Violin is one of the hardest instruments to learn. It's a very sensitive instrument making your hand placement crucial. You have to have smoothness when playing the violin or risk hitting the wrong note. But knowing how to play the violin is amazing. It’s such a unique instrument that can create beautiful melodies. It truly is one of the most beautiful instruments out there. If you how to play the violin you know this to be true. It takes years of determination and practice to be able to play the violin well. You’ve also most likely used a teacher. Violin teachers have exceptional talent. They need to have the experience, qualifications, knowledge and a couple of other things to help their student succeed. If you’ve ever thought about teaching the violin, now is the chance.

Teaching violin is fairly easy to get started. It's not like teaching science or math. It's not common for people to have violin degrees. Violin teachers need to have more experience in playing the violin. Your students don't necessarily care where you studied music. Your students want to know you are an amazing violinist. They want to know you can teach them how to play the violin. Qualifications aren't everything when becoming a violin teacher. If you do have the experience in the violin and are a master at the instrument there are lots of different ways you can become a violin teacher.

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The violin play in an important part in the orchestra.
The violin plays an important part in the orchestra. Source: Roxanne Minnish, Pexels

How to Become a Violin Teacher with No Qualifications?

Your first step is being good at the violin. To be a good violin teacher you need to know the ins and outs. Your students will question you about the violin from time to time. You need to know everything about it to answer your student's questions. The better understanding of the violin you have the better your students will learn and you’ll have an easier time teaching. Think about a math class. Imagine if your teacher didn't know how to solve a problem. How would that look? You would lose your confidence in your teacher. How can they teach you, if they haven't learned themselves? You need to be ready to answer your violin student's questions to the fullest. To gain more experience in the violin you can work with a Superprof tutor. Superprof has 100s of violin tutors all over Canada. They’ll have the experience and knowledge to help you master the violin and become a better teacher. Superprof offers lessons online or in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn the violin when you want to learn.

Teaching experience is your next step. Being a good violin player doesn't automatically mean you're a great violin teacher. To be good a teacher you need to be engaging, patient, and understanding. These 3 skills that you need to have as a teacher is only the beginning. You're going to need to be able to effectively communicate with your students. Your students deserve someone that can explain things in a way that is understood. To gain teaching experience you can practice with friends or family. You can also volunteer at a music school or music academy. You can get a feel for what teaching the violin will be like and practice your teaching skills.

It’s these two skills that will give yourself the confidence to start teaching the violin to others. Having a good foundation of the violin and having the right amount of teaching experience you’ll be able to set your students up for success. Your student will be able to have faith in you knowing you have experience and knowledge to teach them. Being able to teach the violin to others is very rewarding. You're not only teaching students how to play the violin. Violin students will also develop confidence and self-esteem. It's amazing to see a student's success when you had a small part to play.

Teach the violin the way you want.
Teach the violin the way you want. Source: Fotograf Jylland, Pexels

Where to Teach the Violin in Canada?

Having no qualifications like a schooling background or certifications around the violin shouldn't pose any problems when wanting to become a violin teacher. You need to show your employers you have the necessary skills to teach students how to play the violin. Most universities, grade school or high schools will insist you have a bachelor's degree before you can work from them so you won't find any luck working there. You’ll still have plenty of options to teach the violin.

Private Violin Teacher

You could become a private violin teacher. This means you’ll be able to set your hours and only work the people you want. A private teacher often teaches the violin 1 on 1 but can teach in a group. You’ll have the freedom to be your own boss. There's a lot of benefits to becoming a private violin teacher, but there are also negatives. You’ll need to find clients. If you don't have any clients you won't be a violin teacher. Finding clients doesn't have to be hard. There are lots of resources online that can help you get clients. The hardest part is often getting your first. After your first few clients word of mouth travels or you can get client reviews which will help build your profile as a trusted violin teacher. You just to be yourself out there and get started.

Online Violin Teacher

Online violin teaching is another wonderful option that you don't need any qualifications. You’ll just need teaching experience, violin skills, computer and webcam to get started. You're a private violin tutor, but you can also experience other routes like creating a violin course online. Being an online violin teacher you're going to be able to expand your reach. You’ll be able to teach students all over the world. Online violin teaching is becoming more popular in today's world. You could be known as the best online violin teacher.

Music Academy Violin Teacher

Music Academy's often look for experienced music players. Having the ability to teach and play the violin will make you an asset to these employers. They're not focused on the qualifications, they want to make you're good at the violin. Music Academy's can offer set schedules, good pay and job security. You’ll be able to teach 1 on 1 or in a group setting.

All 3 of these jobs for teaching the violin are a good start if you're looking for work without any qualifications. Whether you want to teach the violin full-time, part-time or just casual these 3 provide the perfect opportunity. Not to mention you’ll get paid for something you love to do. Picture how amazing it would feel to be excited about going to work every day.

Teach the violin anywhere.
Teach the violin anywhere. Source: Alexis B, Pexels.

Start Teaching Violin Today

Having no qualifications in the violin you can still have a job teaching the violin.  As long as you have the teaching and violin experience you’ll be ready to become an asset to anyone that wants to learn the violin. You do have something valuable to offer your students. Think back to your violin teacher. How would you do things differently? How would you make it better? Violin doesn't have to seem like the hardest instrument when your students will have you as a teacher. Start teaching the violin in Canada today.

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