After deciding to hire a piano teacher, your next step should be finding the perfect tutor for your piano lessons. You may think it is damn easy, but it's not. Finding your ideal piano tutor requires commitment, research, and a lot of patience. If you don't do it right, you might end up switching tutors like underwear within a single year.

How can you ensure you are hiring the right tutor for private piano tutorials? You should consider many things and take your decision before you contact a tutor for tutorials. This guide is written to make the entire process easy for you. Learning to play the piano should be a fun and thrilling experience for anyone. Fortunately, hiring the right tutor can make this wish come true.

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Without mincing words, let's take a look at the first step you ought to take before you hire that tutor - asking valid questions.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Anyone for Private Piano Tutorials

These questions will not only enable you ascertain whether the tutor is the right fit for you, but they will also help you to understand the set of skills the piano teacher is bringing to the table.

piano class
It's recommended to ask several questions before hiring a piano tutor(source:unsplash)
  • Whom else have they taught?

A piano lesson teacher who is just starting out teaching others how to play the piano will find it difficult to answer this question without discrediting himself. On the other hand, a teacher with vast experience taking piano lessons will gladly present to you a list of the many students he has trained to become excellent pianists.

So you should expect answers like:

"I don't have any. You will be my first."

"Just a few of them: Terry Adams, Kimberly Martins, and Andrew Williams."

"I have taught hundreds of students over the years. Here is my portfolio."

It's highly recommended to get a list of references from your ideal tutor and contact their past clients to know if they received satisfactory service from the tutor.

  • How long do you expect me to practice?

A professional pianist who knows how to teach others excellent piano skills should know how long beginner piano lessons should take. Your coach may suggest several hours a week. But if you are comfortable with the response you get, it could be a good sign that you already have your ideal tutor before you.

  • How long have they been practicing and teaching?

Most pianists already know how to play the piano from their childhood, but they only decided to teach their skills to earn some income after they retired. Whether the teacher started teaching his piano skills yesterday, a few months ago, or has decades of teaching experience, it's vital to consider the experience and make it a priority when choosing your teacher for private piano tutorials.

  • Do you mind if you play the piano right away?

A piano teacher who is confident about his skills wouldn't hesitate when you ask that he play the piano for you. the tutor will proudly bounce on the chair and show you what he got up his sleeves. However, we would recommend you ask this question if you already know how to play the piano to an extent and want to brush up your skills. If not, how else do you plan to judge his proficiency when you hear the sounds he produces from the piano?

  • What repertoire do you focus on?

Identify the areas where you have interests and ask questions to determine if your tutor knows how to teach these piano courses in the areas that you fancy. You may have to learn about them from the basics, but a tutor who allows you to choose your repertoire is a rare gem.

  • How do you intend to teach me the piano?

Each piano tutor has a unique style of teaching the piano. Most tutors will analyse the student's needs and use it to design their teaching method while others use the internationally recognised blanket-blank method. The bottom line is to ensure your tutor uses a method you are comfortable with throughout each lesson.

  • How much do you charge per lesson?

Many private tutors will suggest you take piano lessons several times a week. And charge you between $35 to $60 per hour. However, it's ideal to discuss pricing with the tutor before sealing the deal. However, it's highly recommended to discuss any pricing variations and seek discounts if you wish before commencing the tutorials.

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Private Piano Tutorials: Who Are The Tutors?

Anyone can become a pianist. But it only takes one who has mastered the art of teaching to share their knowledge in a manner the student understands. Who are these tutors that offer piano lessons for a fee?

  • Students

Across many online platforms, classified ad sites, and groups, you will find many students who offer piano lessons for a fee as a side hustle. These students could either be in a college or the university studying courses that may or may not be related to the piano. They have mastered the piano instrument, and they want to teach others this skill to earn some income.

Many students teach beginner piano lessons to earn a side income(source:unsplash)

It's easy to think that as a student, they may not teach you piano skills effectively. That shouldn't be the criteria for judging their expertise. Many of them might even be studying music in school, and they can take beginner piano courses effectively.

  • Self-employed music teachers

If you are searching for who teaches piano lessons in Canada, you have no worries because you already have many options on your plate. Among the many tutors you may come across are self-employed music teachers who are highly skilled in the piano. These experts earn a full-time income taking piano lessons at various levels.

The majority of self-employed music teachers can be found on various online platforms that offer private tuition. A good example is Superprof. Right on this platform, several qualified piano tutors offer their services at an affordable cost.

Since most of our tutors are self-employed, they rely on their piano skills as their primary means of livelihood. This also explains why their teaching schedule is highly flexible and fine-tuned to meet the student's needs.

So how can you find these private piano tutors on Superprof? It's easy! Just input your location and your preferred subject or skill on the search bar on the homepage, and the available private tutors near you will be displayed immediately.

  • Retirees

Most people still cling to music and teaching even after their retirement. Many piano enthusiasts find this option helpful as they can easily learn from the tutors' wealth of experience. These retirees feel they can't leave music even as they age.

The elderly
Many seniors teach piano lesson as a passion(source:unsplash)

However, if you plan to take your piano skills to a higher level or as a lifelong career, it would be best to opt for this category of piano teachers.

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Should You Hire Monthly Or Hourly Pay?

While searching for the perfect tutor for music, you may wonder which payment system would suit you the most. Should you pay the teacher by the hour or monthly? The fact is that many tutors charge per hour for piano lessons. This means you would have to determine how many hours you can spare for these lessons weekly or monthly and use the information to draft your budget.

On the other hand, if, by chance, you find a piano teacher that accepts monthly payment, it means less stress for you. All you have to do is negotiate on the monthly charges and the means of payment. Either ways, it's vital to consider your lifestyle, budget, and other constraints as well.

How to Hire the Right Person For Private Piano Tutorials

You have to adhere to a few rules to get the most from your piano lessons. First of all, it's recommended to hire someone who understands your learning objectives and is determined to see you through it.

That is why you need to discuss the following with your tutor before the commencement of your first lesson:

  • Why you have decided to learn the piano
  • What you seek from each piano lesson
  • How long you think each lesson should last
  • How often you can take piano lessons (it could be several times a week).
  • Where to take the lessons
  • The price of each piano lesson
  • How the teacher can help you reach your goals faster.

Discussing the above points with your tutor will ensure you are both on the same page even before the first lesson commences.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy a piano class, it's vital to prepare ahead of each lesson by reviewing the teacher's points in the previous lessons and doing assignments promptly.

As you take the first step by enrolling in a private piano lesson, you will discover why we emphasis that you should hire your ideal tutor from Superprof. You don't need to waste time. Take the bold step; hire a piano tutor for private lessons as stay motivated as you learn one of the most useful skills in the world – playing the piano.

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