Acting classes are perfect for anybody that wants to get better at acting classes, but this isn't their only benefit. Acting classes are amazing for building self-confidence. Acting teaches you exercises and techniques that will help your confidence. Acting is all about confidence. You need to be confident on stage to successful act. You won't be acting your best if you don't feel like it. You want to able to get up on stage and feel confident in yourself and your abilities.

If you’re struggling with your self-confidence in your day to day or confidence on stage acting classes are a good step to alleviate your issues. Acting classes will increase your confidence on stage, but this will transfer over to your personal life. The tools you learn and gain from acting classes will benefit you for a lifetime.

What does being confident mean to you?
What does being confident mean to you? Source: Moose Photos, Pexels

Why Does Confidence Matter?

Confidence matters to everyone. Everyone should feel confident in their own skin. We need to be able to view ourselves in a positive light so we can be the best version of ourselves. A lack of confidence can hold you back. You won't be able to take on new opportunities or make new friendships. Confidence intertwines with our whole life. Being confident can be perceived in how we dress, how we walk and how we interact with others.

Confidence levels do go up and down. We don’t all feel confident 100 percent of the time, this is normal for everyone. When this happens you need to re-evaluate things. You need to understand the situation and learn from the experience. The more open you are with yourself about your confidence the better you can work through it and become confident. Acting classes can give you the techniques and exercises to help understand your confidence level and be able to work through it.

Why Do Acting Classes Build Confidence?

There are lots of different exercises and techniques to improve your confidence. For instance, you can change your mindset. Being negative all the time will drastically affect your mental health. This will lower your confidence levels. You can change your mindset from I can't do this too I can do this. You will notice the difference by making these changes. Acting classes can be a fun and exciting way to work on your confidence without making it feel like an exercise.

Social Skills - Taking part in an acting class means you’ll be interacting with numerous people. You’ll gain better skills in interacting with people and building friendships. Acting classes take you out of your comfort zone but in a supportive way. Every actor knows the nervousness or feels a lack of confidence. It’s a helpful community that will build you up.

Express Yourself - We often view the opinions others have about this all the time. If we perceive them as good we can have better confidence, but if we perceive them as bad we lack confidence. Regardless of how we think others perceive us, we need to be confident in our skin. Actors need to express themselves. You can't hide who you are on stage. After practicing being on stage and being yourself this will get easier over time.

Accomplishment - Whether it’s learning your lines or putting on a perfect play you’ll gain a real sense of accomplishment. It’s such a great feeling knowing you got past your fears and put on a play. After standing in front of a crowd that's cheering your name you’ll feel great about your confidence.

Whatever happens in the classroom or on stage you’ll be able to take this to your personal life. You might not notice it happening, but it will transfer over. Knowing your ability to put on a play or be up on stage with no fear feels amazing. If you can do those things, you can tackle any other challenges you may have.

Feel good in your own skin.
Feel good in your own skin. Source: Justin, Pexels

Nervous About Starting Acting Classes

Having a lack of confidence means you're uneasy about starting new challenges or attending new events. It can seem daunting to join acting classes. The first step you need to make is finding the right acting teacher. Every Canadian city has great acting teachers to help you. Meet your acting teacher before signing up. This way you can ask a question and talk about why you want to attend their acting class. Based on their answers if you feel good about working with them sign up. Feel free to meet with multiple acting teachers to get a good feeling about the class you choose to sign up with.

Understanding the Class

Your next step after finding a teacher is understanding the class. Most of the time you’ll be signing up with a beginner class. This means you’ll be working with people that likely have the same feelings as you. They're nervous about being there and have little to no acting experience. You can also talk with your teacher about this beforehand so they can place you in the right class.

Acting classes are Supportive

Your next step is to understand the acting class will be supportive. Your classmates will want to see you succeed. They're not there to bring people down and not help them. It’s a motivating, inspiring and encouraging place to gain acting skills and build confidence. Acting classes can be a place where you build great friendships. Everyone works together to help each other.

Everyone Feels the Same

Your last step is knowing it's okay to be nervous. Walking into any class including acting classes you're going to feel nervous and maybe even a little scared. Again, this is normal and everyone is feeling the same thing. It might take one or two classes to feel comfortable going to class. These feelings are completely normal. To alleviate some of your nervousness start with being prepared. Have your clothes ready and any other things you need set up before class. If you're unsure about the things you need speak with your teacher.

Be yourself
Be yourself. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Work with a Tutor

Another approach to acting classes is working with a tutor. Yes, a tutor means you're going to be having one on one sessions with your tutor but you'll still be able to build confidence. Your tutor will still be able to walk you through exercises and techniques that can help you gain confidence through acting. It won't be the same as working with a group of students but it's still a good way to build confidence. You can also work with a tutor and then apply your confidence to the real world. You could audition for a play or simply just try to put yourself out there more. Your tutor will give you the skills to succeed.

Superprof has 100s of acting tutors all over Canada that can help you with your confidence levels. They have the experience and knowledge to teach you the best way possible. Superprof tutors have helped so many other people like you, now it's your turn. They offer lessons in person and online giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn how to build confidence when you want to learn.

Start Building Confidence in Canada

Everyone deserves to feel confident. You shouldn't have to shy away from new opportunities because you lack confidence. If this does feel like you, you need to actively make that first step forward. You'll be glad you did. Using acting classes to build your confidence is a fun and exciting way to help you. During acting classes you can also gain social skills, express yourself and feel a sense of pride. You just need to make that first step and sign up for an acting class or if you feel more comfortable an acting tutor.

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