If you have ever seen a pro photographer taking great shots, your instinct might tell you that they didn't get to that stage by being a couch potato. Just as in every other skill or profession, becoming a pro photographer requires specific steps. But not to worry, these steps aren't beyond your capacity or imagination.

In your bid to learn photography skills, you should know that learning this useful skill from the right person is highly recommended. A few things are as excellent as learning a craft from an expert whose specialty is teaching that skill.

This is the primary reason why most students who want to become a pro photographer in no time may resolve to enroll for private coaching with a tutor. This is where we come in. Superprof is the world's leading online platform where you can find various tutors offering lessons that span across different skill sets, languages, subjects, and art, including photography.

If you have been searching for a viable means of learning this useful skill in Canada or anywhere else globally, here is the solution you seek. Head over to Superprof and find a tutor for your photography lessons.

What Can a Pro Photographer Help You Achieve?

If you are in college or university taking photography courses at the beginner or advance levels, you may realise soon that it is not as easy as you expected. The whole idea of turning your photography skills into a life-long career may look like a puzzle that has no end.

A photo session
A pro photographer will gladly show you his techniques. Source: Unsplash

Photography skills go beyond taking photos during a party or learning how to operate the camera. Even after learning all these skills, how do you get the "extra push" or motivation to go forward and earn a living from your skills? These are the essential aspects that your professor at the university may not reveal to you.

That is why we recommend you hire a photography tutor for private coaching. At least, you will have the assurance that the tutor will willingly reveal the profession's intricate matters. Above all, you will enjoy the following:

  • Help to find your niche in photography
  • Customized learning schedule that fits your learning objectives
  • Access to more materials and resources outside your scope
  • Helpful tips for practicing your lessons
  • Follow up-to know if you are making progress.
  • Mentorship sessions
  • Tips to help you stay motivated

At Superprof, our tutors understand that everyone has different needs and learning goals. That is why they strive to tweak their learning modules to suit your goals. However, it would help if you had an ideal lesson plan. They are up to the task to tweak it to your favor.

However, you will learn faster and better if you adhere to their instructions and suggestions. What skills are you searching for in a tutor? Remember that they have to align with your objectives and the reason s why you decided to learn photography skills in the first place.

Choose Your Photo-Tutor Wisely

Finding a photo-tutor is a great idea, but you have to follow certain steps to do it right. The first step is to determine the type of tutor you are looking for. There are various photo tutors out there with different levels of experience, specialty, and teaching styles. It's left to you to choose the one that suits your learning objectives and guarantees a good ROI. Remember, you are investing in yourself. Therefore, it's normal to desire a high return on investment.

The bottom line is to go all the way to find a tutor whom you will be comfortable learning from in the long run.

Therefore, you should look at the level of the tutor. Would you be comfortable with a BA in Arts or even a college diploma? Do you hold experience to high esteem and desire a tutor with vast experience coaching others to become pro photographers?

Endeavor to check the tutor’s profile for your ideal candidate. What are other students whom he has coached successfully saying about his service? Lastly, determine the price you are willing to pay per lesson. This should be something you will be comfortable paying, even if your photo class span extends into several months.

How to Find a Tutor for Private Lessons

Now that you have established your criteria for finding a tutor, let's consider the various ways you can find a photography lesson teacher for private lessons.

Choose a Tutor Based on Their Specialty

When looking for a photography teacher online, it's essential to check their specialty area to determine if they would be the right fit for you. Most pro photographers focus on digital while others still operate in the analog sphere.

The specialty of a photographer may not be clear at first glance. In that case, you may have to ask questions to see if the teacher can teach the photo courses you want to enroll in. Below are some possible specialties of a photo tutor.

  • Black and white photo
  • Photojournalism
  • Fashion photo
  • Family photos
  • Animal photo
  • Photo studio portraits
  • Photo architecture

It's possible to learn one or more specialties from a tutor. Many of these tutors have gathered a wealth of knowledge over the years. And this has turned them into an expert in many photography genes. They would be happy to reveal their techniques to you in these areas.

A woman
Portrait photography is the specialty of many pro photographers. Source: Unsplash

What if you aren't able to find a photography teacher whose area of specialty tallies with your interests? This is rarely the case if you search for photography tutors near me on Superprof. However, you can tweak your search filter and probably search by location to find a tutor offering your ideal photography classes.

Find a Pro Photographer via Classified Ads

In the world of photography, classified ads may seem outdated, but it's still not out of place today. If you live in Canada or the United States, you can search for your ideal teacher through classified ad sites. You can find ads to enroll for private photography lessons on:

  • Newspapers
  • Photography schools
  • Shops
  • Magazines
  • Art centers

However, it's common to find student photographers on classified ads offering private coaching, especially to those interested in learning photography skills for beginners. Does it mean that these kinds of tutors are inexperienced? Not at all! Like we said earlier, it depends on what you want to achieve from your lessons.

A photo studio
Using classified ads, you can find a photographer that can come to your home for private coaching. Source: Unsplash

Many of these student photographers have top-notch skills that a pro has as well. Some of them are already at the advanced stage of learning this unique skill and feel they can coach others on beginner and intermediate classes they have taken.

If you are on a low budget and looking to make the most of your time, too, then you may be better off with these sets of photography teachers because they charge way lesser than pro teachers.

Worthy of mention is the fact that you need to get your tools ready. For instance, a digital camera, before you go ahead to search for your ideal tutor online.

Find a Pro Photographer through an Association

This is a less formal way of searching for your ideal tutor for photo lessons. Members established these associations with the endorsement of a renowned not-for-profit organisation or the Canadian government. Here are some popular ones in Canada.

  • News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC)
  • Canadian Association of Photographic Art (CAPA)
  • Professional Photographers of Canada (PPC)
  • The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC)
  • Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada (PWPC)

These associations were formed to serve the needs of photo creators, photojournalist, photography organisations, and students all over the world.

Photo beginners can enroll in short courses with these associations. They usually organise lessons in small groups, and in case you need private coaching, they could recommend a tutor for that as well.

Find out more about learning photography from a pro. 

Find a Pro Photographer Online

If you prefer to take photography courses from your home's comfort for some reasons, which may include the inability to attend classes or go to a workshop for some training, then this section is for you. Just like face-to-face tutoring or private coaching, online photography courses can be tailored to your needs too.

The unique thing about this learning photography skills method is that it is not tied to your location. From anywhere you can enjoy a series of lessons and even at your convenience. On Superprof, there are more than enough tutors offering online mentorship for a variety of photography skills. So whether you want to learn portrait photography, lighting, or Photoshop, these tutors are available for hire at affordable rates.

However, it's pertinent to know that online photography is not an alternative to traditional photo classes. It is just another option. Suppose you are attending photography classes and finding it difficult to cope with certain aspects of your studies or need help to clarify a course. In that case, you may choose to hire an online photography teacher to help you out.

Are you presently restricted to staying at home and want to fill your days with some productive activities? We recommend you learn some photo skills and discover how the world rotates around images.

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