Think about boxing. What do you picture? You probably picture a ring, heavy bag, gloves and two people going toe to toe. These things are of course all part of boxing, but you don't need all these things to box. Boxing is the perfect sport for everybody. It’s great for all ages. It’s a good workout and it’s enjoyable. Boxing can also be done anywhere. You just need minimal equipment or no equipment at all and you can start.

Boxing can be the perfect for sport for anyone.
Boxing can be a perfect sport for anyone. Source: Gleb Krasnoborow, Pexels

Boxing Online

Boxing online is the perfect alternative for those who want to workout at home or don't want to go to a boxing club. There are lots of different boxing platforms online that offer boxing lessons and boxing workouts. You're going to need to keep a few things in mind, but we’ll list those down below. Boxing online is still going to offer the same benefits as boxing in person. There are so many great benefits to boxing online or in-person but there are a few more benefits you can receive from boxing online.

Workout From Home - Boxing online means you can work out in the comfort of your own home. You won't have to worry about commuting to and from the gym. You can work out when you want to workout with no limits.

Price of a Club - The price of joining a boxing club can be pricey depending on where you want to train. Boxing online can range from a variety of prices from free to expensive boxing platforms, but you’ll able to box for less than the price of joining a club.

Same Benefits - Boxing is still going to be fun, a good workout and you’ll learn to box when you decide to start boxing online. You’ll love being able to box in the comfort of your own home.

Boxing online can offer you the same benefits as boxing in person. Above is a man VR boxing.
Boxing online can offer you the same benefits as boxing in person. Above is a man VR boxing. Source: Mail Maeder, Pexels

Things to Consider When Boxing Online

Boxing online is a fairly easy setup, but you still need to think about a few things before getting started. Your first step is deciding on a platform. There are lots of different courses, lessons and workouts online dedicated to helping you box. There are also boxing platforms online that can offer you a personal coach along with lessons. You’ll need to decide on a method for boxing before you get started. If you are lost for ideas at the end of this article there will be a link for all the ways you can find boxing lessons online. You can also work with a boxing coach with Superprof.

Superprof offers 100s of boxing coaches all around Canada that are ready to work with you. Superprof coaches have the experience and knowledge to teach you the best way to start boxing and get a good workout in. They offer lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to offer sessions when you want to learn. Boxing online can be a great idea. Here are some things to consider.


You’ll need to find space in your house. It’s best to have an easy-to-set-up or free area space at home. Living in Canada we don't have access to boxing outside all year round so you’ll need a place in your house. It could be your downstairs or living room are the most common areas people use. Wherever you decide to box in your house you're going to want to have enough room above your head to jump. You should also have lots of room to move around freely without hitting anything like walls or furniture. If you have to be careful of something your near, you probably need more space. You want to be able to focus on boxing and not on hitting the wall.

Internet Connection

Your internet connection is going to matter. Boxing online usually means your going to be streaming a lesson or workout. You’ll need a good internet connection so your boxing video doesn't pause or get interpreted. If you don't have great internet you can always try a wired connection over wireless. This can usually increase your internet speed. Depending on where your boxing online, you can download lessons for offline use. It may take some time to download a video, but watching after will cause no interpretations.


Equipment is going to vary depending on the boxing video your following. Some videos will require you to have a heavy bag or gloves, or others will have no equipment. The boxing video your following should have a list of equipment either on their videos webpage, in the description or they'll mention it at the beginning of the video. Find out first before purchasing a boxing video to find out if you need to buy equipment. There are lots of different videos that require equipment, but there are also lots of videos that don't require equipment. Boxing equipment can be expensive depending on what you're using. You can always try to get boxing equipment second-hand if you are looking for something cheaper.

Boxing can use a lot of equipment or none at all. The choice is yours when you box online.
Boxing can use a lot of equipment or none at all. The choice is yours when you box online. Source: Ivan Samkov, Pexels

Warming Up/Cool Down

Hopefully, your boxing online platforms have warm-up and cool-downs incorporated into your training. They're both vital to keeping you safe. We wanted to mention this just in case it wasn't said. Warms up are getting your body ready for the physical activity ahead. Going from a stationary position to throwing punches or kicks will lead to injury. Your body won't be able to handle it. A good warm-up is something to get your heart rate up and will make your body warm. Something like skipping or fast walking can provide a good warm-up. Cooldowns are at the end of your workout. They help your body return to normal. Cooldowns are often seen as something you can skip, but they're just as important as warming up. They'll keep you safe. Your body needs time to relax after something strenuous. A good cool-down can be stretching or a light walk.

Experience Level

Always consider the right experience level for yourself. If you are new to boxing you're looking for beginner-friendly boxing videos. Starting with the right experience level will keep you safe and will actively help you progress. Beginners starting to box will learn the fundamentals and proper form that is essential to start boxing. The same goes for those who are more experienced, you want something that is the same level. You want to progress forward. If you are unsure where to start, you can email or call the boxing platform you're looking to use. They can help you find something for your experience level.

Start Boxing Online

Starting to box online is an exciting feeling. You're on the path to doing something for yourself. You'll learn the fundamentals of boxing and how to box properly. Boxing online is also going to be a great workout and you'll love boxing. Remember to consider all the things we mentioned above like experience level, space, equipment, internet connection and warm-up/cooldowns. They'll all play an important part to have you start boxing successfully the first time. It may be nerve-wracking starting, but you just need to make that first step.

Start boxing online today!

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