Working as a teacher can be a very rewarding job. You get to inspire so many students and truly make an impact on everyone that walks through your class. Being a teacher you also have so many opportunities. You could work in grade school, high school or university. You can travel to different parts of the world and teach subjects like English or math. When you looking at becoming a teacher you have unlimited subjects you can teach. From your typical school subjects to teaching different languages. You can teach anything you want too.

The Latin language us growing in popularity and if you already know Latin well teaching would be easy and very rewarding. Learning a second language as you know, is the perfect opportunity to stand out. It makes you a better job candidate and can open so many more doors for you, like teaching the new language. You have the chance to better so many people's lives with your knowledge of the Latin language. It would feel rewarding to give someone the benefits of teaching Latin.

Latin teacher talking to students.
Latin teacher talking to students. Source: Mentatdgt, Pexels

Why Teach Latin in Canada?

Latin isn't usually the go-to language for students to pick, but over the years students have been studying Latin more and more each year. This all for good reason. Latin use to be termed a dead language, but this is no longer the case. We all know the benefits of studying a new language. It makes your resume stand out and you can expect to get paid more. On average someone, bilingual can expect to make 5-20% more than someone that is monolingual. Although these benefits can make any sign up for language class, there are a lot more benefits to studying Latin compared to others. we’ll list a couple down below.

Latin is Full of History - For anybody with a passion for history, Latin is the perfect language to learn. Having the ability to understand Latin means you’ll have the chance to read original history pieces by people like Issac Newton, Hobbes or William Shakespeare. Latin is full of history. From the history to the cultures there are so many fascinating things you can dive into once you have any understanding of Latin.

Latin is a Gateway Language - Latin is the perfect step for anybody looking to learn more languages. By learning Latin you’ll have an easier time learning French, Spanish or Portuguese. These other languages have a similar vocabulary. Once you understand Latin you can have an easier time studying more languages.

Latin is Everywhere - The Latin language is fully integrated into the English world. It’s in our law, government, math and science. Chances are you already know some Latin words. Words like Pro -Bono meaning for the good, Rigor Mortis meaning stiffness after death or Carpe Diem meaning seize the day. By learning Latin you’ll have a better understanding next time you come across this commonly used Latin words.

Teaching Latin is rewarding. Studying Latin as we’ve mentioned above you would be giving that to each student you come across. You would have the chance to improve someone's life not just the time they spend in your classroom but for there whole life. It’s an effect on people, not every job can provide. You’ll be improving your classes lives one student at a time.

How to Become a Latin Teacher in Canada?

Becoming a Latin teacher in a school setting will vary depending on your province's guidelines. For instance, in Ontario, you need to go to the teacher’s college to become a teacher. Most teachers in Canada we’ll start off taking the courses there interested in high school at the academic level. After school, you’ll be looking into getting a bachelor's degree in your choice of study. Usually, your going to major will reflect what you want to teach. After your 4 years at university, you’ll have to look into your provides requirements for becoming a teacher. They just vary too much in Canada to list. It’s going to take you around 4-6 years to become a teacher. Latin teachers are expected to know the language and can teach the language to others.

Back to school to become a latin teacher.
Back to school to become a Latin teacher. Source: RF Studio, Pexels

Is it Hard to Teach Latin in Canada?

Latin doesn't haven't to be a hard subject to teach. You just have to find the right ways to connect with your students. Being a new teacher you won’t have a lot of tricks up sleeves for teaching but you can definitely learn some. Your students need to enjoy your class. The better your students enjoy the class the more likely they are to listen to what you're saying. This will ensure they can stay on task and keep learning from you. Even think back to your days of learning Latin or our days ahead. What was something you enjoyed with your teacher? What was something you didn't like that your teacher did? This is the beauty of being a teacher yourself. You have the power to create the class how you want to teach it. Each year you’ll get better and better at teaching your students Latin.

Starting out isn't hard as a Latin teacher but you can definitely have some hiccups which are completely normal. As time goes on you're going to work out the kinks. Remember you can teach your students how you would want to be taught. Check out these tips down below to have a smooth first couple of classes.

Be Prepared - Have a lesson plan. You can carefully put together a perfect lesson plan for your Latin class. This will ensure you have something to follow if you lose track. You can refer back to it during class to make sure you on track. You can make a lesson plan weeks ahead or even months ahead if you really want to be prepared. This will make you feel ready the first time you teach your Latin class.

Be Confident - Not having the experience of teaching Latin might make you uneasy, but remember you have the knowledge of Latin. You’ve put in the time and energy to become a Latin teacher. You definitely have the skills to do this. Trust yourself.

Be Engaging - Nothing is worse than a group of students looking bored. It makes your class feel longer and your students aren't learning. Think of fun ways to keep your class engaged. There are tons of things online about Latin learning games for teachers. The better your students are engaged the more they will listen to you too. Your students are going to learn better if they're listening to you.

Think about this; when you were in school. Remember your least favourite subject classes. Chances are you had a bad teacher in these classes. Are we right? If you can provide your students with an enjoyable class you can ensure they stay on track and learn Latin. You have the power to teach the class how you want.

Teach your students a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime.
Teach your students a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime. Source: Gerd Altmann, Pexels

Start teaching Latin Today!

Now is the time to think about teaching Latin. It can be a rewarding career choice. You’ll have the chance to offer your students the opportunities of a lifetime. You can be the teacher that provides so many great benefits to them all by teaching them Latin. Latin is also in demand subject. More and more students are looking into studying Latin. You can have an impact on every student that walks through your door. You’ll love making a difference in each student as well as having a great career. It all starts when you look into becoming a Latin teacher in Canada. You could be teaching Latin in as little as 4 years.

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