Until recently, many people who want to learn how to play the piano were subjected to learning the basics from long and tedious music notes. But not anymore! For most beginners, the main questions on their minds could be: where do I start? Where can I find piano lessons? For how long will I take these lessons before I become a pro?

Have you ever given a thought to any of these questions? You are not alone! Fortunately, this guide will reveal all you need to get started with piano lessons for beginners.

An Overview of Piano Lessons in Canada

The music scene of many provinces of Canada is thriving. For instance, there are many music festivals and events organised in Toronto. And such events attract people from different countries, including musicians as well.  The same applies to many other cities, such as Montreal and Vancouver.

You should expect that there will be a plethora of music lessons in these cities. The reality is that piano lessons are much more common than you think in Canada. And this makes it somewhat challenging to choose the best among them all.

Many music schools offer diploma programs in music learning. They will teach you how to play a variety of instruments or any specific instrument that you fancy. Their lessons often span between a few weeks and some months. In the end, you will be awarded a diploma in music.

Many group classes offer piano lessons for beginners. So whether you want to learn how to master the instrument and produce a unique sound with it or you want to learn everything about the piano, you may find such groups useful. The piano tutors are also well trained and qualified to teach piano skills at your level.

Now that you know what piano lessons look like in Canada, wouldn't it be better if you knew what you should learn first if you decide to take piano lessons today?

What Should You Learn First On The Piano?

piano with notes
Your first piano lesson will be all about mastering the keyboard (source:unsplash)

You need to understand the piano keyboard properly. Just like with every skill, you will start by learning the basics. A piano keyboard may look simple, but there are several things you need to know about it to enable you to use it effectively. Your instructor will start taking your piano lessons for beginners by exposing you to the keyboard's tricks and rudiments.

Music has rules and operates mostly with special symbols. Therefore, you must understand these rules and apply them as needed. Learning a keyboard with notes are the basic things a beginner taking piano lessons will learn first.

How Is A Piano Lesson for Beginner Like?

Piano lessons can be daunting, especially when it's your first time. Whether you decide to take private piano lessons or enroll for beginner classes in a piano school, it's good to know what to expect from your first lesson and even subsequent ones.

Your first piano lesson as a beginner will mostly be an introduction. This will likely be very simple because you aren't expected to know much about the piano as a beginner. Depending on your lesson teacher or instructor, the first few lessons may include:

·         How to position your legs correctly when sitting before the piano.

·         How to position your hands on the keyboard correctly.

·         How to touch the keyboard and what keys to touch

·         What are music notes, and how they relate with each key on the keyboard?

The first few lessons of a beginner piano course will be focused on understanding piano basics rather than the actual playing.

It's highly significant to get a good foundation when trying to learn how to play the piano. The right footing will get you along and help you understand subsequent lessons easily as you progress in your studies.

Find Private Piano Tutors near You

Learning piano can be fun and exciting with a private tutor (source:unsplash)

Finding a private tutor is one of the simplest things you could ever do right now. Whether you are searching online for a piano tutor or finding an instructor in group lessons and music schools, there are more than enough teachers for beginner piano lessons near you.

But where can you find private tutors willing to take you by the hand and show you the ropes of acquiring piano skills in Canada? It's not like rocket science! You can start at music schools. Many of them offer private lessons to their students, aside from the general classes for all students.

This is ideal if you prefer a one-on-one learning arrangement where you can show your concerns at will and expect the tutor to adjust their teaching to suit your learning objectives.

Alternatively, you can also find reputable tutors online. There are many platforms worldwide where you will find tutors that take piano lessons for beginners at affordable prices. These tutors have expert knowledge and a variety of skills that you might find useful. They can share their knowledge, ideas, tricks, and expert knowledge with you.

The most enjoyable aspect is that you will have someone to look up to for guidance to learn piano skills for beginners. Superprof is an example of an online platform that has lived to expectations over the years.

You can easily find a piano teacher to teach you how to use the keyboard and play the piano like a professional.  You may select any piano tutor whose qualifications and experience matches your needs.  When you find your ideal tutor, it’s ideal to discuss your expectations through the platform's messaging application.

Lastly, you can find a piano instructor for private lessons in group lessons organised by businesses and individuals. These group lessons are highly interactive, and you can easily share your ideas about learning to play the piano with others. But suppose you desire a lesson where your needs are considered rather than the class in general. In that case, you can easily find an instructor in these groups that will take you beginner piano lessons either online or at a designated location.

What Is The Cost Of Piano Lessons?

Most students want to know how much it will cost to enroll for piano lessons ahead to enable them to plan their budget and set up preferences. In Canada, the average cost of piano lessons is $50, so you should expect to pay a piano tutor between $40 - $60 per hour for beginner classes.

As with many art courses such as drawing, painting, and architecture, piano lessons should not cost you much if you already have some knowledge and skill but want to brush them up.

Although the above is only an estimate and the price varies significantly by province. Research has shown that Toronto has the highest rate for piano lessons irrespective of the art classes' skill level or nature.

It's ideal to get an estimate from the tutor before proceeding with your lessons. This will allow you to compare it with your budget figures and ideal expectations from each lesson.

Read more about piano lesson costs.

Although piano lessons vary greatly, you can easily find a tutor whose price fits your wallet and ready to dish out his expert knowledge about the piano.

That said, the cost of piano lessons depends on several factors. Just because a tutor charged a higher price per hour for his teaching service doesn't mean he is qualified or knows his onions. Hence, price alone does not determine proficiency.

Which Private Piano Tutor Should You Choose?

It’s normal to consider this, especially when we have lots of options on our plate. If you are working with a tight budget, your scarce resources might plunge you into wanting to make the most of it and wisely choose your piano instructor.

Ideally, you would want to work with someone that understands your goals and is ready to fine-tune is tutoring strategy to ensure you learn effectively and on time too.

It's highly recommended to hire someone with vast experience in the aspect of piano lessons that you are interested in learning. This will allow you to quickly draw inspiration from their wealth of knowledge and get appropriate, clear-cut guidance when needed.

music notes
Choose a piano teacher that understand everything about playing the piano (source:unsplash)

Qualifications may not seem important, but it is necessary. A piano teacher who is highly qualified and willing to work within your budgeted rate is more preferred to a tutor that has lesser qualifications but offering the same rate as the former.

Learn more about hiring  tutor online.

That said, you should also lookout for a tutor with a high level of patience and willing to show you the ropes no matter how long it will take you to master piano skills Canada.  On Superprof, you can easily find a piano tutor to teach you various piano skills, either in person or via webcam.

Read about the places to find a piano teacher for hire.

Whether you already have necessary piano skills or want to improve your fingering, a piano tutor from Superprof is available to teach you just how to do these correctly. Our tutors are great listeners too. They will take their time to understand your needs before drafting their lesson plan. Isn't that awesome?

So why wait? Get started with piano lessons right away.

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