History courses provide a detailed pathway for learning about history. In this day and age, we want to learn everything online. This can be extremely useful when wanting to learn about history, but you can run into some problems. The internet has an overflow of historical information. This can be overwhelming for someone that likes having clear answers. The internet can provide miss-leading information that will hinder your knowledge. Your history course allows you to have a professional teacher or tutor that will guide you on your way to learning history. Your history course could be from a school if you're looking to further your education on the history and follow a career path. Or if your looking to learn history as a hobby or in general you want to be more informed you also have a few different options for the course. Studying history is such a valuable subject anyone can benefit from studying

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Why Study History?

People seem to like history or hate it. They hate it because they had an awful teacher in school or they don't understand it. If you like history you have a love for learning, a passion of the past and you see the value of studying history. Everyone would benefit from studying history. History allows us to examine the past to help us understand the future. It allows us to make better decisions about present topics like politics, economics and society. Without the past, as information, it would be near impossible to predict what's going happen next. Everything has a history. People, things, animals, buildings all have evolved from basic things to more complex things over time. We need to examine the history of everything to help us understand what will or can happen in the present and future. History is important. 

3 Reasons to Study History

1. Studying history we’re going to be able to look back into the past of economic and cultural trends and infer what will happen next.

2. Studying history allows providing an outlook on why certain societal rules exist. If nobody studied history we would lose how we came to be. Nobody would appreciate the things that happened in the past, we would lose ourselves. 

3. Studying history gives you skills that will last a lifetime. You’ll gain critical thinking, problem-solving and writing skills. These skills are an asset to any job market and make you a viable candidate. 

History in Calgary 

Living in Canada we have so much history on our land and in every province. Studying history in your hometown allows you to learn about your town's past. You can start to appreciate the ground you walk on and be fascinated by how your town came to be. Calgary is a good example of living in a history-rich city. For starters, Calgary started when a detachment of the Northwest mounted police officers built Fort Brisebois (later named Fort Calgary) in 1875. They needed a good spot to route the region of whiskey traders. Then in 1882 the Canadian Pacific Railway finally made way in Calgary. This was Calgary push into the transformation of the city. Information like this makes you see Calgary differently. Nowadays cities aren't made, we grow up in a city that's already established. Imagine setting up a spot for whiskey traders and years laters its industrialized area. Next time you're near the Calgary tower stop and look at it. The was Calgary's first tower named Husky Tower. It was opened to the public in 1968 and believe it or not was the tallest building in 1984. 

Calgary Downtown
Calgary Downtown. Source: 12019, Pixabay

History Courses in Calgary 

Not every one that likes history will want to pursue a history degree, but for those that do Calgary offers top-notch history degree programs. Applicants are expected to have atlas 6 Academic courses with one of those courses being English and they should have an average of 80% or higher to keep their application competitive. If you want to pursue a job in history its recommended to have a history degree as most jobs in the field require one. 

History Degree Courses

The University of Calgary - offers a world-class history department. Their message to students is they learn about history to understand our legacies in real-time. Each student will experience an appreciation of how the understanding of our past can help explain the present and help make better decisions for the future. The university allows each student to further their knowledge and let them explore a wide range of historical topics. 

Mount Royal University - they offer each of their students a broad understanding of knowledge in Canadian, European and American History. They’ll develop an understanding of the methods of research, analysis and reasoning. Mount Royal offers its students exciting opportunities for a hands-on experience such as volunteer work with the organization, helping faculty do research and lots of other hands-on experiences.

You may not want to study history in a degree program. You may have a love of history but don't dream of working in a history field. You still learn a lot about history from other courses. You're also going to have the freedom to study what you want. For starters, you can start in your local library reading about the history that interests you. You also have access to walking tours around Calgary. You’ll get to learn from a local guide as they take you from each of the historic land sites. You’ll hear stories about Calgary's history. 

Regardless of if you want to work in the history field or not you can learn history with Superprof. Superprof is a tutoring service that has 100s of tutors with professional experience about a history You can learn online or in-person with a Superprof tutor. If you are taking a history degree program your tutor can help guide you during your studies. They can help better understand topics as wells as help you study. If you're not taking a history degree program Superprof tutors can create a history course for you. You’ll be able to learn history from a qualified professional. You can feel comfortable knowing you're in good hands. 

Check out other cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, or Edmonton to learn about there history course.

Museum, London England
Museum, London England. Source:PublicCo, Pixabay

What to do with a History Course? 

First and foremost those studying history is not a waste of time or useless. History can be seen as a dead subject, but this far from the truth. Studying history means you have a love for the past. The benefits from a history course goes past the books and old dates. You'll develop skills that will last your lifetime. You'll gain critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical and exceptional written skills. These skills are an asset to every workforce. If you looking for a career in history there is a lot of interesting career choices. You could work as a historian They typically help people interest and educate them on history topics. Historians can work in any industry from the public to the private sector. Another good career choice is a teacher. Most teachers in the history department have 2 jobs. They educate students on history as well as to conduct there to own research. These 2 jobs are a small part of a big list that your history degree will attain for you. Most history degree jobs also pay around $55,000 a year. 

5 History Jobs:

  1. Academic Researcher - you'll get to apply your expertise to study and research historical topics that interest you.
  2. Archivists - your job is to acquire, manage and maintain historical documents that have importance for individuals or organizations.
  3. Heritage Manager - you'll able to preserve historic landscapes and sites so others can enjoy them.
  4. Museum Educator - your job is to create and present historical information about the exhibits in the museum. You'll be educating adults and children.
  5.  Museum Curator - You'll be able to take part in managing the artifacts in museums and galleries.

Whether you want to work in the history field or you don't take that history course is the first step in your continuing to study a subject you love. You may even end up discovering a new part of history. 

To learn more about history courses read History Courses in Canada.

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