Not every career you choose will be as rewarding as working as a Latin tutor. Latin tutors have the freedom and flexibility in there work schedule that attracts a lot of people. Latin tutors also get to make a difference in someone's life every time they work with a student. Learning a second language is beneficial. It helps you become a better job candidate and helps you get paid more. Learning a second language also is going to open you up to so many other benefits. It's these benefits you get to pass on your students.

But why tutor Latin? Latin is becoming increasingly popular. It used to be termed a dead language, but it is making a comeback. Anybody with a love of history or culture loves the Latin language. It's also perfect to learn more languages like French. It also sounds beautiful. It's a romantic language. If you have a love of the Latin language your going to love teaching students.

Inspire and enrich the lives of your students.
Inspire and enrich the lives of your students. Source: Pixabay, Pexels.

Why Become a Latin tutor in Canada?

Being a teacher and being a tutor are very two different things, but they do share the same goal. They both want to enlighten the lives of their students. Most people when looking to start teaching they tend to go to the traditional approach of teaching in grade schools, high school, universities or colleges. You need at least a bachelor's degree and more schooling after depending on your province's guidelines for pre-requisites for teachers. This can take anywhere between 4-6 years. Being a teacher you have steady pay, a steady job, but you lack a lot of benefits tutors provide. We’ll list our top benefits for being a Latin tutor below.

Flexibility - Being a Latin tutor means you going to have the flexibility to teach students the way you want. You don't have to keep things so structured and can change your teaching methods on the fly based on your students. You can teach your students how you want without following things by the book.

Freedom - Working as a teacher you can end up doing your typically 9-5, but tutors can set their hours how they want. A Latin tutor has the flexibility to schedule sessions during there free time. Tutors do tend to work after school hours, but you can pick times that are most convenient for you. Your schedule is your choice.

Your Business - Being a tutor is like running your own business. You don’t work under your boss's rules. You can just listen to yourself. You’ll have the choice to run things how you want. You want to have to answer to anyone.

Being a teacher is going to appeal to more people just like some people will prefer working as a tutor. You just have to know yourself. Either way, both jobs you're going to be providing your students with the ability to speak Latin which will benefit them for the rest of there life.


Latin tutor working with student.
Latin tutor working with a student. Source: Edmond Dantes, Pexels

How to Become a Latin Tutor in Canada?

Being a Latin tutor you don't need any qualifications, however, you need to be fluent in Latin. The pre-requisite for being a tutor is low. You can start offering services today if you're interested in being a Latin tutor. The problem with not having any qualification is your prospects won't trust your knowledge. The more qualifications you have as a tutor the more likely a client will hire you. The qualifications give you trust. It shows you know the Latin language and can teach. Follow these tips guidelines for starting out as a tutor.

The first qualification you should have is a certification stating you understand the language. This could be from several sources. You can even take these certification courses online to prove you know the Latin language. The second qualification you could have is any schooling background in the subject. Maybe you majored in Latin in college or university. This will all build trust in yourself. Potential clients looking at you will be able to see you know how to speak the language.

You need a platform that lists everything about you. This could be on job boards, social media, or building your website. You should have a place where you can list your qualifications, experience and anything else that is relevant to you teaching Latin.

You next need to look at your prices. Are you teaching privately or in a group? Private sessions take up more of your time so your prices are going to be higher. For group classes, you can charge each student less, but you're getting paid a lot more depending on your class size. This will all depend on you. If you only want to teach Latin privately than only stick to what you are comfortable with. You don't have to branch out right away.

The location is your next challenge. You could rent a studio, use your home or tutor online. You need to figure out the best method for you. For starters, we would recommend starting online or at home. This way your costs for starting become a lot lower and it’s easier to get started. Tutoring online is becoming more popular. It’s something to consider.

Getting Clients
You need to get clients. If you have no clients you are not tutoring Latin to anyone. Start by just putting yourself out there. You can list yourself on Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace or make a social media post about Latin tutoring. It's an easy first step. Next, you can start telling everyone you are looking for Latin students. There will be someone out there that can use your services that somebody knows. You have to get comfortable talking about what you do. These two steps are the perfect way to start out getting clients. After you get 1 or 2 clients you set up referrals. Referrals about your present clients reaching out to there friends or family. They will talk about how great you are and you can get clients easily this way. Once you sign up friends or family you repeat the process.

Starting can be tough being a tutor, but it's not impossible. Once you get your first few clients things will get easier. It's the beginning part that is hard. Your just nervous about starting, but the best tip for yourself is just to start. Once you become qualified to teach Latin start offering services. Don’t overthink things.

Online teaching is becoming more popular.
Online teaching is becoming more popular. Source: Andrew Neel, Pexels

Start Becoming a Latin Tutor Today

Now is the time to become a Latin tutor in Canada today. You'll have the opportunity to have a rewarding career. You'll be truly making a difference in your students' lives by teaching them Latin. You'll have the work/life balance you always wanted. You can only listen to yourself and not worry about bosses. It's the perfect time to become a Latin tutor. It just takes you to make that first step. It's about you doing something wonderful for yourself. Love going to work every day. Use this article as your guide for getting started on how to become a Latin tutor in Canada today.

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