As the country’s capital, it’s expected that thousands of students flock to Ottawa just to pursue high-quality education. The capital doesn’t just welcome students from other cities in Canada, but also from foreign countries—more than 150 countries.

The city is highly attractive to international students due to its standards of education and quality of living. The city also has a yearly welcome event for international students wherein they receive tons of information along with some entertainment and fun. 

Organizers of the event connect these students to different colleges and universities to give them a head start. Some students even get to meet the current elected officials during the event. 

It may not be the cheapest place to live in but it’s surely worth the expense and the travel. 

If you’re interested in studying in Ottawa, specifically the geography program, then read on to know more about the field and the various programs in Ottawa. 

All About Geography

Geography is often associated with the natural world and the environment, but rarely with people. However, geography is mainly the study of the physical environment and features of earth, the earth’s atmosphere, and human beings and their relationships. 

This is a branch of science that bridges both social science and physical science together by understanding how the earth’s inhabitants affect the physical environment and vice-versa. 

However, this branch of science is further divided into two sub-branches: Human Geography and Physical Geography. While they’re both under the same branch, they are focused on different things.

Human Geography

As the name suggests, it’s the branch of geography that studies how people are distributed all over the globe, how places affect people, and how human culture interacts on the places they’re located in. 

Backgrounds of people and cultures are often studied and are analyzed for how they impacted their place and have been changed by their location. Different people are organized uniquely according to their current location. 

In this branch of geography, you’ll often study the impacts of food resources, climate change, and urbanization to human culture. 

Physical Geography

As a stark contrast to human geography, physical geography mainly deals with the study of the physical characteristics of the earth. From the earth’s surface to its atmosphere, this branch of science seeks to give an understanding for the earth's physical processes. 

You can most likely learn more about the different seasons on earth, climate change, oceans, lands, and even the atmosphere from this branch of science. 

If you’re curious about what lies beneath the earth’s surface and oceans, this is a great branch of geography to pursue. You might even get a sneak peak of what kind of land mass is right beneath the vast ice kingdom of Antarctica. 

Geography Programs in Ottawa

The quality of education in Ottawa has proven to attract more than 10,000 students all over the globe each year. Whether international or local students, this city is packed all year and is surely not showing any signs of stopping. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a geography courses in Ottawa, here are some of the best geography programs that the city has to offer: 

Understanding Human Geography in Ottawa
Understanding Human Geography in Ottawa. Source: Pixabay

University of Ottawa

Known as the largest bilingual university in the world, English and French, the University of Ottawa welcomes more than 40,000 students each year. These students are enrolled in 450 different programs in 10 different faculties. 

Despite having such a large population, most classes are small in size and are focused in building great relationships between professors and students. Not only that, this university also houses the largest law school in Canada—contributing to it being a major economic force in the capital city. 

The university focuses on transformative learning, cutting-edge research, and effective governance among many core principles to make it one of the best institutions in the country. With a 97% employment rate, the university has successfully cemented its place in the schools of the world. 

Their Department of Geography, Environment, and Geomatics was established over 65 years ago and is consistent in giving quality teaching to each and every student. The department guarantees that their programs will open many opportunities for their graduates. 

These are the different undergraduate programs that you can check out at this university: 

  • Honours BA in Geography
  • Major in Geography
  • Major in Physical Geography and Geomatics
  • Honours BA in Environmental Studies
  • Major in Environmental Studies

Ryerson University in Toronto offers similar programs. You might want to check the university’s programs if you want to study in another exciting city!

Carleton University

Carleton University is situated on unceded Algonquin territory just beside an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Rideau Canal. It was founded in 1942 to meet the needs of the Second World War veterans. 

Striving for innovation in research, teaching, and learning, the university encourages hands-on experience inside and outside the classroom and provides excellent student support. 

Being strategically located in the capital of the country, students can easily take advantage of being near to libraries, government institutions, and relevant communities to make a well-balanced and supported learning environment

And the fund doesn’t end inside the university; all members of the university can enjoy professional sports, the outdoors, and the bustling nightlife after school hours. 

As for their geography programs, the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies has three different programs—all of which can be obtained through a BA, BSc, General, Honours, or Combined Honours Degree.

Some of the programs are as follows: 

  • BA Geomatics 
  • BA Honours Environmental Studies
  • BA General Environmental Studies
  • BA Honours Geography
  • BA Combined Honors Geography
  • BA General Geography
  • BSc Earth Sciences and Physical Geography
  • BSc Honours Physical Geography

If you want to pursue further studies, they also offer two Masters Degrees—Masters of Arts in Geography and Masters of Science in Geography. 

Algonquin College 

Guided by its organizational philosophy, Algonquin College aims to be an institution that transforms hopes into dreams and becomes a global leader in personalized, digitally connected, experiential learning. 

The college is grounded on its core values of integrity, respect, and care. It was established in 1967 and was named after the First Nations people who first lived in the area

This college was a result of a merger between the Eastern Ontario Institute of TEchnology and the Ontario Vocational Centre. With three campuses, the college has recently completed its expansion. 

Currently, the college is offering an Ontario College Graduate Certificate for the Geographic Information Systems. It’s available as a non co-op and co-op program and has a duration of over 1 year. 

In this program, there are two work integrated learning: through co-op and field projects. This is ideal for students who want to specialize in geographic science and information systems technology. 

All knowledge and skills about geographic and cartographic science will be provided to the students with a focal point on information systems technology. Students can expect field data collection, remote sensing, and cloud-based services as some of the major topics in the course. 

If you want to study somewhere coastal, you might want to explore Vancouver. The Vancouver Island University allows students to take a minor in geography where an introduction to geographical information systems is provided. 

Queen’s University

Established about 175 years ago, Queen’s University is a consistent top university in the country where it offers both inclusive approaches and beyond-classroom learning. They take pride in their robust international exchange program with over 220 partners worldwide. 

The research-intensive environment and quality of education has made 91% of this university’s graduates employed just after 6 months of graduation. With over 24,000 students each year, the university welcomes students from more than 153 countries all over the world. 

Their Department of Geography and Planning offers both BA and BSc degree options for aspiring geographers. Moreover, these students can also choose between pursuing geography as a major, a minor, or a medial. 

Some of the programs they offer are as follows: 

  • Honours BSc Geography
  • Honours BA Geography
  • BA Geography
  • BSc Geography
  • Certificate in Urban Planning Studies
  • Certificate in Geographic Information Science

Montréal is also a great city to study geography in. Check out Concordia University’s Department of Geography, Planning, & Environment for more details about their programs. 

Exploring Geography in Ottawa
Exploring Geography in Ottawa. Source: Stocksnap

Find a Private Geography Tutor in Ottawa

Somehow, everything that’s related to the natural world can be a little bit challenging. These subjects are often ever-changing, considering that they’re affected by many factors. So if you find that you’re struggling with your geography classes, don’t hesitate to find your own tutor!

These private geography tutors do their best to make sure you understand the topic well and help you ace your tests. If you want to learn about a concept not taught in class, you can easily inform them and they’ll find a way to help you out. 

Of course, each tutor has his or her own forte, so best to ask them straight up what their strengths and weaknesses are. 

If you’re curious as to how you can find your own tutor, just simply visit Superprof. At this online tutoring platform, you can see a list of tutors near you right after you enter your location—whether you’re in Ottawa, Calgary, or any other Canadian city. 

You’ll also see their descriptions, rates, and reviews made by former students so that you can choose the best tutor for you. 

What are you waiting for? Find a geography tutor today!


Without a doubt, Ottawa is indeed one of the best places to live and study in. The city is filled with tons of world-class institutions and has a wide range of career opportunities that are readily available for anyone who wants it. 

Listed above are just some of the geography programs offered in the city. Should you have a hard time, you can just opt to hire your own private tutor and understand the lessons better at your own pace. 

You might also want to check out Edmonton’s geography programs. This northern city is an ideal place to pursue university-level education.

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