programs offered here, then better check out the list we’ve created below. This might just be what you need before you make that big leap. 

Geography Programs in Edmonton
Geography Programs in Edmonton. Source: Pixabay

University of Alberta

Recognized as one of the top universities in the country, the University of Alberta has established itself for having excellent programs under humanities, sciences, creative arts, engineering, health sciences, and business

The university aims to give students a supportive and vibrant learning environment where they get to discover, disseminate, and apply their newly learned teachings through various research and creative activities

It’s also one of the most international universities in the city, with 40,000 students coming in from more than 150 countries. With such a huge population, students are presented with over 200 undergraduate programs in 18 different faculties.  

It has five campuses in Alberta, with four in Edmonton—Campus Saint-Jean, South Campus, North Campus, and Enterprise Square. The North Campus in Edmonton alone has over 150 buildings, with its location nestled just at the edge of the North Saskatchewan River. 

The university's Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers three geography-related degrees. Here is the list:

  • Human Geography - Honors, Combined Honors, Major, and Minor
  • Environmental Earth Sciences - Honors, Specialization
  • Planning - Specialization

Similar courses are offered in the University of Toronto. If you want to study in the largest city in the country, then better check out this university or other universities in Toronto for more details!

The King’s University

The King’s University is a Canadian Christian University that was established in 1979 as The King’s College. In 2015, the institution official took on its current name. It’s a top-ranking university and receives recognition for its excellent student-faculty engagement. 

It’s also known for its small class sizes, giving students the freedom to engage with their professions to help them learn better during class. It only has an average student population of 910 each year but already has over 5000+ graduates. 

If you’re looking for a scholarship, a $660,000 student financial support is available each year. Students in programs are regularly exposed to new ideas and interconnected disciplines by award-winning professors. This is to prepare students for their future careers and further studies. 

At this university, you can pursue a minor in Geography along with your desired program. This program will teach you all about the relationships between humans and the natural environment and will let you understand everything about spatial distributions. 

There are also courses related to geography that you can choose as your major. These are BSc Environmental Science and BA Environmental Studies. 

Calgary also has a world-renowned university that offers similar opportunities for students. Check out Mount Royal University’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, where they offer a minor in Geography. You can take this up with another related course. 

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

As a hands-on, technology based institution, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology ensures that they’ll get all the knowledge and skills employers want from them before they even graduate. 

The institution mainly focused on technology-based education and applied research which are crucial in helping students have a well-rounded learning environment. Here, students are just equipped with concepts and theories, but they also know how to use these in real-world applications

86% of graduates from this institution get hired within 9 months after graduation and remain in their respective careers for more than 5 years—leaving nearly zero unemployment for a long while. 

With these assurances, you might want to consider taking up their Certification Program in Geographic Information Systems Technology. This program is offered in their main campus in Edmonton can be taken through the following delivery options:

  • On-campus day
  • On-campus evening/weekend
  • Online day
  • Online evening/weekend
  • Online flexible delivery
  • Both on-campus and virtual 

So if you’re looking to get an additional skill or certification, this institution is a great option for you. You’ll learn about the tools necessary to create interactive queries, edit data in maps, and internet these data using GIS applications. 

Dawson College in Montréal also has a geography program you might be interested in. Studying in the francophone city might just be the right choice for you!

Creating Maps for Geography
Creating Maps for Geography. Source: Pixabay

Find a Private Geography Tutor in Edmonton

In a city where education is taken seriously, you’re sure to find tutors for all kinds of subjects. These tutors readily offer a helping hand to students who need it, especially when concepts and subjects get a little too challenging. 

What’s even more convenient is that you can find tutors in just a matter of seconds. You can just go to Superprof and type in the course that you want help in—in this case, geography. Then type in your location afterwards, whether you’re in Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver or any other city in the country. 

In no time, you’ll see a list of tutors near you along with their rates, respective rates, and description. You’ll also see the reviews made by their former students so you have an idea about their approach and personality.

Excited to find your own tutor? Visit Superprof today!


It’s highly important that you study in an environment where the quality of teaching is high and where you know you will thrive. The city of Edmonton houses a lot of excellent universities and colleges that provide nothing but the best education for their students. 

Studying geography in this city might just be the best decision of your life. So what are you waiting for? Explore your options and start your geography journey!

If you want more options, you can also check out geography programs in the capital city of Ottawa.

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