Many people have no idea who a health coach is or what their scope of work could be. If this describes you, you are not alone. Research has it that millions of people turn to medical practitioners too often than they consult a health coach. But that was almost a decade ago when the entire concept of coaching was seen as something ‘strange’ by many that needed such help.

Now, health coaching has gain popularity in the western countries. Although there is a fine line between a health coach and a medical practitioner, a doctor does not have all the time in the world to attend to your core health needs like a coach.

Whether you want to lose weight fast, maintain a healthy lifestyle, stick to a meal plan, reduce stress, or boost your energy levels, a health coach can help you. He/she will take you by the hand and show you all the steps you need to take until you achieve your target. Even when you make mistakes, a coach will help you find your feet again and regain your self-confidence.

If you need a professional who will be patient enough to see you through your health challenges and help you become a healthier person, you need a health coach.

Who is a Health Coach?

A health coach is an instructor and a mentor having high authority in health and wellness matters. They are professionals that work with their clients to achieve their desired health goals, whether it has to do with weight loss, nutritional needs, or dieting.

Unlike medical doctors, they do not believe in a one size fits all approach. They use their expert knowledge to guild their clients so they could become a better version of themselves and live a happy life.

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The Scope and Limitations of Health Coaching

Since health and wellness coaching can never be substituted for medical advice, this means it’s vital to know what health coaching is all about (scope) and what is outside their profession (limitations).

Health coaches are trained to understand your nutritional needs. Source: Unsplash

The Canadian health system is well organised to spawn unlawful practices by health and wellness coaches. It thereby endorses the need for these coaches to practice their profession within its scope without harming the client or denting the medical profession.

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Health coaches are not expected to diagnose, treat, interpret lab results, and prescribe medications to patients.

They empower their clients to become zealous and determined in their pursuits of diverse health goals. These professionals work according to the client’s instructions and needs. They are only paid for their services.

They do not do anything of their own accord. While this gives the client the authority to determine the terms of the contract, it is a limiting factor to most people. This is very simple.

If you are a health and wellness coach, clients tell you what they need and the goals they would like to pursue in the long and short-run, which they have realised through self-discovery and accountability. You are expected to help them and facilitate the process of achieving their health and wellness goals.

How Can Health Coach Help You?

A health coach is a supportive mentor who could help you implement lifestyle changes, meet your unique needs, and helps to live a healthy life that you envision. If you are looking to hire a health coach either for yourself, your kids, or on behalf of your organisation, it’s normal to want to know what’s in for you. Here are some ways a health coach can help you and give you good value for your money.

  • Accountability

They can help you become more accountable for your actions. Thereby, breaking down long-term goals into measurable and attainable goals. When you set goals and realise that someone somewhere is tracking your progress, you will be challenged to see its completion without defaulting in any manner. Social support has a way of making people adhere to new behavioural changes.

  • Personalized approach

There are no two-health coaching that is the same. If you are looking to hire a professional who will take an individualized approach to your needs and help you phantom out solutions that you could never have imagined, then hire a health coach right away.

Health coaches are trained to look at the big picture in any situation. They understand that a lot of factors may have contributed to your present condition. And unless these are addressed, the primary problems may go unresolved.

  • Professional guide

Are you trying to improve your diet and lifestyle with no results to show for it? Today, you are a fruitarian, the next week, and you are a vegan. And the next month, you discover a meal plan on the internet and decide to switch to it automatically.

If the above scenario sounds familiar, a health coach can help you get started on the right track without jumping from one diet model to another. Your ideal health coach may have probably worked with several clients who had the same body goals as yours. Therefore, they are better positioned to give you expert advice that will benefit you in the long run.

  • Configure primary health goals

A health coach can help you discover your hidden talents and reconnect with your goals. Are you tired of depriving yourself of the meals you love or refraining from certain activities because you want to lose weight? A health coach is all you need to refine your health plans and set realistic goals that are 100% attainable.

If you already have a defined plan and goal but don’t know how to work towards it, a coach can help you discover your strengths and possible inhibiting factors that prevent you from actualising your dreams and targets that pertain to your health.

  • Influence the health of other people positively

If your priority is to create and establish healthy habits, a health coach can help you do it perfectly. In the long run, you will notice how your lifestyle will affect others’ lives around you. Your life can be a source of inspiration to others as you embark on this beautiful journey of achieving long term diet and nutrition goals. It could be your immediate family, neighbours, co-workers, or friends.

  • Choosing the perfect coach for your health needs

Hiring a health coach is a huge investment anytime. But it can only be so if you hire rightly. We have scanned through the various reasons why many probably wouldn’t hire a health coach ever again. The majority of them had sad stories to tell from their coaching experience.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Health Coach

If you hire a health and wellness coach that does not resonate with your challenges and plan out the best strategies that work for you, you may end up getting less value for your investment. If you are wondering how to hire the best health and wellness coach near me, here are some valid tips from Superprof. These questions are tested and proven to work if you apply them as directed.

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  • How much do they charge for the services?

A health coach may charge hourly, monthly, or provide coaching services that is mostly billed once and for all time. You would want to make sure that the cost of getting coaching is lesser than the total value presumed to be derivable from each session of coaching received.

It's recommended to determine how long you will need a coach and how much it will cost. Source: Unsplash
  • How do they communicate with their clients?

In all business relationships, communication is vital to its success. Before you hire a coach, ask them how they handle clients’ privacy and issues that need confidentiality. How are you sure the information you both share online is stored in one place? How do they plan to communicate with you without breaching trust issues? It’s vital to know that you are safe, even if you choose to reveal the dirtiest of your secrets to your coach.

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  • Do they have specific coaching hours?

While it’s vital to determine how much time you can commit to receiving and implementing instructions from your coach during the project, it’s also significant to ascertain how much time your ideal coach can spare for you.

Most coaches have many clients on their lists, and many joggle their time between these clients each day. The majority of the health coaches you may come across usually stick to the normal office hours each week. Over the weekend, they are busy with personal matters, and they may not reply to your questions or messages until the next workday.

  • What kind of support will I get after the completion of our contract?

Most times, you might need continued support after your contract has ended or your monthly package has expired. You may not want to renew the contract. Yet, you need someone to check on your progress and offer guidance periodically. It’s vital to ask the coach how they connect with their clients after the package ends.

Most health coaches offer additional monthly packages at subsidized rates, while others offer one-on-one coaching at a reduced rate for returning clients.

Deciding to partner with a health coach is an investment that pays off in the end. See how you can find a life coach.

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