For those of you living in Alberta, you sit on an average of 9.5 hours a day. This could be for work, commuting or screen time. 37% of Albertans sit for more than 10 hours per day. That’s a lot of sitting when you think about it.

We all want to feel better. We all want to be as healthy as we can be. The truth is sitting for so long isn’t benefiting us in any way. The Canadian guidelines for the minimum amount of time moderate to vigorous activity are 150 minutes per week. For more details about the physical guidelines read here. There can be many ways to reach this 150 minutes per week, but why not make it fun?

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Have Fun Working Out
Have Fun Working Out. Source: Luis Quintero, Pexels
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Hire a Personal Trainer

Starting in the gym can be a fun way to get your heart rate up. For a lot of people, they find the gym an enjoyable time. You see, when you work out it’s all about you. Your only focus is you. For those that don’t know where to start;  hire a trainer. A personal trainer is the best way to start in the gym. Hiring one also has many benefits. Personal trainers are great for safety, accountability, personalized and motivation.


Joining the gym is very exciting! It shows you're on the path to bettering yourself, you should be proud. There are lots of different exercises you’ll be performing and you want to make sure you're performing them correctly. You always want to lift weight or do an exercise in the safest way possible. This keeps you healthy! The last thing you want is to get injured. Even if you're not looking for a personal trainer long term, it would be a good idea to start with one, in the beginning, to ensure you have proper form.


For some of us, we’re not active because we can’t make ourselves go to the gym. If you hire a trainer your much more likely to show up. They’re going to be there waiting for you, you wouldn’t want to let them down. You also may have times when you're having trouble sticking with your goals. Your trainer is going to be with you every step of the way helping you succeed.

Personalized Programming

It’s important to have a program in the gym. You're less likely to see results in the gym if you’re not on a program. You should have a program that’s going to benefit you. It should be designed from your goals, needs and any functional issues you may have. This will look different for everyone. There is one size fits all programs out there but there for the general population. They're not made for you. Hiring a trainer means you’re getting a personalized program that will benefit you the most.


There’s going to be days when you don’t want to go to the gym There is also going to be times when you simply just don’t have the motivation to work out. Your trainer can help turn this around. They're going to be able to motivate you and push you. You shouldn’t just skip a workout because you feel unmotivated. For more benefits of hiring a personal trainer, check out personal training in Vancouver.

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Personal Training In Edmonton

Most gyms do offer personal training; it’s just going to depend on what gym you want to go. If there’s a gym close to you or a gym you always pass by try those out! It’s always great to have a gym that easy to get to and close to you. This increases your chances of going. Plus, when you pair that with a personal trainer you’re never going to miss a workout.

If you want to check out other places, try these!

Online Training

Online training is still new in the personal training world but it’s becoming more and more popular. It’s a cheaper method of personal training and offers more flexibility. Online trainers can still offer the same services as in-person trainers, just from a distance.

The only downside can be you have to perform everything on your own. If you wanted the guidance and assistance this may be an issue. Your trainer will still be able to show you how to perform the exercises correctly, it will just be up to you to execute. Most online trainers will have you film yourself a couple of times to ensure your exercising safely.

Here at Superprof, we offer our online trainers. Our online trainers have all different types of backgrounds, qualifications and experiences. They’re going to be dedicated to helping you exceed your fitness journey. Our trainers offer a free session to see if working with them will best suit your needs. If you are looking for in-person trainers some of our trainers offer in-person as well.

Studio Style Personal Training

A studio-style gym is a great option for anyone that wants to work out in a quieter environment. They’re going to be less busy than big box gyms, but you will pay more. Studio style gyms also focus more on personal training. Their trainers are great at what they do. Studio style gyms have a personal touch to them. This is what I like about them. I like going to a place that the staff knows your name and you don’t feel like just another member. This isn’t the case with all big box gyms, but most studio gyms you get this experience.

Edmonton offers a couple of great studio gyms. One that stood out was Custom Fit Personal Training. They focus on one on one personal training and truly give you a custom fit program. They have tons of transformation photos on their website and have committed to getting people in Edmonton to get results. Custom Fit Personal Training is worth to check out!

Working Out
Working Out. Source: Mister, Pexels

Big Box Gym Personal Training

Big box gyms can tailor to a lot of people. They have lots of amenities at a low price. Big box gyms can be busy depending on what time of the day you go, but if you’re looking for early morning or mid-day workouts it shouldn’t be a problem. Big box gyms don’t focus on personal training, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have good trainers. They still have amazing trainers and can still get your results. Their trainer prices can also be affordable just like their membership price.

La Fitness is a state of the art facility with quality equipment and lots of amnesties. They’re trainers also look amazing and shouldn’t be overlooked when looking for a trainer.

These 3 types of trainers are going to be your options when looking for a personal trainer. One of the 3 is going to be a good option. Like we have mentioned above always try a free consultation. It’s a good way to see if your trainer is going to be the right fit for you.

 Group Training

Group training can be another way to reach your fitness goals. Group training is great for people that are looking to have more fun with their workout and interact with more people. Group training can be a cheaper alternative to personal training. The downside to group training is it may not tailor to you specifically and you don’t get a personal approach, but group training shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially looking at XTherapy Athletics. They’re photos look like everyone has a good time. Let’s be honest it easier to stick to something when you're having fun especially working out. For more information about group training check this article out.

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Other Options Than Joining A Gym

For those of you that don’t want to work out or join a gym, there are other options if you want to get healthy. Find an activity or sport you like. This could be biking or playing basketball. Yes, this count when contributing to physical activity for the week.

A lot of these options get overlooked. Our minds immediately go to the gym when we say we want to get healthy. You could go to a rec center 2 nights a week, or get some friends together and play hockey. Or since it’s been extremely cold go out skating a couple of times of the week. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be seen as you sweating in the gym.

Another option is yoga! People can think Yoga is slow and lazy, but it is a great workout. A lot of the poses are great for building strength and you become more mobile. For more tips on starting to live healthier check out personal training in Montreal.

Yoga Pose
Yoga Pose. Source: theformfitness, Pexels

Do Something For You!

We can all live healthier lives. If you have a specific health goal in mind, I’m certain you can reach it this year. If you don’t know where to start to hire a trainer. Check out the article about personal training in Ottawa to learn what questions to ask your trainer. Or start playing the sport you miss playing or join a yoga class. There is a physical activity out there you will enjoy. Use this article as a guideline and start checking out the places. This is the year you become the healthier you.

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