There are usually two types of people that are looking for history courses. The first type is someone that wants to work in a career field that focuses on history and the second type is someone interested in the subject. For the rest of us, history can seem boring. Especially when your teacher starts throwing dates at you, but history can be exciting to learn. It’s amazing to learn about what events have taken place over the years to shape our society in what it has become today. Everyone can benefit from taking a history course.

Why Study History?

The most basic definition of history is to examine past events, but history is so much more. It’s important to study history because it helps us understand our past. It allows us to become better and helps us move forward. If we’re trying to understand why a certain event took place we can examine the moment in time it happened. We can then see the series of events that followed before and after and everything else in between.

Parthenon Palace, Greece
Parthenon Palace, Greece. Source: nonbirinonko, Pixabay

History helps us understand people - History offers a wealth of knowledge in how people have behaved since the beginning of time. We look back at any period and see how people lived and interacted. It gives us the chance to learn from there mistakes. It also gives us the chance to understand what they’re thinking. It can be impossible to create the same data in social experiments to see how people react to us.

History helps us understand morals - Studying historical figures from the past like hers or others we have made tough decisions allows us to understand our morals. It lets us understand the process of being courageous whether your a war hero or a regular individual.

History helps us see the world differently - Everything has a history from cars, kitchens, trees and everything else in between. It gives us an appreciation for what we have now when we look back in time. It helps us have a deeper understanding of the past.

History in Vancouver

Living in Vancouver is the perfect place to study history. You can take what you learned and apply it to the city around you. Vancouver is rich in historical information from landmarks to historical events that took place. Vancouver was first inhabited by First Nations when the Hudson bay company set up a trading post in 1827. In the 1860s thousand of miners came into the region during the cold run in the Cariboo Mountains. The Cariboo Mountains are now a BC national park. Vancouver became a city in April 1886, Vancouver the name came from George Vancouver. George was an English navigator that explored and surveyed the coast in 1792 in honour of him they named the city after him.

It’s facts like these that are interesting and make you understand Vancouver a little better. Imagine hiking through the Cariboo Mountains now and walking in the steps that 1000s of miners did once before hoping to find gold. Or maybe you’ve always wondered where the name Vancouver came from. There's a lot you can learn from studying your city's past.

History Course in Vancouver

History courses can beneficial for anyone interested in learning more about history and for anyone that wants to work in a field that uses history. History courses allow you to explore the depths of historical information. You can focus on certain periods or have a general knowledge about historical times. Studying history for a career you have the chance to specialize in a certain period. The same goes for those looking to explore history on there own. You can focus on the things that interest you the most.

History Courses for Careers

Most history jobs will require a bachelor's degree in the field. History degree programs can be competitive to enter. Students should have an overall average of 80% to keep their application competitive. Students will also need to have 6 academic classes in grade 12 with one of them being English.

University of British Columbia - They have one of the top-ranking history programs in the world. Their teachers are all top teachers and award-winning researchers. The focus on giving you an understanding of every part of the human past. University of births Columbia also provides their students with communication and analytical skills that will prepare them for any career in history.

Simon Fraser University - They also offer an award-winning history department. They focus on Canadian and US History while examining other fields of study like British, European and a few others. They believe geographical and cultural are essential in the study of history which is why they emphasize it throughout there program, Simon Fraser also provides its students with a strong basis in writing and research providing them with the tools needed for success.

Check out other cities like Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, or Calgary to learn about there history course.

Downtown Vancouver, BC
Downtown Vancouver, BC. Source: 134345, Pixabay

History Courses for Recreation

History courses can be a creative hobby for anybody that wants to learn more about the past. You can check out your local library for a great staring in learning more. Ask your local librarian to find out the historical period you're looking for. You can even start looking at resources online. Another option would be to check out the local walking tours. Vancouver has tons of historic walking tours, You'll get to walk through town with a local guide that's knowledgable. You'll be able to experience the historic land sites up close and personal.  These are all great free resources online.

Superprof History Courses - Superprof is a tutoring platform that allows anybody looking to learn history the chance to learn online or in person. If your looking for help during your studies at university our tutors can help you understand better. Anything you're unclear about or confused our tutors will be able to assist you. Our tutors are also able to educate you on historical topics for anybody that wants to learn more about history.

Careers in History

For those of you looking into getting your degree, you're going to have the opportunity to have a lucrative and enjoyable career. A typical career for somebody with a history degree is to teach high school students or university students. This would be a great choice for anybody that wants to share the knowledge with others. History teachers at a higher level often pursue research as well as teaching. This is just one of many history careers.

Other careers will revolve around archives and heritage. You could be working in a museum, libraries, galleries and other historical places. Mainly in these positions, you will be sharing your knowledge as well as preserving historical artifacts or records. You'll have the option to be in the field or an administrative role with any of these career choices. History jobs usually pay well with a salary of $55,000 or higher.

Old Book of Maps
Old Book of Maps. Source: DariuszSankowski, Pixabay

The Path of a History Student

Whether your learning history as a hobby or you do want to pursue history as a career taking a history course will benefit you for a lifetime. You'll be able to continue your knowledge about history. Theodore Rosevelt once said, "I believe that the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future". This quote ties in perfectly for anybody wanting to take a history course. It will prepare you for the future even if you aren't pursuing history as a career.

To learn more about history courses read History Courses in Canada.

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