Violin is an incredible instrument. In fact, each violin sounds a little different making it, unlike any other instrument. They are suited to play any melody. This is why you see so many in an orchestra. Violin players are seen and head. Violins are played like a bow. They have the ability to perform melodic passages as long as their fingers can keep up.

Anybody that knows how to play the violin has incredible skills and determination. Violins can be extremely difficult to learn. Their strings are sensitive, you need to make sure you hit the strings correctly to make the right sound. Every violinist has had a good teacher. The violin teacher is the most important step when learning the violin. They know the tricks and tips that can make their student's time easier and more enjoyable. If this sounds like you it could mean you would be the perfect violin teacher.


Violin is a beautiful instrument to hear.
Violin is a beautiful instrument to hear. Source: Tom Swinnen, Pexels.

Steps to Becoming a Violin Teacher in Canada

Violin is one of the hardest instruments to learn. This can also mean it's one of the hardest instruments to teach, but it doesn't have to be either. You can make your students enjoy learning. Becoming a violin teacher you're going to need a few skills. Your first skill is knowledge of violin mechanics. You're going to need to know the ins and out of the violin. You have to understand the mechanics to become a better violinist and become a better violin teacher. Your next skill is going to be your skill in the violin. You have to make sure your students are hitting the right notes or proper positions. Fundamentally, you have to have these skills understood thoroughly before becoming a teacher. Your last skill is going to be teaching or at the very least communication skills. You need to teach your student effectively so they’ll understand. If your students don't understand you it doesn't matter how much knowledge or experience you have in the violin. You need to communicate well.

Having these skills understood will have a positive effect on your progress as a teacher. These skills are the fundamentals to start becoming a violin teacher. You’ll gain these skills through experience and taking courses. You can continue to take violin courses to become better and master your craft. You can even enrol in teaching courses to help yourself understand the concepts of what makes a good teacher. Your next step to becoming a violin teacher is deciding where you want to teach. You’ll have quite a few options for teaching the violin.

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Interested in becoming a violin teacher. Find out more about how to give violin lessons in Canada and how you can teach the violin with no qualifications.

Take the steps you need to become a violin teacher.
Take the steps you need to become a violin teacher. Source: Gabriel Santos Fotografia, Pexels

Where to Teach the Violin in Canada?

Knowing the violin you're going to have a lot of different routes you can explore. Some routes are going to require more qualifications than others, but it's going to come down to where you want to teach. Every place with their positives and negatives. This is why we've given descriptions of the places you can teach below. Every place you teach violin at will have its differences, but they all have the same goal. You'll be giving people the opportunity to learn a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime. You're also going to have the opportunity yourself to get up every day and share your passion with the world.

Teaching Violin at Grade School or High School

To teach in a grade or high school you're going to need experience and qualifications. To get your foot in the door you're going to need at least need a bachelor's degree. Some provinces also require you to do another 2 years in teachers' college before you teach in a classroom. Check with your provinces guidelines to find out more. Teaching violin in these places you're also going to have to teach other classes. Most music teachers can't solely teach music they often have to teach two subjects or more.  The schools offer a lot of positives. you're going to have a great schedule, good pay and be able to teach other subjects. On the negative side of things, you're going to have to teach other instruments. If you want to solely focus on teaching violin this may not be the route for you.

Teaching Violin at University

To teach the violin in the university you're going to again need experience and some qualifications. Having a good foundation of violin knowledge is crucial to working at a university, especially working in a music school. You’ll have the opportunity to focus on teaching what you love; the violin. The positives of working for a university is you'll get to be around passionate students that want to learn the violin. and you'll have a steady schedule with good pay. The downsides to teaching a university are it can hard to gain employment. These jobs don't come up often, It's still possible, you just may have to broaden your locations.

Teaching Violin Privately

You’ll have the option of teaching privately. You’ll just need the experience and knowledge in how to play the violin, Teaching privately you won't need any schooling. However, it’ll just make you a better candidate when clients want to hire you. Being a tutor you can set your own hours. You can only set classes on your time. You’ll also the opportunity to work with the student you want. You could focus on teaching adults or kids. The choice is yours. Private teaching can have some negative effects. You’ll need to market yourself to get clients. You may not be getting consistent work at first, but there are lots of resources online to help. Teaching violin privately is for someone that wants their own schedule and freedom.

Teaching Violin at Music Academy

A lot of music academies are looking for violin teachers. You won't have to be in a proper setting like school or university and you won't have to worry about working if you were to become a tutor. You’ll have the option of working for a music academy. You can solely focus on the violin. You’ll need a good understanding of the violin as well as some teaching experience. You’ll be able to teach in a group setting or individually. You'll get to go to work every day teaching the violin. These classes can be more relaxed because the people that sign up are looking for some fun.

Teaching the violin can be rewarding. Seeing your students exceed knowing you gave them the skills and experience to become great. You can wake up doing a job you love. Knowing where you want to work as a violin teacher is going to help you take the right steps to become a violin teacher. You can start by looking up the violin jobs you want to teach and work backwards to find out what you need.

Teach violin to anyone.
Teach violin to anyone. Source: Roxanne Minnish, Pexels

Start Teaching the Violin in Canada

We're always looking for the perfect job we’ll love. When you work on something your passionate about you’ll love going to work every day. If you know you're passionate about the violin, wouldn't it be amazing to teach the violin every day? You can share the same passion with your students and take pride in knowing you're teaching them a skill that will benefit them for a lifetime. The violin doesn't have to be this impossible instrument to learn. You can find ways to teach the violin to make it more enjoyable for your students. Think back to when you were learning. How would you do it differently? How would you make it better?

Start teaching the violin in Canada today!

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