Helping your teen with career advice is going to be beneficial for them and you. Of course, you want the best for your child, but sometimes as parents, our beliefs can get in the way of what’s best for them. After all your teen is going to have their ideas and aspirations about choosing the right career. They're going to be looking for guidance from you as their parent in helping them make the right choice.

As a parent you can help your teen make the right career choice.
As a parent, you can help your teen make the right career choice. Source: Giftpunditscom, Pexels

When to Start Helping Your Teenager?

We always ask kids what their aspirations are as they continue to grow up. We’ve seen countless times of students doing actives what they want to do when they're older and when it comes to Halloween some kids dress up as doctors, firefighters, hockey players and police officers. You’ll notice each time you ask a child about what they want to be when they're older the answer continually changes. Even now, as working adults, people are having between 3-5 different careers in Canada in their lifetime. So what does this mean for your teenager?

If we are specifically talking about helping your teenager with career advice there going to be in grade 9 to grade 12. There are a few factors that need to be discussed. If your teenager is considering university or college after high school they have until grade 11 to decide what courses they should be taking to enrol in higher education after high school, but of course, going to school after high school isn't the only option for your teenager. There are lots of factors in deciding on university or college. It can be hard for a teenager to decide on the career they want as they grow older. As a parent, you can help guide them in making the right choice and we’ll talk about that below.

What Career Advice To Give Your Teen?

Every parent is going to have their own experiences and opinions about careers. It’s important to share these experiences to help your teenager making their career choice. You can provide a lot of insight for them. As their parent, you also know them well, so you can help them in the right direction, but the decision about their career must be their own. There are a few things you can mention to your child to effectively give them career advice. Sharing your own experiences is a great start, but there are more things you can mention.

Schooling - It’s always going to be important to have a higher level of education such as university or college. They can lead to better opportunities and higher-paying careers. Having a higher level of education, in general, is going to help your teenager as they get older, but there are other routes to consider. Your teenager may be thinking about apprenticeship programs. They also may be unsure. Deciding to go to university or college when your teen is unsure isn't the best route. It can cause a lot of added pressure as well as a lot of student debt. Talking about the pros and cons of a higher level of education with your child is an important discussion to have.

Income - Having a teenager decide on a career because of the income level is not a good option for them. Of course, being able to make a living wage is an important factor, but you want your teenager to have a career they enjoy. They should be open to following their passion and be able to make a living from that. Looking at careers like doctors or lawyers because of their high income and not because they would enjoy those things is a good conversation to have. It’s often said as well people that who enjoy what they do end up making more money because they are willing to put more effort into it and love going to work. It’s also going to mean overall happiness for your teen in the future.

Listen to Your Child - As a parent, you should not be deciding what career they pursue. Remember you were that age once, you most likely had different ideas of what career you should pursue than what your parents had. If your child wants to pursue a career choice you should open to the idea and offer guidance. Putting your child's ideas down can cause a lot of negative and they can be reluctant to pursue a career they want.

Being a parent you have lots of advice to give. You were in there shoes once.
Being a parent you have lots of advice to give. You were in their shoes once. Source: Elly Fairytale, Pexels

Services To Help Your Teen

Sometimes, as parents, it can feel like we don't have all the answers. This could be for career guidance, educational help and a few other things. It's never a bad idea to work with a professional to help your teen excel. For instance, if they have a lot of questions about their career choice and the path to take it would be best to hire a career counsellor to put them on the right path. It's services like these that will help your teen excel. Here are services that can help your teen.

Career Counsellor - Hiring a career counsellor can be beneficial if your child feels lost or unsure of what career they should pursue. As we mentioned above it's a big decision and a nerve-wracking decision as well. It will determine the path for them for the next couple of years. A career counsellor can help your teen find the best career for them that's based on their skills and other strengths. A career counsellor is educated and skilled to help people find the careers that are best for them.

Tutors - Certain career choices are going to require teens have good grades in high school and higher education. A tutor can help your teen stay on track and improve their grades. A tutor will also be able to give them a lot of tips and tricks around the school so they have the tools for success. Tutors are known for helping students exceed in school. If your teen needs the extra help a tutor is a perfect route.

Education Counsellor - A educational counsellor can help your teen decide on the right courses to pursue the career they want. An educational counsellor can also help your teen in a number of ways like improving grades, adjusting to class, information around schools and so much more. They can help put your teen on the right pathway.

If you're are looking for services to help your teen Superprof has lots of great services. They are a tutoring platform but have tutors on a variety of subjects. You can hire life coaches or personal development coaches to help your teen. Superprof tutors are also experienced and have the knowledge to help your teen with any subject. They offer lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to have a session when they want. Superprof has 100s of tutors all across Canada.

Give your teen options to use different resources if they need help.
Give your teen options to use different resources if they need help. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Give Your Teen The Advice They Need

Deciding on a career is a big step for your teen. As a parent, you can be there for them and help them make the right choice. If you are unsure of how to help you can always use any of the services we listed above to help them. Letting your teen know you are there for them and they have their support will help them pick the right career for there self.

Giving your teen career advice can bring up some challenges. We have created a number of articles around these topics that help you in offering career advice for your teen. Check these articles out below.


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