Your teen is going to have a lot of questions and concerns about career choices. We all had uncertainties when we were teens. How are you supposed to know what career you want to pursue at a young age? It can be impossible to look ahead and see what will be a good fit. We had the same questions and concerns as your teen is having now. There are a few things as parents you can do to help your teen make the right career choice. This article will walk through you helping your teen with their career choices.

Teens have a stressful time deciding on a career. As a parent, you can help them.
Teens have a stressful time deciding on a career. As a parent, you can help them. Source: Zen Chung, Pexels

Giving Career Advice

Your teen will most likely not be looking for career advice from their parents. That may be the last place they look, but this doesn't mean as parents you should shy away from giving advice. Talking about your past experiences with your career search can help them formulate their ideas. After all, you were their age once, you know exactly what they're going through. You want to be open to their ideas and interests. It can be hard to not instill your ideas about their career for them, but it has to be their choice. You can't make it for them.

Another point you can bring up is their strengths and weakness. You know your teen better than they know themselves. If they are unsure of a career to look into you can tell them their strengths and weakness and help them decide on the careers that suit them. You don't want to force careers on them, but you can highlight the strengths they have that are best suited for careers. At the end of the day, you want to support them when giving career advice. Talking about your past experiences and providing valuable information to their career search is going to help them. Let them know they can bring up any questions about their career search. You are there to help them.

Your teen will appreciate your advice.
Your teen will appreciate your advice. Source: Brett Sayles, Pexels

Should You Hire a Career Advisor?

As parents, we don't have all the answers sometimes, especially when it comes to careers. There is a lot of information about careers from the different career options and the steps need to pursue them. You also may be stuck trying to help your teen decide on the right career for them. Looking at their strengths and weakness can be a good step, but if you are looking for other ways a career advisor can be useful.

Career advisors can help your teen find the right career for them. They'll do this by a number of tests and their own analysis of what career would suit them. They also have the experience and knowledge in helping people find a career for them. Once, they determine the right career path they can put a plan in place for your teen to follow. A lot of career advisors have positive reviews from happy clients enjoying the job they have now. If your teen is stuck and you're unsure of the advice to give you can hire a career advisor.

Career advisors can be a valuable tool in helping your teen decide on the right career, but there are also other services you can use. Oftentimes, certain careers are going to require good grades. If your teen is struggling in school or just needs the extra help it can be beneficial in hiring a tutor. Their tutor can help them improve their grades and get the extra help they need with the school. Tutors are also perfect for accountability and keeping your teen on track.

Superprof has 100s of tutors all across Canada that teach a number of subjects. They have the experience and knowledge to help your teen with any subject they need. Superprof has helped so many teens with their schooling now, it's your turn. Superprof offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn when you want to learn. Whether your teen has other activities or a busy schedule your tutor can help you find the perfect time.

Helping Your Teen Look Ahead

Looking ahead can seem like something far away for your teen. They may not be thinking about themselves as older adults. As a parent, you can help them start to think about what they want to do when they're older. After high school, your teen is going to have a few options. The first option is going to enrolling in university or college. They should be considering this option if they have thoroughly thought about enrolling. Your teen has either found an interest in a program or is thinking about a career they want to pursue. The second option is another path of education like an apprenticeship. For anybody interested in a trade this would be the most common route. The last option is for someone unsure and undecided.

Your teen may be looking ahead and just be unsure of what they want to do. They may have lots of different ideas about the career they want to pursue or they have no idea. Of course, this is okay if your teen is unsure of what there going to do in the future. It’s a common feeling around most teens. Enrolling in a program after high school just because it seems like the right idea, isn't the best option. Not pursuing something right after high school can give them time to think about what they want to do. Do they want to continue with education? What career do they want to do? These are all questions your teen shouldn't rush to find answers to. If your teen is experiencing these uncertainties there are a few things you can do as a parent.

It can be hard for teens to look ahead. Help them look ahead for their careers.
It can be hard for teens to look ahead. Help them look ahead for their careers. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Your first step is to not let me be lazy. Just because they're unsure of their future doesn't mean they can sit at home all home day. This isn't going to help them. They won't be inspired or figure out what they can do while watching t.v or being on their phone. Your next step is to help them take actionable steps to figure what they want to do. Have them look into different careers and talk with different professionals. Your teen can set up job shadows with the profession there interested in. There are lots of different ways to help your teen get involved. Start with the ideas we mentioned above.

Help Them Find The Perfect Career

Finding the perfect career is hard. We've all been in our teen's shoes, where we have a lot of questions about our next steps, especially when we're trying to figure who are. Your teen may not ask for your help when it comes to career advice, but they'll be glad when you do share your advice. Even if you don't have all the answers for them you can give them the resources to help guide them and let them know they have your support.

Giving your teen career advice can bring up some challenges. We have created a number of articles around these topics that help you in offering career advice for your teen. Check these articles out below.

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