Teaching Italian can be a rewarding career. For starters, you're passionate about the language. You’re going to love waking up every day being able to share your passion with others, not every job has this opportunity. You’re also going to be teaching students a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime. Bilingual people make at least 5 percent more than someone who is monolingual. They're also going to have more opportunities professionally and personally. All these benefits start with working as an Italian tutor. You’ll be able to enrich the lives of your students and at the same enrich your own life.

You’ll be able to set your own hours and work when you want to work. The only person you're going to have to answer to is you. All these benefits do sound great but there is one problem, you need to find clients. If you don't have any clients you're not going to be teaching anyone Italian. A lot of tutors can struggle with finding clients but fear not. We’ve written this article to help you gain clients so you can start embarking on this rewarding career as an Italian teacher.

Building a Profile for Being an Italian Tutor

Your first step in getting clients is to first have a profile. Your profile needs to about you. This will list your strengths, qualifications, testimonials and anything else that will make people want to hire you. After figuring this information out you going to need to figure out the platform to post your profile. For starters, you can use a simple Facebook page. It's quick, easy and free to set up. You can showcase your skills and talents on your Facebook page. You could also do the same thing with Instagram. You can make an account devoted to showcasing your qualifications. Another free option would be Kijiji. They have a page directly related to services. Again, you can post your profile. The last option you can use is signing up with Superprof. They are a trusted tutoring website where you can list your profile to get noticed.

If you are using your page whether on Facebook, Instagram, Superprof or anything else to get noticed. You're also are going to use this as a place to show people yourself. After speaking with someone in person you can direct them to your profile to sign up. Building a good profile does take some thinking, but it's a good step in the right direction if you want to start getting tutoring clients. Using Facebook and Instagram can be an easy step. It can also be easier to reach people on these platforms. You could post videos about Italian lessons to help build your page up.

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How to Get Clients as an Italian Tutor in Canada?

After building your profile your next step is to start putting yourself out there. This means telling everyone you know you're an Italian teacher. Your friends and family can reach out to anyone they might know that would be interested. There might even be someone you know that is looking for Italian lessons, but they're not going to reach out to you unless you start telling everyone. You can take this a step further and if you meet someone new you can bring into the conversation that you teach Italian. There’s a lot of great resources online to check out for getting clients but will list some methods to down below to get you started.

Word of Mouth

We’ve mentioned this above, but we want to reiterate word of mouth because it’s so important. This could be a great way to pick up your first few clients, chances are you do know someone that wants to learn Italian. You can also make a Facebook or Instagram post saying you're now looking to take on Italian tutors. Word of mouth can also travel fast. If one person can end up telling 3 or 4 people and then if they do the same thing you're going to get your name out there. This should be your first marketing tactic to start.


Referrals aren't a direct way to get clients, but it's a good way to keep getting clients. Referrals are clients you gained from your present clients. Usually, you can offer incentives if your clients do bring you new leads. It's a win-win for everybody. You’ll get new clients. Your present client will save money and their referral will be able to learn Italian. Referrals have good retention rates. It's because your clients will speak highly of you to their friends or family, so the referral will already see you as a trusted source. It's a good way to start.


If you reach out to your local schools, library or community centre you can often set up a free presentation with them. This a great way to get out there and speak with your prospects. Anyone that shows up to your seminar will be interested in hearing what you have to offer. This option can be a little scary, but it can offer a great retention rate. Remember to keep your presentation interesting and engaging.

Seminars are a good way to get clients.
Seminars are a good way to get clients. Source: Mentatgt, Pexels


Another good idea would be to put up flyers. You can put up flyers everywhere or you can play things smart. Where would you find people looking for Italian lessons? You might find them in schools or any other area where students would be looking for. You want to be able to put flyers in places that someone looking for Italian lessons would like for.

These 4 options are a good start for getting clients. You can start by trying one of them or all of them. You just need to make that first step. It can be a little scary putting yourself out there but after a few calls or meeting with people, you're going to get comfortable doing it. It's also a step that needs to happen. After your comfortable talking about yourself, you'll be able to live your dream of teaching Italian. You can start having a rewarding career and start enriching the lives of your students.

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What’s After Finding Italian Clients in Canada?

After someone speaks with you about Italian lessons you need to provide value in the interaction. You need to show why you’d make a good choice. You know all the great benefits to learn Italian and you also know why you're the best Italian tutor out there. This is the value you need to provide to your prospect. The more value they see in you the more likely they will hire you.

After your prospect has decided to hire you, now is the time to tell them about payments, meeting location and anything else about what they’ll need to tutor with you. Think about this step before it happens. The more smooth this process is the better you will feel and the better your client will feel. You don't want to have any awkward conversations about this. Again the smoother the better.

Have a meeting with your client before starting your first lesson.
Have a meeting with your client before starting your first lesson. Source: Ekaterina Bolovtsova, Pexels

Start Getting Italian Clients!

If you want to teach Italian lessons you need to get clients as a tutor. Without clients, you’re not going to be able to teach Italian lessons. Getting clients doesn't have to be stressful. You can use the tips above to get your first couple of clients or if you need more ideas there are lots of resources online. It can be scary putting yourself out here but again after you speak with a few people about your services you'rere going to get more comfortable.

Start getting clients for your Italian tutoring business!

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