Arabic is a language that has grown in popularity because of the influence of Arab nations on the western world. Spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide, it is the third most spoken language only after English and French. As such, there are different opportunities for people who can communicate in the language, ranging from affording you economic opportunities in mid-eastern countries to making your portfolio stand out in the workplace.

Due to the uniqueness of this language, however, there is a real shortage of Arabic tutors compared to most other major languages. Only a tiny fraction of schools in Canada offer complete courses in the Arabic language. This low supply presents you and anyone interested in a unique opportunity as an Arabic tutor to put your skills to fair use, whether to build your portfolio and work-experience or to make a little more side cash.

One of the many challenges tutors face is finding students for their lessons. Source: Unsplash

Your success as an Arabic teacher is determined by your ability access to students interested in studying the Arabic language. This is why it’s important to know how to find students for Arabic lessons. But how do you find students who are interested in learning the Arabic language? This can be challenging, especially if you are just kick-starting  your career as a language tutor. But, relax; you can do it.

In this article, we'll explore the various tested and proven ways to find students to teach Arabic.

Find Students on Tutoring Platforms

Your best bet for finding students interested in learning any language, Arabic inclusive, is on tutoring platforms.

Tutoring platforms are online educational organisations that connect tutors willing to teach a particular skill with students ready to learn. Considering that these platforms are established with a reputation that precedes them, it is a lot easier to find students. Most tutoring platforms ask you to open an account with them, verify your details, and then put up your profile indicating you are available for hire.

This way, students who are interested in learning what you teach can quickly contact you right away. This ease of use and flexibility continues to be one of the core factors driving the success of tutoring platforms.

An excellent example of this can be seen on SuperProf.

SuperProf is a reputable online platform that connects students to tutors around them. With a strong presence in 27 countries and more than 13 million tutors, SuperProf has an established system that allows students to find you instead of you doing the searching.

Online learning
Superprof is the world's best tutoring community for learning Arabic. Source: Unsplash

Using SuperProf is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to sign up for an account and provide your details for verification. Once approved, you can proceed to set-up your profile and create an ad that lets your prospective students know about your achievement, skill, or work experience. Then expect your profile to start attracting students who feel you are the best bet for them.

What's more? SuperProf is free for tutors and allows you flexibility over how you work (you can choose to have your classes online or be a private home tutor) and how much you charge for your services. Students interested in learning the Arabic language are already waiting for you on the SuperProf platform. Why hesitate? Go sign up right away!

Find Students in Language Schools

Language schools can also be a great place to find students interested in taking Arabic classes. There are different ways to strike gold with this option.

Many Language schools in Canada do not list Arabic language classes. Most of the time, this is due to not having sufficient skilled hands. The relative population of Arabic-speaking people in Canada is relatively low, and tutors who are adept in understanding the language are quite a few compared to other languages, French, for example.

By approaching language schools around you, you can inform them that you are an Arabic language tutor. This way, you can strike a flexible arrangement that allows you to tutor students interested in learning Arabic at the language school. Also, you can be referred to other language schools and individuals in need of an Arabic tutor.

Language schools carry a huge potential for finding students interested in learning Arabic. By leveraging this, you can create a system that enables you to take classes either physically with students in need of a private tutor or virtually using video and internet platforms like Skype.

Find Students through Word of Mouth

This is probably the most straightforward and cost-effective way to scout for students, especially if you start.

Tell your friends and relatives, also encourage them to help you spread the news. Reach out on your social media channels and let people know you are looking for students interested in learning the Arabic language. Word of mouth is a proven advertising strategy that works because students will instead learn with a tutor recommended by their friends and people around rather than opting for a random tutor they know virtually nothing about.

You have to become the recommended tutor, and to do this, you have to voice out about your ability to tutor Arabic.

Let it drop at family reunions, home-parties, or even in random conversations that you are a skilled Arabic tutor looking for students. Who knows? There might be people around you also looking to learn the Arabic language or 'someone-that-knows-someone' interested in learning.

While you definitely should not over-do it, you are far better off to err on the side of speaking up rather than keeping mute and hoping that somehow by a stroke of luck, you'd find students.

There is a high demand out there for Arabic tutors. Your job is to find out where and who, and then fill that demand.

Make Use of Online Job Boards

Job boards can be a useful means for reaching out to many people interested in taking Arabic lessons. Job boards are regularly updated with job opportunities and vacancies, and popular job boards in Canada include CareerBuilder, Indeed, and GlassDoor.

Job ad
There are many online job boards for language teachers. Source: Unsplash

Most of these online job platforms allow you to filter jobs down right to your specifications by using their search and filter option. You can also create an account to receive updates and notifications about the different job opportunities available for Arabic tutors.

Using Job boards to keep up with prospects and openings makes it easier for you to apply for jobs directly rather than having to scout different websites for openings all by yourself. With the numerous opportunities springing up for remote and virtual work, you should be able to find a vacancy that is flexible enough to fit into your schedule.

Find Students Using Social Media as a Tool

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, and clearly, it is here to stay.

You can easily make the most of the opportunities provided by social media as a tool for finding students who are interested in learning Arabic. An excellent example of this is using Facebook.

With users running crossing the billion mark, you can use Facebook groups and pages to reach potential students. You can even go a notch further by opting for paid ads to get a broader audience base. You can customise Facebook ads to match precisely the kind of target audience that will be interested in learning Arabic.

What of creating a live stream to let your viewing audience know that you're offering classes as an Arabic tutor?

With social media, the possibilities are endless!

Reddit, Twitter, and Quora also provide ample opportunities that allow you to reach out to more people.

There are also different educational platforms that you can join online. The purpose of joining these forums is that by participating actively, answering questions, and putting people through in Arabic, you can build an online reputation as an Arabic tutor. Once you're recognized as an authority in the Arabic language, you can now market yourself to individuals who may need your services.

Or you can go all the way, and start an educational blog on the Arabic language, build a solid audience base by creating high-quality content. Then spice things up by offering virtual classes for a fee.

See how much you can earn as a language tutor.

Use Classified Ads Sites

You can use ad sites such as Craigslist or Kijiji to find more people interested in taking Arabic classes. Classified ad sites allow you to post a short ad about yourself, the services you provide, your rates, and any other information that can enable prospective clients to contact you.

Many classified ad sites are designed to connect people locally within a specified location, hence, most of the time, you will be required to provide a location for your ad. However, if your classes are going to be virtual, you can add different locations to make your ads visible to as many people as possible.

Another possible alternative to try is online teaching directories. While these are similar in idea and function to classified ad sites, they are exclusively for teaching jobs.

Being able to reach as many potential students as possible, you can increase your chances of getting more students to sign up for your Arabic classes. Hopefully, with the options listed in this article, you'll be able to do just that.

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