Most times, learning English is not all about vocabulary and grammar; there is a unique way to learn English, making it easier and natural. Suppose you have ever thought of learning English language skills your way or in a manner that suits your lifestyle, then you are not left without options. It's time to consider English immersion programs and make fair use of them. 

What is English Immersion?

English immersion is all about the various ways you can learn English naturally. It entails associating yourself with the English culture, people, and activities. That way, you get used to the language and learn how to speak it naturally.

For instance, if you want to learn English through immersion, you could read books written in English, watch English movies and even travel to a place where English natives live. By hearing the English language daily, you will quickly grasp and become fluent in it.

This is far better than learning it from a textbook and probably in a country where English is not their first language.

Immersion programs help you to learn like a child. You will enjoy series of English lessons without rules, observations, assignments, and tests. The unique thing is that you mostly learn subconsciously. Isn't that awesome? Learn how to explore the Erasmus program to study abroad.

 You will speak and learn English without boundaries or restricted by the syllabus. And in most cases, you won’t even know when you will become fluent in it.

Why Learn English through Immersion?

Immersion helps the English student to experience learning in the real world. It gives you the kind of exposure you will never get from journals and textbooks. Little wonder why most kids are enrolled into immersion programs at an early age.

With immersion, you will learn how to use the language in everyday conversations and watch others do it.

You can learn English in a way that suits your lifestyle. For instance, if you want to learn ESL to improve your business skills, immersion makes it possible to learn from real-world business audio rather than enrolling for a full length of English courses that you may not need.

Immersion provides a natural and more comfortable means of learning a language. So whether you want to learn English to prepare for certification exams, improve business skills, or fulfill a life-long ambition, immersion could be the solution you seek.

A man standing on a mountain
English immersion can be your ticket to explore the world. Source: Unsplash

The English language is associated with a wide variety of cultures. If you want to live and work in Canada after your studies, It would be best to immerse yourself in Canada's culture, where you plan to utilize your language skills. Discover other ways to study English.

This is extremely important because the English language spoken in the United States and Canada is slightly different when it comes to slang and idioms. This would help you to avoid confusion or experience trouble communicating with the locals.

Traditional learning platforms and programs encourage students to indulge in avoidable mistakes. With these kinds of English classes, you could quickly go through the lessons of the day, do your homework, and go about with your usual daily activities. But with immersion, you enjoy lessons as though you were communicating with your friend—no boring sessions or annoying assignment to worry your pretty head over.

The Different Types of English Immersion

According to a Psychology Today’s report, children enrolled in ESL immersion programs generally perform better than those who weren't enrolled in such programs. No doubt, an immersion program improves the cognitive and reasoning abilities of both adults and children. 

Take English Courses Abroad With the Help of an Agency

If you want to revamp your English language skills or take exams such as IELTS, TEFL, or TOEFL, you may want to contact a linguistic agency to help you with your language learning goals. English language is highly considered a necessary skill in business to communicate fluently with anyone, especially in the business setting.

The need to speak fluently in English far surpasses the supply of competent language tutors, especially in countries where English is not their primary language. This has led to the boom of many linguistic agencies. These businesses offer help and support to anyone willing to learn a second language, especially English, to enable them to acquire such skills at little cost.

Some popular linguistic agencies in Canada include:

  • Hola Translations
  • EJP Translations
  • Traducta Multilingual Translations
  • Translation in Vancouver
  • Translation in Toronto

Many of these translation schools organise internships overseas. It's recommended to research the school and its operations to be better informed whether they are an excellent choice for you.

Study English through the Erasmus Program

The Erasmus program represents the United Nations program for education, development, and training. For the past few years, the Erasmus program has funded youth mobility, academic, and cooperation projects across its program countries in various parts of the world, including Canada and the United States.

The program advocates short term mobility between Europe and other parts of the world. They aid researchers, students, and staff in the execution of various projects across different sectors. Each member country has a different budget, which they allocate to students as international grant mobility.

Thus, students can study the English language in a foreign university for up to 12 months and obtain credits, which the awarding institution recognizes as part of their degree program. Canada and the United States have a budget of 5% of the total mobility funds for this purpose. 

Learn English language skills from an English family

Depending on your circumstance, you may find it helpful to immerse yourself in English with the help of a family who will be your host during the period of immersion.

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Your host family could help you learn a second language fast. Source: Unsplash

Generally, the family will help you build your speaking and listening skills to become better at pronunciation and communication. However, it's essential to find a host family that will communicate with you 75%-80% of the time.

This would make it easier to communicate using the everyday English language. Finding a host English native family in Canada is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself deeply into the Canadian culture. Another perk of this immersion method is that you will casually learn English with native speakers.

However, it's essential to know that there are many slightly varied versions of the English language. If you are coming to Canada for immersion, you must accept the Canadian English and style as this is the norm in the culturally diverse country.

Immersion programs through a host native English family is a prevalent thing in the united states and Canada. More so, many agencies connect host families with English students. The options are many. This means you will have to choose carefully if you desire an intense learning experience.

How to Communicate Fluently With English Natives

Undoubtedly, immersing yourself in American/Canadian English is the best way to learn the language naturally. There are several ways you can do this and communicate effortlessly with others in English.

  • Mingle with international students who are English natives

Many international students are studying various disciplines in your home country. By communicating with them frequently, you can enhance your vocabulary and understanding of the English language grammar.

You can immerse yourself in English by conversing with international students who are natives. Source: Unsplash
  • Learn English language from professionals

Everywhere you go, you will find English language experts. These are professional teachers of the language or other experts who understand English like the back of their palm. On Superprof, you can easily find these professionals irrespective of your location.

You could mingle with them, hire them for private home coaching or consult their services if you face a severe challenge in your English language studies.

  • Stay with an English family

This is a friendly and fun way of learning the English language. Your host family will engage you in conversations that will boost your speaking and listening skills. This kind of immersion program is mostly done abroad. This means you may have to travel outside of your home country to accomplish it.

But what if you don't just want to travel but still want to explore immersion in English? There are many other options you can embrace. We have already discussed some of the options above. But it's a good thing to know that the possibilities are limitless.

If you live in Vancouver or Toronto, there are chances that there will be thousands of international students from different countries, including English speaking regions, whom you can converse with regularly in English to broaden your understanding of the language.                                                                                                                                

Remember, immersion helps you to understand the English language by showing you the various ways you can use it naturally. This is basically what immersion program in English is all about across all countries.

Now that you know how great immersion programs are worldwide, what plans do you have to take your English language learning to another level?

Information is power, and it can change things around for anyone. That is why we deemed it fit to share this with you. Why not take advantage of immersion programs to become a fluent English speaker if you live in Canada? The options are limitless, and you will have all you will ever need to achieve your learning goals.

Discover more options for learning English language.

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