If you like the idea of living abroad, travelling regularly, and also making some money, then you have found the right place. There are several lucrative job opportunities you can access abroad.

One of the many jobs you can take on is a teaching job, not just anyone but French. Getting a teaching job abroad is easier if you are bilingual.

There are several languages in high-demand, such as French and English. Whether you are a native French speaker or you speak French as your second language, you can get access to several French teaching jobs abroad. There is so much you should know before taking this decision and that is the essence of this article. Here, we would give you a detailed guide on how you can teach French abroad, where you can find teaching jobs, and the possibility of you renewing your application, among others.

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What You Should Consider Before You Teach French Abroad

Regardless of where you choose to teach, there are basic things you need to know before taking this opportunity head-on. Travelling and working abroad is usually challenging for most people, irrespective of the country or job. However, with the right information and a good understanding, you can take on your French teaching job fully prepared. Before applying for teaching jobs abroad, ensure that you have an idea of:

  • The culture of the country
  • The requirements of the job
  • An estimate of start-up costs
  • The local educational system of the chosen country (s)
  • The contract terms of the job
  • The kind of teaching job you are interested in - private French tutor, public or private school French teacher, or both

Ensure you do the necessary research required before taking this decision. You can reach out to international teachers for advice and some help. This way, you would be fully prepared for anything that comes your way.

How Long Can You Teach French Abroad?

There’s no set limit for how long you can teach French abroad. However, this may vary from one school to another depending on the jobs available and your qualification for them.

Teacher and students
Some schools may renew your contract after one academic year. Source: Unsplash

Learning a new language isn’t always as rosy as learning your native language. It is a long process, and getting a good grasp of it requires continuous exposure. Students, after the first introduction to a new language like French, will need regular teaching and guidance to learn. To do this, students will require a competent French teacher. If you are one, there are high chances you would be able to get a French teaching job and get retained.

Most jobs usually begin as temporary contracts with a probability of becoming permanent if you are great at the job. If you would like to work long-term, then you must ensure that your teaching ability is top-notch.

Where Can You Find Teaching Jobs Abroad?

After deciding on the type of French teaching job you want and understanding the requirements, there’s more to do. It would be best if you searched for the right French teaching job for you. This process may be one of the most challenging as there are no specific places to find one. However, there are online platforms where teaching jobs abroad are advertised daily, and these platforms are easily accessible. All you need do is do some research, find the French teaching jobs you are most suited for, and send your applications.

Some platforms where you can find French teaching jobs abroad include Indeed, CareerBuilder, Worldteachers, Flexjobs, etc. You can also search school websites for job vacancies.

In addition to searching and applying for jobs independently, you can also apply as part of or partner with large volunteer organizations such as The Peace Corps. This way, you can save yourself some costs while getting an opportunity to work abroad.

The Best Ways to Apply For Teaching Jobs Abroad

Since there are no specific programs for French teachers or aspiring French teachers to teach abroad, how do you apply for your dream job?

Woman writing
You may need to do research to find teaching jobs that suits your style of teaching. Source: Pixabay

The application process may sometimes vary, depending on the country. However, some basic requirements remain the same, regardless of the country or school, and they include:

  • An undergraduate degree in French or French-related courses.
  • A postgraduate teaching degree
  • High-level of French understanding and ability to teach it.
  • Minimum of one-year French teaching experience.

Also, most schools will require you to undergo some processes to prove that your qualifications are genuine. Here, you need to send copies of transcripts and other necessary documents.

If you can, do well to ask your host university to help you search for and also apply for teaching jobs abroad. The process will be made easier for you if your university or school is affiliated to any foreign school or university in another country. That way, you can get access to financial aid or bursaries to help reduce the financial cost.

However, if this is not possible, you can always reach out to foreign universities or schools to offer your services as a French teacher. You can also send your applications through job boards or the websites of academic establishments.

Before sending your application, there are some essential documents you will need, and they include:

  • CV or Resume
  • A cover letter
  • A copy of your under- or postgraduate degree
  • A valid ID

These documents are required to show the proficiency of your French skills and help to determine if you would be an excellent teacher.

Teaching jobs are mostly advertised online across various platforms. If you want to get your dream job, be on a constant lookout, and apply to as many as you can to increase your chances. Once you are offered a job as a French teacher, you can then go ahead to work out your moving process to the country.

While applying, keep the local academic system and the academic year of the country in mind. Also, ensure that you send your application before the start of the academic year.

Can You Renew Your Teaching Contract?

You can always renew your teaching contract, depending on the agreement you had with the school. Generally, you can teach abroad for as long as you want, provide you are a competent French teacher and legally permitted to live in the country using a work visa or other eligible means. However, some countries have rules as regards to teaching jobs in schools and universities.

Some countries allow you to teach at a school as long as you are needed there. For others, they have a limited time you can teach in a particular school or university. Before sending your application, ask questions about the rules guiding teaching jobs in your desired country. Doing this would help you make a better choice and apply to schools where you can teach for more than one year.

How to Get Teaching Jobs Abroad Even With No Experience

You must have wondered if this is possible at one point or the other. Good News! It is possible. This is a great and fast way out for aspiring teachers and people with no teaching experience whatsoever such as fresh university graduates.

You can take up volunteering roles with schools, volunteer groups, and organisations. This is a great way to get teaching jobs abroad with no experience.

You can also partner or volunteer with religious organisations that needs foreign language teachers abroad. Most of them cater for your living expenses, while others may pay you a stipend to cater for specific living costs.

It's easier to find volunteer service in most countries in Africa. Source: Unsplash

If you take this route, you may get the teaching experience you need to apply for French teaching jobs abroad. However, keep in mind that these volunteer roles come with little or no pay. Some only pay stipends to cover living expenses and other necessities. However, with a good role as a volunteer, you can be promoted to a full-time teacher without experience. Taking up volunteering roles will require less stringent requirements compared to the ‘usual’ French teaching job roles.

Another alternative is to apply for teaching positions with little pay. However, when doing this, ensure that you have financial backing to sustain yourself till you can get a better job. If you can, you can teach French as a freelancer or through online platforms like Superprof. The experience you will get could come handy when you eventually decide to teach French abroad.

Lastly, you can take up French teaching jobs as a private French tutor. Most jobs like these require little or no experience and are easier to get. Taking on jobs like this, help to improve your teaching experience and skills. The best part is, this experience can be included in your CV when sending applications to teach French abroad.

You can teach French part time or full time as a private tutor. You will have to find your students through several online platforms where parents put out jobs for private teaching lessons for their kids. But, you may be required to visit their homes on specific days to teach French or conduct your lessons online.

You can leverage on this opportunity to get more private tutoring jobs and also fine-tune your teaching skills.

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