Becoming an Italian teacher can be a rewarding experience. You're enriching the lives of students. Learning a second language means your students are going to have more opportunities professionally and personally. For instance, on average people that are bilingual make at least 5 percent more than someone who is monolingual. It's these benefits and so many other ones that can leave you feeling excited to go to work every day. Working as an Italian tutor has a lot of freedoms. You work as your own boss. You only have to answer to yourself. You can also teach who you want to teach. There are so many great benefits to working as an Italian tutor, but you do have some obstacles to overcome before you take this step. You need to set your prices for your Italian lessons. This is something that needs to be thought out you can't just put any number you need to actively think about this to have a fair price.

Setting your prices doesn't have to be complicated. We’ve created this article to help you set your prices for Italian lessons so you can focus on teaching.

Why Does Price Matter For Italian Lessons?

Everyone wants to know your price. It’s a question that can scare your client off or welcome them into your Italian lessons. You shouldn't think of any number and write it. You also shouldn’t compare your prices to others. You could offer a lot more or less than your competitors. Your prices need to reflect you and your Italian lesson. There's a lot of thought that needs to go into your prices, but after reading this article we're confident you can make these decisions.

Some people will start by making their prices too high. This can ward off a lot of clients and can also be seen as a negative. In our society, the most expensive things should be the highest quality or the best service, but we all know this isn't the case. Setting your price too high just because you want to seem better, isn't always the best solution. The same goes for setting your price low. For one, this is unfair for you. You're providing a valuable service and deserved to be paid what you're worth. Second, having a cheap price can raise some flags. Your clients will think to themselves why are they so cheap? Do they not have any clients? The price is one of the facts that decide if a client is going to work with you, so having your price too high or too low is a problem.

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You deserve to paid what you're worth.
You deserve to be paid what you're worth. Source: Wictor Cardoso, Pexels

How to Set Your Prices for Italian Lessons in Canada?

Your price is going to be unique to you. The same Italian lesson that is worth 35 dollars in Toronto could be 25 dollars in Calgary. There is a lot of variables that go into pricing that will talk about below. The average price for a one-hour Italian lesson is 30 dollars. Based on the variables listed below you can either charge below or above the average price. The average price is a good number to start with.


This variable can have the biggest influence on your price. You need to be able to pay yourself as well as cover any expenses. Your expenses can be lower or higher depending on where you live. Living in an urban city the cost of living can much higher than in a rural city. Everything can be more expensive. Your location needs to reflect your price. Make a list of monthly expenses to ensure you can cover your costs.


Someone that is an expert in their field should be paid more. They're going to be able to offer more value than someone who is just starting. The same goes for Italian lessons. If someone who has 10 years of experience teaching and speaking Italian they can charge a premium rate for their knowledge. The same rules apply to you. If you have the experience and knowledge you should be paid accordingly.

Class Size

Most tutors work with students individually but you do have the option of working with a group of students as well. Individual lessons should cost more. You're giving the student your undivided attention. They can learn more efficiently and more effectively than in a group class. Group class can be cheaper per student. You simply have more people in the hour. This can help offset your prices and is a good way to reach students who may not be able to afford individual lessons.


Teaching online vs teaching in-person definitely can have some price variation. Online tutoring has very low startup costs. You just need a computer and webcam to get started. In-person tutoring you have to worry about location and travel time. Online lessons are becoming more popular. They offer even more freedom to those looking to work as Italian tutors.

Teaching Italian online is becoming more popular.
Teaching Italian online is becoming more popular. Source: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

Looking to gain more experience in Italian? Superprof has 100s of Italian tutors all over Canada that can help you master the Italian language. They have the experience and knowledge to help you become a better Italian teacher. Superprof offers lessons in person and online giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn Italian when you want to learn.

After reading about the variables you can make an informed decision about setting your price. Let’s say you have lots of experience and live in a busy city your price point should be over the average. You're simply offering more value and able to pay for your expenses. At the end of the day, you're providing a service that will benefit your students for a lifetime. You're an asset to anyone wanting to learn Italian. You need to be paid what you're worth. New tutors may find themselves keeping their prices lower, to bring in more clients, but this isn't the case. We talked about the red flags this can bring up and you need to be able to cover your expenses and be paid. You deserve to be paid what you're worth. Your tutoring prices don't have to stay the same. You should always base your prices on these variables especially if you move or gain more experience. If you move your cost of living could be increasing meaning you need to be paid more. Also as you continue to teach students and gain more experience in the Italian language you can later charge more. After all, you're going to be getting better year after year. You're going to be an entirely new teacher after a couple of years. You'll have more to offer your students compared to when you first started.

Start Teaching Italian in Canada

Becoming an Italian tutor has its steps to get started, but knowing how to fairly set your prices is a step in the right direction. It’s an amazing career to wake up every day and to teach Italian Not every career can off that same feeling. You're on the path to being your own boss. Remember to set your prices based on the variables. You shouldn't think of a random number or immediately use the average price. Setting your prices can seem overwhelming, especially if you're new. This is why we created this guide so you can focus on teaching Italian lessons. Get to work on your prices today and start teaching Italian in Canada.

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