Today we are looking at how to learn Dutch, but every language in the world should be available for anyone interested in learning it, and I am glad to say that almost every language is. With the popularity of the internet, learning has become much more accessible to everyone, as it gives us access to all parts of the world from our living room.

Technology has come a long way and gone are the days where you have limited options in the face of learning something new. Today you can literally dictate how you want to learn and you can enjoy every minute of it. Yesterday you could have met with an online French tutor or tried to learn Japanese, today you could be doing a course in Mandarin Chinese or go to learn Russian and tomorrow you could be searching for a tutor to learn Portuguese. But right now let’s explore the best and most fun apps to learn Dutch as a second language.

The Benefit Of Having Fun While Learning

Studying gets a bad reputation because of the extended school days that many of us had in our teens. I don’t know about you, but when I went to school there were no interactive classrooms, my school did not have an app or an interactive website, the teachers were a mix of fun and interesting but mostly very very dull.

Sitting in classrooms for 5 - 8 hours a day while being spoken to by a teacher at the front of the room seems like such a poor way to transfer knowledge. But that is how we continue to teach in most cases today. Thankfully, however, that is no longer the only way to learn, and many more engaging ways are available to us.

Interactive learning has a considerable advantage over mainstream studying. Generally, it is much more enjoyable, and the learner tends to have much more control over their education. This is very powerful because when the learner is happy, motivated and enjoying their experience. The body releases special chemicals which help to relax the body and fire up the learning centres in the brain.

Best and most fun apps to learn Dutch
Learn Dutch and have fun while learning. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Benefit Of Mobile Learning

Taking the traditional classroom and putting it into a mobile app is one of the great successes in education. The next success is the great variety of apps available for you to learn anything that you desire. The apps are often free and can be downloaded with fun and engaging content. You can find gaming, memorisation, interactive learning by chat, learning by entertainment like Dutch movies, music or magazines and much more.

The options indeed are endless, which means that no matter how you would like to learn Dutch London or anything else for that matter. You are likely to be able to find an app that will help you to achieve it. Apps definitely make learning fun and bring the power of learning into the hand of the student. You are empowered to learn anywhere that you can take your phone and you can invest as much or as little time as your schedule allows.

While it can be hard to find an hour to go to a classroom to sit down and study. Mobile apps are very flexible and don’t require a set time commitment, location or schedule. They also encourage you to use them for microlearning which is the ability to engage in sessions of 5 to 15 minutes. Which thanks to the way they work could be split even further in a few minutes each time you open the app.

In a world where we are all so busy, we are never too busy to find 1-5 minutes. This grey time can easily be found while commuting, driving in the car (audio apps), waiting for a friend or colleague or before you fall asleep at night. Is easy to find and fit learning into any schedule with mobile apps. As long as you repeat this on a daily or recurring basis, you will eventually see that you have acquired a new skill while having fun.

The Dutch Connection

Dutch is the native language from the Netherlands and is part of the Germanic language family. While Dutch and German are very different languages, they do share structural similarities. Which means if you learn Dutch it could help you to learn German more easily later on and vica-versa.

More surprisingly, however, is that Dutch has inspired and influenced 1,000+ words within the English language and so you may already have an excellent Dutch vocabulary without knowing it. Even common words such as Boss, Waffle, Yacht, Santa Claus, iceberg and rucksack all find their origins in the Dutch language. Now that is a fun fact to share with Native Dutch speakers.

Dutch is spoken by over 23 million people and is not just the native language of the Netherlands. It is also the native language of Aruba, Suriname and the Dutch Antilles.

Apps can help you learn to speak dutch
Every language in the world should be available for anyone interested in learning. Photo Source: Unsplash

Learn To Speak Dutch With Flashcard Apps

Flashcards are a perfect way to learn a language if you enjoy using memorisation to learn new topics. Flashcards when learning languages tend to have one word or phrase in the native language on one side and the foreign language on the other. You can use this technique to check your retention of the language that you are learning.

The following apps are great for people who are learning Dutch to practice their retention of the Dutch language and to learn new Dutch words and phrases.


Memrise is a great app to help you remember the Dutch words that you are learning. You should work at your own speed through the greeting, survival phrases and vocabulary, using a simple flash card system. The app is free and is available on Android and IOS. While the free version is basic, you can learn a lot from it, and it is very nice to use. If you would like to add extra functionality to the app, you can upgrade for a small fee.


This app uses an entertaining learning system that lists flashcards for your use when learning the language. The Dutch download teaches the foreign language in a way that empowers the learner. You can make tailor-made flashcards based on what you are interested in memorizing or even use it for your Dutch and English translations. This is a free app that you can use offline, and it is available on Android and IOS.


Learning Dutch with the Nemo app has never been easier you have access to lots of modes including the voice mode, the speech checker which helps with dutch pronunciation, the translator mode and it will even remind you to study if you ask it to. This is at its most basic level a flashcard system, but it doesn’t a lot more and can be used in lots of circumstances to get you on track with how to say just about anything in dutch. It is available on Android and IOS.

Learn Dutch With Online Language Learning Apps

These apps are providing more structured kinds of learning around topics and subjects. They all take you through a linguistic process for your practice of Dutch, supporting you with reading, writing, listening and speaking. For free language learning options, they are very thorough. When you outgrow the free versions, you are able to upgrade to get access to even more classes essential for your immersion when learning a new language with self-study.


This is the ultimate fun app which uses excellent games to help you to enjoy the learning process. You get to immerse yourself in Dutch and use all of your senses to help you with mastering the language. This is available free online via the Android and IOS app store, or their website.


When learning Dutch with Babbel, you will have access to an entire language suite of tools to support your learning experience. They have worked with native Dutch people to get videos recordings and other content to provide you with one of the most robust free online apps in the world for learning languages.  This is available free online via the Android and IOS app store, or their website.

Innovative Language 101

This app made by DutchPod is ready to teach you to start speaking right away. With access to 100s of multimedia lessons that will encourage you to speak Dutch from your first lesson.  This is available free via the Android and IOS app store, or their website.

50 languages

50 Languages agree with me that everyone should be able to speak any language in the world for free, and their app showcases that belief. With 50 language courses that will improve your fluency in any one of them with practice through the language course that they have created.  Available for free via the Android and IOS app store, or their website.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the original online language learning system that now has extended their fantastic content to their mobile app. Their system is seamless and will get you speaking in no time at all. They have years of experience in helping you learn how to speak fluently. Available for free via the Android and IOS app store, or their website.

Learn to speak Dutch with an app
Taking the traditional classroom and putting it into a mobile app. Photo Source: Unsplash

Dutch Culture Chat With Natives App

This language learning program style is based on bringing people together to share and teach something that we all have. Language.

These apps bring together millions of people to have a conversation about language and culture. Native speakers speak with other native speakers and interchange their mother tongue to help language learners while themselves learning a language. These give you free access to substantial language exchanges where everyone is learning a new language.

They are all available for free via the Android and IOS app store, or their website.

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While the goal of learning to speak Dutch may seem challenging. It is definitely worth all of the hard work. Are you ready to learn Dutch the fast and fun way? Then download one of the above apps and get started today.

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