We’ve all had teachers that put us to sleep. They taught very monotone and read from the slides. We can all agree this is a bad teacher. For one, their students are bored and two, when you're bored you're not going to focus on what their teaching. As a teacher you want to have a fun and engaging class. Of course, you have to be able to still teach the material, but having an interactive class will make all the difference. This shouldn't matter for any subject you teach. Some classes like math can struggle with this but teaching Italian should be a lot easier to engage your students. 

Teaching Italian is a rewarding career. You're teaching your students a skill that will benefit them a lifetime. They're going to be able to have more opportunities professionally and personally. All these benefits start with you. You're the reason they will continue to learn and succeed in learning Italian, but again you need to keep your class engaged. At the end of the day, you're not doing your job if your students aren't learning. You should have an easier time compared to other subjects. Depending on where you teach, in most classes students are choosing to learn Italian. It won't be a subject there forced to learn. 

Students learn better when their engaged.
Students learn better when they're engaged. Source: Fox, Pexels

How to Make your Italian Lessons Engaging? 

There’s plenty of ways to keep your classroom engaged. A lot of ideas can be found online. You can also reach out to other teachers. Not every class has to be this super engaging entertaining class, that's not your goal. Your goal is to teach Italian. You should make your Italian lessons enjoyable and being engaging makes this easier. We’ve compiled a list of 6 things you can incorporate into your Italian lessons. You can try one or all of them to get started. 

Don't Repeat Yourself - Reviewing is essential in learning Italian. You need to make sure your students understand what you’ve been teaching. You need to review, but you shouldn't repeat yourself. You need to find new ways to say things. This will help keep your students engaged as well as yourself. 

Give Choices to Students - Students will be engaged more if they feel like they have a part to play in their learning. They won't feel like they're forced to learn something. Next time when you're deciding what Italian lesson or activity your planning instead of having one lesson or activity make a board with 3 or 4. Yes, this is more work, but your students will have a better time learning.

Real-World Examples - Relating your Italian lessons to the real world will be more interesting to your students. It will also help put things into perspective. They can see how the Italian language is used in the real world.

Interactive Lesson Plan - It’s traditional to have your students sit and you stand in front of everyone, but why not mix things up? You can bring your students in a group or if your tutoring you can change positions. You can also teach Italian interactively. This could be having your students use a whiteboard or playing a grammar game. There are lots of ways to make things interactive.

Loosen Up Teaching - Yes, you're an Italian teacher, but you don't need to be strict. The best way to make your class engaging is by being a good teacher. Your students will have a better time learning if they feel more relaxed. Just remember every student you teach in the classroom or from tutoring is going to have their own experiences and learning styles.

Using Technology - Technology has been an amazing thing for teachers. It took us away from using the blackboard every day. Using technology in your classroom you can have students learn on iPads or you can teach on a smartboard. It allows you to do so many things to keep your students engaged. We all love technology so incorporating it into your Italian lessons can really keep things fresh in your classroom.

Find out more about how to give Italian lessons as well as how to become an Italian tutor in Canada.

Using technology is an easy way to keep your students engaged.
Using technology is an easy way to keep your students engaged. Source: Julia M Cameron, Pexels

Be a Good Italian Teacher in Canada

It’s important to understand how to be a good teacher. Yes, you should have your class engaged and enjoy the classroom, but before any of that, you need to be a good teacher. We’re not saying you have to be the perfect teacher. Everyone is going to mess up like forgetting a lesson plan or things might not always go your way in the classroom and this is okay. Things will happen. Being a good teacher will mean different things to different people but they’ll have the same goal. Too enrich the lives of your students and teach them Italian. If you're doing this during your lesson you're doing a good job. We’ve listed some helpful tips below as reminders next time you're teaching

Building Relationships - Good teachers care about their students. You're going to be easy to reach and easy to talk too. Your students should feel comfortable asking questions or coming to you for help. 

Organized and Prepared - You should be prepared for every Italian lesson you teach. This means you're going to cover the material yourself before teaching. You're also going to have everything ready for the day. 

Master the Italian Language - Having strong Italian skills will make your time teaching much easier. You should be the go-to guide when it comes to Italian. You should always be practicing and wanting to get better. 

Communicate Effectively - Perhaps the biggest quality of a good teacher is communicating well. Your students need to understand. This will ensure they’ll have an easier time learning. Communication skills can a long way in the classroom. 

Looking at learning more about Italian? You could practice your Italian language skills with the help of a tutor with Superprof. They have 100s of Italian tutors all over Canada. They can teach you the skills you need to master the Italian language. Superprof offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn Italian when you want to learn. 

Everyone Benefits from an Enjoyable Italian Lesson

A big question you might be asking yourself is why? Why should you change the way you teach? Or Why should your class be more engaging? There are two reasons. The first reason is your students will learn better. There was a survey done a couple of years ago. The survey asked students in grade 11 if they felt engaged during class and only 32 percent of them said yes. That means 68 percent of students thought their class was boring. Being bored in the classroom will leave your students disinterested in learning. You'll see there grades dropping because of the boredom. Teaching Italian you want to keep your students engaged. It will not only help them stay focused, but they'll retain more information. The second reason is you'll enjoy your Italian lesson more. When students have a lack of interest in your teaching you can definitely tell and it's not a good feeling. You want to feel like you're making an impact on their life and not making them fall asleep. Everyone does benefit from an enjoyable Italian lesson. You're the driving force behind each class.


Everybody wins when the class is more enjoyable.
Everybody wins when the class is more enjoyable. Source: Julia M Cameron, Pexels

Start Teaching Italian Lessons in Canada Today!

Using these helpful tips and having a little practice you'll easily start having an engaging class. It's possible to keep your students entertained. They're going to enjoy class more and learn more. You're also going to love teaching more. You can be the main reason your students stick to Italian lessons. It's going to benefit them professionally and personally. By having a more engaging class you'll be putting your students one step closer to understanding the Italian language in Canada.

For more information about teaching Italian lessons in Canada check out our articles on how to set your prices for Italian Lessons and how to find students for your Italian lessons.

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