Do you know how to play the violin? Chances are if you've clicked on this article that answers yes. Now think back to when you were learning the violin. Was the violin difficult or easy to learn? What was something you liked about your teacher? What was something you didn't like about your teacher? Again chances are you know the answers to these questions right away. Every time we take a class or workshop there are things we wish the teacher would do differently. Whether it was phrasing something or maybe demonstrating an example. In your mind your thinking you could do it better, but imagine you were the teacher? Violin is one of the hardest instruments to play. If you were the teacher you have the chance to teach violin in a new way. You could take everything you’ve learned from past teachers and have the perfect class for students.

It would be very rewarding working as a violin teacher. You could wake up every day and love going to work. You could see the joy on your student's faces when they learn the right notes or make progress. You would be doing what you love every day. So how do you become a violin teacher? There’s a lot of freedom in how to become a violin teacher that we’ll talk about below. Working as a violin teacher is an amazing opportunity you just have to take that step forward.

Take the steps you need to become a violin teacher.
Take the steps you need to become a violin teacher. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

How to Become a Violin Teacher in Canada?

This is your first step in wanting to become a violin teacher. You need to gain the necessary skill set to teach your students effectively. The skills you're going to need our violin mechanics, violin skills, communication and teaching experience. All 4 of these skills will ensure you know how to properly teach your students. If you already know how to play the violin. You’re one step closer to teaching, but you need these other skills to be a good teacher. A great violinist isn't always a great teacher. You'll gain these skills through experience or by taking courses. Another option is to volunteer. Your local music academies are sometimes willing to bring on a volunteer to help teach. This is a great way to practice teaching.

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Do You Need Qualifications to Become a Violin Teacher in Canada?

The simplest answer is no, but this does depend on where you want to teach. Having no qualifications in the violin, like education or certifications, will not hold you back from becoming a teacher. The most important thing you need to have as a violin teacher is the ability to play the violin and teaching experience. Your students will never ask you where you went to school or for your qualifications. Your students want to know that you can teach. It can help to have education in the violin. It can help build trust if you'rere looking for clients or it can help your violin skills, but it’s not necessary. The only violin teaching job it can affect is most high schools, grade schools or universities will require to have at least a 4-year degree before you can teach, but there are plenty of other options when working as a violin teacher.

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You can become a violin teacher having no qualifications.
You can become a violin teacher having no qualifications. Source: Nappy, Pexels

The Cost of Violin Lessons

In a lot of violin teaching jobs, you’ll have the option of working for yourself. Working for yourself brings so many great benefits but it will also bring another question; what do you charge? The average violin teaching lesson is 65$, but this doesn't take into consideration your situation. There are lots of variables when deciding violin lessons. These variables can be class size, location, and teacher experience. All of these things affect the price. We created a guide that walks you through each variable so you can make an informed decision about your prices.

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Where to Work as a Violin Teacher?

You're going to have a list of options when you're looking for work as a violin teacher. Before becoming a violin teacher you should decide where you want to work as a violin teacher. This way you’ll know the proper steps in working where you want to work. For instance, in music schools, you're going to need a 4-year degree or maybe even additional schooling, but for private tutoring, you don't need any education. Decide where you want to teach the violin so you don’t end up taking courses you don’t need. Schooling isn't bad when it comes to violin teaching. It can certainly help your knowledge and open doors for you as a violin teacher, but it's not needed to be one. There are so many great places to get started teaching here are some below.

Teaching at Grade School or High School

Teaching violin in grade school or high school you will need experience and qualifications. A lot of schools are looking for that 4-year degree as well as having the skill set. You won’t be able to only focus on the violin. You’ll be teaching a full music class and will most likely have to teach another subject. There is a lot of benefits to teaching in these places. You’ll have steady pay, a set schedule and job security.

Teaching at University

Teaching violin at the university you're going to need the experience and some qualifications again. It's crucial to have a good foundation of the violin backed by your experience and skill set. In most universities, you’ll be allowed to focus on teaching the violin. You can experience hardships when looking for employment. These jobs don't come up often, but again you’ll have steady pay, a set schedule and the ability to do what you love.

Teaching Violin Privately

Teaching the violin privately you're going to have the opportunity to set your hours and be your boss. The requirements for becoming a tutor are low. You will just need experience and some knowledge about the violin. A degree will help gain trust in your services but it's not needed. Setting your hours is appealing to a lot of violin teachers, but it does come with some downsides. You’ll need to market and get clients. There is a lot of resources online that you can use to get clients. It’s usually easier after you get your first client. Things will pick up from there. Don't let this deter you from being a private violin tutor.

Teaching Violin at Music Academy

Working at a music academy can be a good opportunity for violin teachers. You don't need a proper education to teach here. You’ll just have to prove you have the violin experience and teaching experience. They want to make sure their students will be able to learn from you. You can teach the violin individually or in a group setting. Students seeking lessons here are often looking for a fun experience that can make your teachings more enjoyable.

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You can teach the violin anywhere, even online.
You can teach the violin anywhere, even online. Source: Fauxels, Pexels

Start Teaching the Violin Today

Now is the time to teach the violin. There's plenty of opportunities for you to become a violin teacher. Whether your teaching students, privately, online, in a music academy or at school you can start working as a violin teacher. Remember you don't need to have any qualifications to become a violin teacher. You only need the violin and teaching skills to get started. You’ll have the chance to do something you love every day. You’ll always get to share your passion with the world. What are you waiting for? Start teaching the violin in Canada Today.

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