Getting the help for learning any new language will be greatly beneficial especially when learning Italian. We all want to learn the best way. Learning Italian on your own you can run into a lot of problems. You don't know where to start. You don't know how to pronounce words. You don’t know how to progress. You don’t know how to keep learning. It’s these unknowns that make it hard to learn. You also start to search for the best way to learn something. This leads you on a path to nowhere because you keep looking for a better way to learn (more about this here).  Working with a tutor you’ll be able to learn Italian quicker and have confidence in your language dialect. Of course, hiring a tutor is an extra cost but if you can make that extra cost it’s worth it. We’ll talk about the price of Italian lessons below to guide you when choosing an Italian teacher so you know you're getting the right price.

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Benefits of an Italian Tutor

Anybody would benefit from a tutor. Professionals can always continue to get better. It’s not like professional athletes stop getting coached when they become professional athletes. We’re not saying learning Italian and playing a sport professionally is similar, but the tutoring or coaching they get benefits them in the same ways. Tutors are masters on the subject they teach. They have years of experience learning and teaching the subject. They’ve also worked with so many other people in their tutoring career, they know what works. Someone who is a beginner in Italian is also going to benefit from a tutor. Like we said before tutors are a wealth of knowledge and they know the best way to learn.

Create a Pathway

Do you start with verbs, alphabet, phrases when learning Italian? It’s hard to know how to learn something when you're completely new. You can also read books about learning Italian or you can watch videos on how to speak Italian, but this can be hard to map out a pathway to learn, You need to be able to progress properly. You don't want to start with something too complicated and you don't want to start with something too easy, both will discourage you. Your tutor will have to create a course dedicated to you. They’ll continue to assess your strengths and weakness to ensure you keep learning.

Time Commitment

Learning Italian is going to take a lot of effort. You going to need to put in the work to be successful in learning Italian. We’re not trying to demotivate you to learn but that's the reality. For some, they have the dedication to set aside time each day and practice, but for others, this isn’t this case. It’s okay to need the commitment to keep you learning. Your tutor and you will have a dedicated time each week to practice and work on learning Italian. Hiring a tutor means you're guaranteeing you going to keep learning.

Cost of Italian lessons in Canada

The average cost of Italian lessons is $20-50$ an hour. The cost of Italian lessons is going to vary. Do you live in a busy city? Are you learning in school? Are you learning online or in-person? All of these questions affect the price of your Italian lessons. Below will give you the factors that go into pricing Italian lessons. You can then take this information and apply to your city in Canada and see if you're getting a fair price

Experience Level

Of course, someone with lots of experience will cost you more money than someone with very little. Experience matters. It’s worth it paying for someone that has been teaching for a while. In the end, you're paying someone so you can learn. You might not get that with someone with little experience and it’s a gamble you don't want to make. It’s your hard-earned money and you should get value for it. It's going to cost you more, but if you learn Italian it's worth it.


Living in a rural area you're going to pay a lot less for Italian lessons. The cost of living is cheaper and your tutor's overhead costs are going to be a lot lower meaning they don't have to charge you higher rates. Living in a busy city you're going to be paying more. The cost of living is a lot higher and there going to have a lot more costs to cover. If your city is too expensive for Italian lessons try setting your parameters a little bit outside your city.

Type of Learning

The type of setting your in is going to have an input on price. A lot of universities and colleges offer language classes to non-students but they do tend to be more expensive to enrol in. Then you have private teachers or tutors. Their prices tend to be lower than schools but can expensive depending on your teacher.

Finding a Balance
Finding a Balance. Source: PCB-Tech, Pixabay

Online vs In-Person Tutoring

The last option you have to look at it is online or in-person learning, Online tutoring offers the same experience as in person, but you're just learning through a webcam. Online tutoring is cheaper in most cases because your tutor doesn't have to worry about other costs. Your tutor can just have a webcam and be able to teach you. Online tutoring also gives you more freedom in scheduling. You don't have to worry about travelling time. You can just open your computer and be ready to learn.

We’d love to tell you exact prices, but with our readers all over Canada and the world. There's a lot of cities and towns that would be missing out on. Use the information above and find the right price. For example, if they have little experience and live outside the city and are charging high rates. You’ll know that's not a good price. Or if your tutor has lots of experience and there offering online lessons you know that should balance out there pricing and it’ll be cheaper than them offering lessons in person.

Are Italian lessons Worth the Cost?

Yes, as long as your working with a good tutor or teacher the cost of lessons is worth it. You're paying for them to teach you Italian, but you're also paying for many other things. Your tutor/teacher is creating a pathway, keeping you dedicated and is going be there with you every step of the way. If you're serious about learning Italian your tutor/teacher is the best way to go. Paying too little for lessons might be an indication they're not great, but you also don't want to be paying for expensive lessons. This is why we've listed everything that goes into the cost of lessons so you can find the perfect tutor for yourself.

A tutor helping a student
A tutor helping a student. Source: ThisisEngineering, Pixabay

Start Looking for the Right Price in Canada

Start searching for the perfect lesson today and start learning Italian. Now is the best time to learn. Use this article as your guide to know if you're getting a good price on Italian lessons. You can also check out Supeperof Italian tutors. All of our tutors are qualified to teach you Italian and offer reasonable rates.

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