Before you begin sewing lessons, it's important to know that the learning path you choose and the person who takes you sewing lessons determines how fast you learn and succeed. That is why you should give careful thought to the professional you choose as a sewing teacher.

Suppose you are taking sewing lessons in a fashion school. In that case, careful research on their course outlines, the number of students in a class, and how the sewing teacher handles each lesson will give you a preamble on the teacher's quality of teaching and how the students benefits from their skills.

See whether you should attend traditional sewing classes.

Furthermore, a clear description of a sewing teacher's role would help you know the qualities to look out before enrolling for a sewing class, either online or offline.

Who Is A Sewing Tutor?

a long dress
A sewing teacher can teach you how to make a variety of dresses (source:unsplash)

A sewing teacher is anyone who teaches the craft of sewing (fastening or attaching objects using stitches) in a manner that the student can comprehend and emulate as well. Therefore, for anyone to be described as a sewing teacher the person must not just know how to sew, but also understand how to share his knowledge with others in a manner that makes it easy for another to emulate – this is what sewing teaching is all about. Read more about cost of hiring a sewing teacher.

How to Choose the Right Tutor For Your Project

The process of finding the perfect sewing teacher can be cumbersome for any sewing student. You need to ensure that the teacher is the right one that meets your needs. Furthermore, if you prefer to take sewing lessons online, you should be willing to search far and wide for a perfect sewing tutor if you cannot find one in your region.

It's is also important to choose a sewing tutor whose level of skill and experience aligns with your learning objectives. This is to say that the kind of tutor you need should depend on what you want to make from your sewing lessons.

This is essential because no two sewing teachers have the same level of experience and skill sets. It would be a waste of resources hiring a professional with decades of experience sewing and teaching if all you desire to learn are a few sewing basics. See how to determine the teacher that is right for you.

If you are looking at learning only the basics of sewing, your teacher does not necessarily need to have many years of experience. Anyone sewing knowledge and comfortable enough to show you how it's done can teach you sewing for beginners.

Hence, a beginner who is just out from the university and possesses sewing skills can teach you how to sew.

If you are looking at mastering specific sewing techniques, such as different sewing kinds of fabrics, you need someone with some level of experience, and the tutor must have been in the industry for a while. (Perhaps, a few years will do).

Lastly, if you want to learn to sew to enable you to execute an upcoming project such as sewing a wedding dress, suits, etc. then, you will need someone with a vast level of experience.

Ideally, the sewing teacher should be a professional with vast experience teaching students how to sew at different levels and have many radar ratings.

Choosing a Qualified Sewing Tutor Based On Their Experience

Most sewing teachers have experience in sewing a specific kind of clothing (source:unsplash)

Sewing tutors with less than five years of experience may be described as tutors with "little experience," but this doesn't mean that they are incompetent or can't take sewing lessons in Canada. Ideally, a sewing tutor should have some knowledge of the following:




  • Sewing
  • Pattern design
  • How to organise a sewing shop
  • Teaching
  • Fashion design

Any tutor that possesses skills in the above enlisted areas, in addition to their experience, is qualified enough to teach you sewing lessons for beginners.

Choosing a Sewing Tutor Based On Their Qualification

Many students look out for qualifications before enrolling for sewing lessons. Since there are many routes to consider for sewing lessons, deciding to choose sewing tutor based on their qualification is not out of place.

Even though sewing is a hands-on skill, many teachers have several qualifications to their radar regarding sewing. Therefore, depending on your learning objectives, you can easily find one that perfectly fits your goal.

That said, it's also important to point out that many sewing teachers have no physical certificate to show for their skills. This doesn't mean they can't teach you sewing basics, this is because they might have learned how to sew either by watching others do it or learning the skill from a friend, relative, or an acquaintance.

You will also find sewing tutors with diploma certificates in sewing. These type of tutors are those that undergo training from a fashion school or college. Depending on their experience level, they can take your beginner sewing lessons even further.

Some tutors have bachelors or masters degree in fashion design. These are high profile tutors who went through rigorous training, certification programs and have executed various projects.

Many students opt for high profile sewing tutors when they need someone whose experience level is unquestionable and can easily share their knowledge with others in a manner that is easy to comprehend.

Choosing a Tutor Based On Their Specialty

wedding dress
Many sewing teachers posses the needed skills for sewing a wedding dress(source:unsplash)

Many sewing tutors find the need to specialise in one aspect of sewing as they advance in their careers. Chances are you may want to consider a sewing teacher’s specialty before enrolling for sewing lessons with them.

This often depends on your learning objectives. If you are looking at taking sewing lessons to enable you to perform a specific project or take is as a life-long career, it would be best to find sewing teachers that specialise in the aspect of sewing that catches your fancy.

This will ensure that you avoid "irrelevancies" and take sewing courses that are relevant to your goals. Generally, tutors with a specialty in sewing mostly have many years of experience and one or two certifications in sewing courses.

As you advance in your studies, you, too, will find the need to specialise in an aspect of sewing that you are fond of most. For instance, in Canada, it's common to find fashion designers that are either specialist in sewing wedding gowns, suits, kids' clothing, curtains, duvet, mattresses, etc.

One of the many advantages of choosing a sewing tutor based on their specialty is because you will have the privilege of learning from a professional tutor whose specialty is not different from your set goals.

Where to Find Qualified Sewing Tutors For Your Level

Whether you decide to choose a teacher for sewing lessons based on their qualification, experience, or specialty, it is important to find a tutor that can teach sewing students at your level. Fortunately, finding your desired tutor is not like rocket science. At Superprof, there are more than enough qualified sewing tutors to take you sewing lessons at will.

This implies that you can easily find qualified sewing tutors for your level. Whether you are looking for a teacher for beginner sewing lessons, intermediate or advanced sewing courses, there is a teacher for every skill level on Superprof.

Private Sewing Tutors: Are They Worth Your Money?

Are you in doubt that hiring a private tutor may be another waste of useful resources? Many students who hired a private teacher for sewing lessons have various reasons why they do so. Perhaps, you should examine the circumstances that surround you.

In order words, why did you decide to take sewing lessons? Your reasons may differ with that of another student. But the ultimate goal remains the same – to learn sewing skills under the close supervision of a sewing tutor that understands your needs. This is the focus of private sewing lessons with Superprof tutors.

Private sewing classes may cost a bit more than enrolling for sewing classes with groups or in a fashion school, especially if you cannot find a tutor in your region. But it could result in tremendous benefits, especially for students who are finding it difficult to learn sewing skills in a classroom arrangement.

That said, it's never a waste of money to invest in private sewing lessons with a tutor. Although all sewing teachers have varied experience and qualification, choosing the one that aligns with your level is the key to achieving success as you learn this vital skill.

In many countries of the world, there are thousands of private sewing tutors that have the skills needed for others to how to sew like a professional. Fortunately, you don't need to search far and wide for these tutors. Superprof has handpicked some of the best sewing teachers, and you can easily find them on the platform.

So whether you are in Quebec, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, or Edmonton, a sewing teacher can take you sewing lessons for your level. Hence, irrespective of the sewing course you are interested in, you will find a teacher nearest to you offering their first lesson free.

You will also have the opportunity to evaluate each lesson after it has ended and rate the teacher according to the lesson's quality. But we are confident that you will love the experience.

So why wait when you can choose the perfect sewing teacher on Superprof.

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