We all want to reach our fitness goals or just start being healthy. We just celebrated 2020 which means most of us have set goals for this year we want to accomplish. I bet one of those goals is health-related. These goals could be to lose 20 pounds, run a 5km or half marathon, get stronger, or just simply feel better.

Ottawa we seem to be more active each year. Our parks are always filled in the summertime with people being active. We have cool fitness places in Ottawa like OCR Academy, an obstacle course and Rock Gym, a rock climbing gym. We seem to be active in Ottawa, but let's start reaching our goals.

This isn’t the year you quit your goals a couple of weeks down the road. This is the year you crush your fitness goals and lose that 20 pounds you always wanted to lose. Most of us know that we have to start exercising and eating right. But it’s harder to act upon those. A personal trainer can be your solution.

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Why Should You Hire A Personal Trainer?

We live in the age of information where there are millions of different opinions and scientific studies that show us there is a specific way to reach your fitness goals. This is confusing for a lot of people and can scare you away right from the start. 2020 just happened. This means most people have written down a fitness-related goal to reach this year, but a lot of people have already stopped. It’s hard to reach your fitness goals, especially if you're new. This is why you need to hire a trainer.

Hiring a trainer is the best way for you to reach your goals. As mentioned above Ottawa has the tools you just have to make that first step in hiring a trainer. Hiring a personal trainer is going to put you on a path to crush your fitness goals this year. Your trainer will be with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

Trainers aren’t like they are in the movies where they're yelling at you when you do an exercise (unless you need this). Trainers are there to educate, motivate, keep you safe and reach your goals. For detailed benefits of hiring a trainer read our article about personal training in Toronto, personal training in Calgary or personal training in Calgary.

Getting Started
Getting Started. Source: Pixabay

Pick The Right Personal Trainer

It can be confusing when you’re looking for a trainer. The good news is most trainers offer a free consultation or free session to see if you’re both a good fit for each other. Ask these questions when you meet a trainer.

  1. Ask why they got started - This is my personal favourite. It can be inspiring for you to hear why your trainer got started in this career. Plus, their stories may relate to yours. This will further motivate you.
  2. Ask backgrounds and experiences - Certifications aren't everything when looking for a trainer, but it at least shows they have the knowledge to train. Do they specialize in strength when you want to lose weight? Or vice versa. Yes, most trainers are going to be able to help you reach your fitness goals but it’s better to have someone that specializes in what your goal is. This just means they’re going to have better knowledge and be able to assist you better in reaching your goals.
  3. Ask about availability - You have to work out when it’s convenient for you. You need to have a time slot with your trainer that is a time that works for you. If your trainer doesn’t want to train with you early morning when that is the only time you can work out it won’t be good.
  1. Ask to speak with past clients - You spend your time and money with your trainer. It may only be a couple of hours a week, but you want to make sure you’re going to get results. Speaking with past or former clients you can get a feel what each session is going to be like. Also, you can ask if they have seen results with your trainer then you can be more confident you will too

These 4 questions ensure you’re getting a good quality trainer. The biggest reason your working with your trainer is you want to see results. All personal trainers should be results-driven, of course, while always keeping their clients safe. For more things to look for click here.

Running at the gym
Running at the gym. Source: William Choquette, Pexels

Pick The Right Gym

Most gyms offer personal training, but you will like certain gyms better than others. Ottawa offers all sorts of work out areas. We have everything in Ottawa, it can be hard to pick a gym in Ottawa. The most typical places people work out is at a big box gym, studio style, at home or online.

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Big box Gym

This isn’t for everyone. They’re typical busier but cost-effective. Their personal training is usually cheaper as well. A good example in Ottawa of the big box gym is Planet Fitness in the Metro Stafford Centre. This style of gyms is open to everyone and offers some amenities. Planet Fitness doesn't offer personal training but they do have group training available. Group training can offer the same benefits as personal training but you're with other people.

 Studio Style Gym

These gyms are my personal favourites. They have a more personalized approach and you don’t feel like just another member. The staff gets to know you. That being said though you pay more. Most studio style gyms are more expensive because of that personal approach and they keep their member’s numbers low to be able to accommodate everyone better. A good example in Ottawa is Iron North Studio. This looks like a phenomenal studio gym to check out. They're driven to getting their client's results as well as getting to know you.

Most studio gym will focus on personal training. It’s what they specialize in. Studio gyms are great for anybody that maybe isn't comfortable working out with lots of other people. You’re going to be able to have your space. Most studio gyms offer the same amenities if not more than your typical big-box gyms offer. Their personal training is more expensive but again you’re not just working out in a typical setting.

At-Home Gym

Yes, some trainers come to you! A lot of personal trainers will come right to your home. It’s great if you just want to work out alone. It will also save you the travel time because you don’t have to leave your house. On the downside of working out at home is you won’t have an excuse not to work out. If need help in deciding if working out at home is good for you, check this article out. Fitness On The Go is a great company in Ottawa that brings personal trainers to you.

With over 10,000 clients helped it’s a place worth checking out if you’re interested in working out at home. As their slogan says, They deliver fitness right to your door. At home, prices are going to vary. They can be more expensive compared to other gyms for personal training, but you’re paying for that convenience. At home, trainers will also bring the gym to you. They bring everything that you will need.

Online Training

This has become increasingly more popular over the past 5 years. It has become one of the most affordable methods of personal training. You don’t have to pay more for other expenses because you're just paying for the trainer's time.

Ottawa offers tons of online personal trainers through Superprof. We have 100s of trainers with all different styles of training and backgrounds that are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Some of our trainers also offer in-person training as well.

Online training gives you more flexibility and freedom. Flexibility because you meet with your trainer over webcam when there’s a time good for both of you. You have more freedom because you have to do more on your own compared to working with an in-person trainer. This can be great for somebody but bad for someone else. If your someone comfortable with working out on your own and feel you’ll be able to commit this can be a great affordable option to training.

Whatever method of personal training you prefer always try out a free session and ask our questions above. Most personal trainers will offer a free consultation or a free session to see if you’re both a good fit for each other.

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Working Out
Working Out. Source: Karl Solano, Pexels

Ottawa, This Is Your Year To Reach Your Fitness Goals!

Ottawa this is the year you reach your fitness goals. We’re confident you can! Choose your style of the trainer and get out there. You can reach your fitness goals. You just have to make the choice. Remember trainers just want to see you get results. They’re always dedicated to helping you succeed. Let me know your fitness goals below!

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