No one was raised capable of performing an amazing solo. Guitar playing icons have felt it hard to understand, you know. Dedication, discipline, and commitment are all that it takes. There isn't any hocus pocus.

Build your dreams and feel inspired by the following pearls of insight from some of the world's most professional and versatile musicians in Canada.

There is no doubt, years after years, the art of combining lyrics with musical sounds will still be valued. And if you desire to engage in the making of beautiful music which can be heard endlessly, why don't learn a  guitar?

Some exist, breathe, and write music since life wouldn't be meaningful if they didn't! 

Millions of people are now planning to study how to play the guitar.

Guide on Getting a Distinction on Your Guitar Examinations. Source: Unsplash

And today much more than ever before is a great time to try learning to play guitar. People find enough opportunity to learn the basics of a guitar due to staying home because of the pandemic. 

So are you considering participating in a club that wants to make compelling music? Can you do that? Starting to learn a musical instrument like a piano, a flute, a drum or a popular guitar is a fun way to expand your creative side and achieve everything that is worthwhile and that you'll surely enjoy.

Understanding ABRSM

Understanding ABRSM. Source: Unsplash

It began in 1889, with a plan which might start changing things. Through Sir George Grove, director of the Royal College of Music, Sir Alexander Mac Kenzie, principal of the Royal Academy of Music, proposed that the two leading musical mentoring programs collaborate to establish a new examination structure "guided by sympathetic purposes for the advantage of music education... which might offer a good motivation and a goal for a professional level of accomplishment."

The new structure, ABRSM, was specifically designed to provide a neutral and credible option for private review institutions which were usually acknowledged to be more compelled with commercial interests than by a deep desire to establish a quality standard of assessment and musical education.

In 1895, ABRSM's examiners also had started to receive appointments from Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Exams were established in 1903 in Malta and then in 1907 in the West Indies. In Kenya, Singapore, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Malta, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, and South Africa,  ABRSM were officials till 1948.

During the 20th century, examinations provided by ABRSM soon gained popularity. Qualified applicants had managed to top 100,000 by this time. 

In 1981, ABRSM had assessed over 460,000 applicants annually. In more than 90 countries across the globe, over 650,000 applicants already take ABRSM exams each year.

Getting A Distinction On Your Guitar Examination

By acknowledging the ABRSM grading system, participants must begin to understand how to keep striving for better results and earn the prestigious guitar examination distinctions! 

It is necessary to know that at least 130 points are needed to get yourself a distinction, with a good score of 150 points usually approved to virtuosos.

During guitar examinations, evaluators carefully evaluate each candidate's skills and give them an overall score depending on the marking guideline which has five various levels, such as pitch, time, sound, shape, and output.

 It also suggests that you look into the examiner's rubric accessible on the ABRSM and see what abilities are needed to qualify for the distinction level.

But how do you improve your abilities to guarantee a level of distinction when you pass guitar examinations with ABRSM? Such great tips for setting your goals to ensure a distinction are the following:

Regular Practice

The result of your guitar examination will depend on your daily practice. when learning a musical instrument such as the guitar, practice makes you perfect, is truly the case particularly for some who desire to have a distinction! So it is highly recommended to spend at least an hour for your regular practice playing the guitar to develop techniques and hone skills while discovering arpeggios, a couple of scales, and a new piece. 

Work On Performance Skills

Since your performance is one of the five parts included on the rubric which is rated by evaluators when performing in front of others, it is essential to show assured technique, good posture, and confidence. 

Consider starting to use tips including sitting pressed forward towards your chin, keeping your strumming arm toward your body, and letting your shoulders feel relaxed and calm.  When your posture is enhanced, your overall results and grades are greatly improved.

Hire A Professional Guitar Tutor

You will be surprised to learn that in Canada, the range of skilled guitar trainers who've had a lot of experience are supporting students with ABRSM assessments is substantial. 

Thus, it is recommended to use awesome sites to consult with an online guitar instructor. To see their students excel and gain a distinction, guitar instructors in Canada will provide customized attention, useful advice, and effective advice!

Understand that nothing comes easily in the human world. The product of working hard, dedication, and a positive mindset is always to achieve amazing outcomes on ABRSM examinations. But don't stress yourself, just believe you can do that!

Marking System of the ABRSM

Since the ABRSM is a respected board of exams and welfare, it has an established structure of marking which works. When playing a musical instrument like the guitar, it similarly evaluates students based on overall abilities.

Nonetheless, it is essential to state that when candidates are preparing for the end of grade guitar exams, they should shoot for the stars and expect a result that is nothing but the best. What is the best according to the ABRSM? A distinction!

Under the supervision of the ABRSM, guitar examinations consist of analyzing three parts, scales and arpeggios, sight-reading, and aural tests. And your score must pass about 150 points.

The highest honour and a perfect score of 150 points is a perfect distinction, but it is difficult to achieve. But how is one graded as being a student at the level of distinction? Is through a rubric. 

Five parts of the examination which include performance, shape, sound, time, and pitch, distinguish the rubric. 30 points from each part are needed to achieve a high score on guitar examinations, or maximum level distinction. Additionally, for every part to have a distinction, 27-30 points is required.

Hoping to learn more? This listing illustrates how learners must strive to achieve a distinction depending on the rubric accepted by ABRSM:

  • Performance: confidence, dedication,  with a clear interaction of taste and character. 
  • Shape: express using detailed shaping  and idiomatic 
  • Tone: pleasantly represented with the harmonic values being used appropriately. 
  • Time:  a deeply melodic personality that is well expressed, versatile and fluent is needed.   
  • Pitch: substantial intonation and notes, that must be extremely precise

You should expect a distinctive mark upon finishing your examination when you manage to acquire all of those five that was mentioned above. 

Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Guitar Exam

Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Guitar Exam. Source: Unsplash

Guidance is not always easily earned by people seeking to acquire new things; however, it is not enough to emphasize the significance of listening to the tips and tricks given by competent guitar instructors in Canada.   It takes a great deal of courage to learn something new, such as playing the guitar, it's not always convenient, so the support of an instructor is much appreciated.

However, precaution must be practiced whenever you are asking for advice, as only professionals and not common individuals with only basic knowledge must be approached. 

The following are some tips from the professionals of Canada  on how to excel in the ABRSM guitar examinations :

Use a Metronome, a metronome might seem like an unusual tiny tool suitable for those who do not have any prior experience in learning music. Besides, since it is designed to help young musicians learn rhythm and is adjusted to beats per minute, metronomes are essential. 

For guitar beginners, using a metronome will be very beneficial to help them establish timing from the start. You can buy metronomes at music stores or use some apps such as Time Guru and Tempo. 

Master your Arpeggios and scale, since these are a vital aspect of each ABRSM Practical Guitar category, it is essential to invest some time mastering it. You can also feel more at ease when your grade levels become more and more challenging by getting a habit of hitting complicated scales from the start. 

Some Youtube channels, such as Justin Guitar and JamPlay, are recommended for helping guitar beginners develop their skills.


Set your goal, a goal is just a fantasy when you don't have some plan.  Therefore when learning the guitar, seek to maintain practical and specific goals that you can achieve. Goals such as training for an hour a day, learning a new piece once a week and taking lessons with a tutor in Canada once a week. These are targets which you can accomplish; your guitar playing skills will also make a lot of improvements!

Find out more about the benefits of taking guitar lessons in Canada.

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