At a glance, history can seem like boring dates, times and people, but you have to look at the events that took place in time. You have to understand what the past was like to understand the present and foresee the future. This is what makes history so exciting. Anybody can learn history and anybody can benefit from taking a history course. If you are already enrolled in a history class you can enrol with a tutor to better your understanding or if you just have a passion for learning history there are lots of history courses to learn from. 

Why Study History? 

History is part of our past, present and future. Everything that's happening right now will one day be part of history. This is more true than ever right now. History helps us remember the change. It shows us how we use to live and the path that led us here. History is important. Learning history in school, it may seem like boring outdated knowledge (believe me, I was there) but as you start to learn more and more. It becomes more interesting. We have to study history to fully understand our present. Studying history also allows you to understand cultures better. This allows you to be more culturally aware. 

Old Letters
Old Letters. Source: Free Photos, Pixabay

6 Reasons to Study History

  1. Study Change 
  2. Understand Cultures
  3. Understand Societies 
  4. Make better decisions
  5. Become Better Citizens
  6. Develop Appreciations for things

Toronto's History

Living in Ontario's Capital, Toronto, there is so much history around you. For instance, Toronto wasn't always a vibrant city. It wasn't even called Toronto until 1834. People started living around here in 1793 when the British founded the Town of York. This would later become the City of Toronto. Toronto eventually kept growing and prospering which is why it is one of the most urban places in today's world. These facts are only the beginning of how Toronto came to be. Studying history doesn't always have to be things your unfamiliar with you can learn the history of your town. 

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Where to Study History in Toronto?

Living in one of Canada's busier cities you have a lot of options for finding a history course. You have the chance to learn from history professors, private teachers, private schools, or tutors. You always have the option as well to learn in the classroom, privately or online as well. You have so many great ways to learn history in Toronto. If you're looking to pursue jobs in history you are going to need at least a bachelor's degree in history (will list your options below). But, if you looking to learn more about the history and not pursue it as a career will also list some courses below.

Toronto City Hall
Toronto City Hall. Source: scottwebb, Pixabay

University Programs

University of Toronto - They offer a phenomenal bachelor's program in history. As a history student, you’ll gain a broad overview of the history and a deeper knowledge of specific periods and themes. You can also follow your historical interest. You have a lot of flexibility as you navigate your degree. 

University of Ryerson - They also offer a phenomenal bachelor's program. You're going to be able to develop your research, analytical and communication as you work towards your degree. Ryerson also gives you some flexibility in being able to study what interests you. They also offer work placements during your studies.

Prerequisites for Degree in History - You need 6 academic courses in grade 12 with one of those courses being English. It’s recommended you have at least 80% or higher to be completive in your application.

History degrees will offer you skills that will last you a lifetime whether you pursue a history career or a different career path. You will learn critical thinking, analyzing, problem-solving and so many other skills. History goes beyond the dates and people.

Continuing Education Courses

University of Toronto - They offer history courses to anyone willing to learn. You don't have to be enrolled at the University of Toronto to join. You just have to sign up. All of there university history teachers are experts on the topic. You can learn about history, wars, revolutions, historical figures, and so many other historical topics. You also have the chance to learn in person or online.

Local Library - The best part about learning history is there are a million different resources you can learn from. Your local library will have everything to help you learn history. If there is a certain historical period you're looking for your local library will have it. Talk with your librarian and they can help you navigate to find the books you're looking for. 

Superprof - Whether you want to improve your history grades or you have a fascination with history Superprof Tutors can help you. They have 100s of different history tutors to teach you. Our tutors can work with any experience level. They offer courses online or in-person to give you the best options in learning.

Check out other cities like Edmonton, Vancouver, or Calgary to learn about there history course.

Whitby Abbey, England
Whitby Abbey, England. Source: TimHill, Pixabay

Careers for Pursuing History 

Studying history you'll often get questions like "what are you going to use that knowledge for?". We've already talked about the benefits of studying history above, so you know the answer to those types of questions. A lot of people don't know the value of taking a history course but you do. You have so many options in the workforce and lots of skills to help you along the way. The obvious career choice for people studying history is a historian, but there are so many other great career choices. Most history jobs will require an undergrad in history (4-year degree). These jobs will all lead to a rewarding and exciting career path. Even if you don't want to work in the history field you still gain so many beneficial skills that will make you an asset for any job market. 

Here are 5 History careers

  1. Museum Archivist - your job will be to research and appraise certificates. You’ll get hands-on experience with art, historical documents and artifacts. You’ll also have the chance to set up exhibits for the world to see. Average salary is $50,0000/yearly
  2. History professor - your job will be to educate young minds on the things you care about most. You can work with a variety of students including high school or university students. If you have strong leadership skills and enjoy explaining history this will be the perfect job for you. Average Salary $60,0000/yearly
  3. Historian - It is your job to study and research history. You can be reasonable for learning about new historical topics. Historians usually share there work through writing. If you have a passion for history and an understanding of the English literature a career as a historian would fit you perfectly. Average Salary $58,0000/yearly
  4. History Experts - your job is to be the expert on history; plain and simple. Have you ever watched a movie or show and they have kept things accurate? They usually hire an expert to acquire the right facts. You could be the guide in helping movie and t.v shows be accurate. $60,0000/yearly
  5. Archeologist - if you want to be in the field for researching new artifacts this is the perfect career choice. You can also specialize in one area of archeology. You can have an exciting job exploring the past. Average salary $62,000/yearly

Continued Journey For History

If you do share a passion for history or want to pursue history as a career you'll never stop learning. History is a subject that there are thousands if not millions of different resources. You may even be lucky to uncover something new in History. Toronto is the perfect place to continue to learn and work in if you love history. If you're on the fence about studying history make that first step. You can't go wrong from studying history. You'll continue to gain skills and have a career in a rewarding industry. 

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