Chances are if you’ve come across this article you are interested in building mass. The simple approach is to eat more, but as you know that's easier said than done. Building mass is a lot different than losing weight, not just being the opposite. It gets viewed as different. You often hear “oh, that’s easy” or “you’re so lucky”. Saying you want to gain mass isn’t a popular opinion with the average population.

Gaining mass can be hard, is it as simple as eating more? The answer to that is yes, but there are so many more factors. If you’re having trouble gaining mass your likely a hard gainer. Hard gainers are someone that usually has an ectomorph body type. Ectomorphs are usually tall and skinny. They have a fast metabolism and need a lot of calories just to function every day, so when hard gainers want to gain weight it's hard a process. This is why you need to hire a personal trainer.

Build mass takes time.
Build mass takes time. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Why Hire a Personal Trainer for Building Mass?

There are going to be two types of people that hire a personal trainer for mass. The first one we mentioned above, hard gainers and the second is someone that wants to put on more muscle. Both of these people will benefit from a trainer. Your personal trainer has all the answers. You could spend hours or even days reading about how to build mass, but you can't always trust the information online. There are 100s of thousands of articles online, but you don't know what is true and what is false. Personal trainers have spent years dedicating themselves to fitness. They've taken courses, worked with clients and have their own fitness journey. They know to help you build mass.

Another perfect reason for hiring a personal trainer for mass is finding a personalized approach. If we go back to the online resource. These resources are for the general population. They don't reflect your needs or your body. Working with a trainer there going to tailor everything towards you. Our bodies are complex and unique in their way, so shouldn't you have a program that reflects you?

Personal trainers are also perfect for keeping your accountability. You're going to need to be consistent when building mass. On the days you don’t feel like pushing forward your trainer will be there with you every step of the way. Accountability is one of the best reasons for hiring a personal trainer. You’ll have a dedicated time each week with your trainer so you can continue to progress forward.

Of course, there are so many other reasons for hiring a personal trainer for mass, but the ones we listed above are our top 3. Another benefit to bringing a personal trainer for mass is safety. Nothing will stop your progress from building mass more if you get injured. Your trainer will ensure you can stay safe during all your movements. Too many people get injured from the gym each year. We don't mention this to scare you, most of these people were new to exercising. They weren't working with a personal trainer. Your personal trainer will keep you safe and healthy. They want to see you reach your fitness goal and building mass.

How to Find a Personal Trainer for Building Mass?

After deciding for wanting to hire a personal trainer for mass your next step is finding one. There are a few gyms you can check out in your areas like commercial gyms, boutique gyms or your local YMCA. You can also work with a personal trainer on Superprof. They have 100s of personal trainers all over Canada that are ready to help you build mass. They’ve spent countless hours perfecting their craft gaining knowledge and experience. Superprof’s trainers work online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to build mass.

Most personal trainers have a base level of fitness expertise. They can help you with your fitness goals whether that’s to lose weight, build mass or gain strength. But there’s a personal trainer that specializes in certain fitness goals. Relating it to this article, some personal trainers only help build mass and this is the trainer you want to hire. Would you rather learn from someone that has a little experience in everything or is an expert in one topic? Of course, you're going to choose someone that's an expert. After all your spending your hard-earned money you want to ensure whoever your paying is qualified. This brings us to our first tip find someone that is qualified.


You want someone that has the experience and knowledge. As we mentioned above you want someone that focuses only on building mass. They're going to have a better knowledge of the subject and have better ways to teach you. Qualifications aren't everything in the fitness industry, but they can help reassure you when finding the right trainer. You're also going to want to find someone with the experience. If they've helped 100s of people wanting to build mass there going to be able to help. Along with their experience and knowledge, you should feel confident you're in good hands.

Personal trainers will help you build mass.
Personal trainers will help you build mass. Source: Amanjot Ajs, Pexels


You want a trainer that's a teacher. If you ask them a question they should be able to tell you the answer or at the very least find out for you. Your persona trainer should be a teacher. This means they educate, motivate, inspire and help you grow. You want to feel comfortable working with them. If they hold the qualities of a teacher you’ll have a good time working with them.


Experience is a big plus if you're looking for a trainer. You want someone with a track record of helping build mass. If they've helped 100s of people just like you going to have a much better chance of reaching your goal of build mass. It's not a bad idea to go with someone new to the field, but you're more likely to have better results with an experienced personal trainer.

Most personal trainers will offer a free consultation. This is a great way to find out these qualities such as being qualified, a teacher and having experience. During your consultation, your trainer will ask you a series of questions, but you can ask questions as well. Some questions you could ask we'll list down below. These questions should give you a base level if your comfortable in working with them.

Questions to Ask Your Trainer:

  • Have you helped past clients with building mass?
  • What are your qualifications?
  • Do you have a specialty?
  • What's your style of encouragement?
  • Why are you a personal trainer?
Find success with your personal trainer.
Find success with your personal trainer. Source: Joseph Wayne Buchanan

Start Building Mass Today

It can be hard gaining weight. Sometimes we need a little push and this is why you need to hire a personal trainer. Personal trainers will take care of everything you just need to be able to put in the effort. Having a personal trainer is like a cheat sheet for building mass. You'll have the tips and tools for success. Superprof has lots of personal trainers in Canada that can help you reach your fitness goal of building mass.  Remember to ask questions. You can also feel free to try out different trainers.  Start building mass with personal training in Canada today!

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