When the cold and unforgiving temperatures in the city of Toronto continue to send chills down your spine it's easy to start daydreaming about your next trip. Imagine sitting by the coast in Valencia, listening to the lapping waves on Spain’s southeastern coast where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea. You can almost smell the mouth-watering scent of seafood Paella and taste the first sip from a glass of Spanish wine. We may not be able to transport you out of the Canadian cold but we can prepare you for the trip of a lifetime with Spanish courses in Toronto. 

Toronto is a vibrant city that is alive with diverse culture, art, and languages. Source: Unsplash

Learning Spanish not only serves to impress friends at Tapas dinner parties or convenience you on your holidays, it can also diversify your skill set and increase your employability. Spanish is the official language in 20 sovereign states and one dependent territory, totaling around 442 million people. The number of Spanish speakers has now surpassed the total amount of English speakers worldwide, coming second only to Mandarin Chinese. Spanish has now become widespread in business which offers bilingual Canadians a chance to market themselves as fluent in Business Spanish, find exciting job opportunities, and earn more money.

Evidentially, learning Business Spanish or Conversational Spanish can lead to a world of opportunity, so why not enroll your kids in a Spanish course now? Young children are able to learn and retain new languages more easily than adults. In fact, enrolling your child in an immersive bilingual course at a young age can expedite the learning process. There are a number of Spanish courses for young students available in the Toronto area. 

Whether you’re interested in speaking Conversational Spanish on a trip overseas, marketing yourself as bilingual to excel in your career, or teaching your children a valuable skill set, we’re here to help you find Spanish courses in Toronto that are designed to fulfill your needs.

Spanish Lessons for the Casual Speaker

Did you know that in Toronto and the GTA alone, over 400,000 people claim Spanish as their native language? Toronto is a vibrant city known for its diversity, unique neighbourhoods that boast their individual cuisines, and large population of people from around the world. There are thriving pockets of Spanish culture right here in the city that are eager to welcome you to speak, dance, eat and live out Spanish cultural customs in Canada.

The best way to learn a new language is to completely immerse yourself in both the language and the culture. The Spanish Centre in Toronto offers students a cultural experience that incorporates language studies, dance, community, and enthusiastic teachers that get you excited about learning. 

The Spanish Centre teaches language through cultural immersion. Source: Unsplash

The Spanish Centre offers a variety of classes including group programs, private classes and even corporate training. The programs cater to both beginners and native Spanish speakers looking to increase their knowledge in areas such as Business Spanish or Medical Spanish. Beginners often seek out Neutral Spanish or start by learning Conversational Spanish so they are able to communicate in a variety of countries and regions.

The Spanish Centre also offers cultural and social activities that introduce students to the best in literature, film, music, theatre, dance, and visual arts from Spain and Latin America. There’s no better way to learn about a language and a culture than through fun and engaging community events and in an inclusive social setting. You can practice your Spanish dialogue on fellow classmates while sharing new delicious foods to the sweet sounds of a Spanish guitar.

The Barlovento School on King West creates a foundation for beginners to learn conversational Spanish in a fun environment. Source: Unsplash

Another popular Toronto Spanish language school is the Barlovento School on King West, run by SpanishTO. This school offers adult Spanish classes with three levels of beginner Conversational Spanish across different locations in Toronto. They have locations all across the city to convenience Torntonians in every neighbourhood. The first level of beginner Spanish teaches students basic greetings, how to order food at a restaurant, introduce yourself to people and how to start reading and writing in Spanish. You’ll be prepared for your trip to Spain in no time!

SpanishTO also offers corporate services that teach Business Spanish, cultural training, and translation and interpretation. Does your organisation do business or plan to develop a presence in Latin America or Spain? These courses are specially designed to prepare you and your employees for a primarily Spanish-speaking corporate environment. SpanishTO’s cultural coaching and language training prepare you to communicate with confidence by teaching you proper business etiquette and practical vocabulary for meetings, dining, travel and social functions.

Spanish Classes for Young Students

Learning Spanish can be fun, exciting and rewarding long-term at any age, but children and young adults can experience additional benefits from learning a new language at a young age.


  • Bilingual children are highly creative
  • Bilingual children excel at complex problem-solving 
  • Bilingual children score better on exams and focus better in the classroom
  • Bilingual children tend to be more confident and sociable
  • Bilingual children are able to more easily pick up third, fourth and even fifth languages 
  • Bilingual children have increased career opportunities and the potential to earn more in their career


Clearly learning a second language presents a number of benefits for young students. Although these benefits apply to any language, the Spanish language’s growing influence around the world makes it an especially valuable choice. Many Spanish schools in Toronto offer interactive classes for young children that use games and activities to encourage the children to learn while continuing to have fun.

Children are able to learn and retain new languages more quickly than most adults. Source: Unsplash

SpanishTO Kids and The Barlovento School of Spanish offer Spanish classes for children in Toronto. This entertaining and educational language program is taught through drama, music, games, reading and writing and is both age and Spanish level appropriate. Their classrooms are bright, spacious and reflect Spanish culture at every turn. The SpaishTO Kids program also ensures there is a teacher and teaching assistant present for every class and that the teacher-student ratio is one teacher for every seven students. This gives the children extra time and attention with the teacher to learn at their own pace. 


The Spanish Centre in Toronto also offers Summer Spanish for Teens, a four week summer program that was developed for students between the ages of 12 to 16, from either Spanish speaking or non-Spanish speaking backgrounds. This Spanish course includes online activities, games, music, two introductory Latin dance classes and even a field trip in the city of Toronto to familiarize students with the Spanish influences all around them. The course offers six hours of instruction per week (two hours of class, three times a week), so that students have plenty of time to enjoy their summer.

Taking Spanish Courses Online

Life gets busy and it’s easy to put off learning a new language when you have a difficult time committing to attending a class on a weekly basis. For those of you who have the desire to learn Spanish but aren't able to commit to commuting to a Spanish centre or class, Online Spanish lessons are the perfect alternative.

Many online Spanish lessons schedule meetings that you can attend on your computer in the comfort of your home. There are various tutor marketplaces that pair students with teachers from around the world. You could even learn Spanish from an experienced teacher based in Spain! It’s important to find a tutor that possesses the appropriate credentials and adequate experience to make your Spanish lessons productive and engaging, that’s where sites like Superprof can pair you with the perfect teacher.


Taking Spanish courses online helps you learn with flexibility and convenience. Source: Unsplash

Superprof is a network that connects thousands of specialized tutors to students around the world. Superprof offers one-on-one online tutoring for Spanish vocabulary, Spanish written comprehension, Spanish written expression, and other specialized areas. There are hundreds of teachers available in the Toronto area alone with profiles where you can discover their credentials, specialization, and reviews from past students.

Whether you’re eager to check out the Toronto Spanish Centre and immerse yourself in an in-person community environment or learn from the comfort of your couch with a Spanish tutor online, there is a great selection of Spanish courses in Toronto and in the greater Toronto area. So what are you waiting for? 

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