Every actor is going to have to go to an audition. It’s the main way most actors will receive their parts. Yes, Auditions can be nerve-wracking, but they don't have to seem so bad. Practice makes perfect. The more auditions you endure the more you’ll feel comfortable during an audition. Auditions are the perfect way to showcase your talent and prove you're the best person for the part.

The problem for new actors or even some experienced actors is they don’t know where to find auditions. A lot of times auditions aren't right out and in front of you. You need to put in some work so you can find an audition. We’ve created this guide so you can know how to find acting auditions around Canada.

Find your next role with an audition.
Find your next role with an audition. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

Where to Start to Find Auditions in Canada?

Canada has a lot of acting opportunities. There’s always big Hollywood films or famous t.v shows that constantly film in Canada. The problem occurs if you're living in a city where acting isn't a big part. There are two main cities that better your chances of finding an audition. Toronto and Vancouver would be our top 2 places to better your chances of getting an audition. Many other Canadian cities don't have the same opportunities to do as these places. It’s not impossible to find auditions in other cities you just won't have as many opportunities as in Toronto and Vancouver.

Working with An Agency

Moving to one of these cities can increase your chances of finding an audition, but there are also so many other ways of finding out about auditions. A good option for finding an audition is working with an agency. Agencies are a great way to find an audition because they do all the leg work for you. You won't have to go searching around the city for auditions the agency you work with will find them for you. They can also help find auditions that are better suited for your skillset. New actors can find themselves applying for anything, but this shouldn't be the case. You want to go to an audition that matches your skillset and you know you would be the right person for the part.

Agencies do have their issues. For instance, you're working with a lot of people.  An agency is going to have many actors looking for auditions. You're increasing your chances of competing with someone to get the part. Another issue with the agency is they take a fee. You’ll have to owe a percentage of your wage to the agency. Although this isn't a huge fee it can cut into your earnings. Some agencies will also take a bonus fee so you're giving them more of your hard-earned money. To find an agency you can do a quick google search online and start meeting with agents.

Word of Mouth

The second way to find auditions in Canada as an actor is word of mouth. If you've been acting for some time now you are going to have a list of people in the industry you can reach out to. As a new actor, you can run into some difficulty but you can network with other actors. They can fill you in on the newest auditions in the city and help you find a role. Word of mouth can be a great way to find auditions because you're not going to be able to know everything going on in the city. But by speaking to other people in the industry you can find out more. If you don't know anyone yet in the city you can take an acting class. This could be a great way to gain some acting skills as well as meet people. You can meet other people that share the same passion for acting as you do. Your teacher will also have to know a lot about the acting industry and can help you find an audition.

If you are looking for acting classes you can also visit Superprof. Superprof has 100s of acting coaches all around Canada that are ready to help you increase your acting skills. They offer lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn acting when you want to learn. Acting skills can help increase your chances of getting that next audition and can help you propel your career forward.

Find out more about where to find work as an actor in Canada.

Networking with other actors is a great way to find auditions.
Networking with other actors is a great way to find auditions. Source: Daria Shevtsova, Pexels

Research Online

Our third way of finding auditions in Canada is by searching online. This is going to give you hundreds if not thousands of auditions around Canada. Online is making the world of acting more accessible to more people. We talked about early living in cities like Toronto and Vancouver can increase your chances of becoming an actor because the industry is bigger in these cities. But the problem occurs if you can't move there. Looking at auditions online you can figure out the auditions happening around Canada and you can attend on those dates. A lot of auditions are even happening online. This way if you do get the part you only have to visit on the dates you're going to act. It's the perfect situation for new and experienced actors.

Ace Your Next Auditon in Canada

It's not easy finding an audition in Canada let alone then getting the part from your audition. You need to become great at auditions. It's something every actor will have to do in their career to get that part. Again, you need to become great at auditions. One of the biggest tips at auditions is being confident You need to have the confidence in yourself to get up on that stage in a room full of strangers and put on a great performance. With a lack of confidence, you won't be able to properly portray yourself on stage and you risk not getting the part. There are lots of ways to become better at auditions. Practicing can help you gain muscle memory of what you need to do for your next auditions. This way you can get up on stage and you already know what to do. Another helpful tip is to gain feedback from other actors. This could be from anyone in the industry. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what you need to work on, but having fresh eyes on your audition practice can help you fix your flaws.

We also mentioned above enrolling in acting classes. You can find a coach specifically focusing on auditions. This way you won't be wasting your time and money on other acting skills you don't need to learn. You can just focus on auditions. Having a coach can be the perfect way to ace your audition every time. They'll give you the confidence and help you need.

Ace your next audition with confidence.
Ace your next audition with confidence. Source: Moose Photos, Pexels

Start Finding Auditions in Canada

Now is the time to start finding auditions in Canada. We've given you a list to start working on so you can start getting more auditions and increasing your chances of getting the part. Auditions are also going to be nerve-wracking but by getting help from Superprof or other acting coaches you ace your auditions.

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