Several options such as the Erasmus and English immersion programs are opened to anyone who wants to study English as a second language, and while some are paid, there are others available for free. While some will require you to learn by reading through different study materials, it is also possible to learn from native speakers.

One good way to learn a language or improve your existing knowledge of it is to enroll in a language school for a program that helps you learn that language and makes you effective at speaking it, but that is not the only way.

According to different reports and publications, several English citizens live in different countries that may not have English as their primary language. One of best ways to learn English as a second language or improve your knowledge of it is to travel to English-speaking countries and interact with natives of that language. You will find many opportunities to practice speaking the language and become better at it. Learn more about living with an English family. 

If you have considered all the available options and have decided to learn English as a second language from native speakers, you are in the right place. In this article, we shall be examining some tips that will guide you not just to learn from native speakers abroad but from natives in your country as well. To start with, let’s consider how you can practice English with natives in Canada.

Practice Your English with Natives in Canada

Canada is home to many native English speakers, some grew up there and others migrated into the country. The reason for this is not far-fetched as Canada is rated to have one of the world's fastest-growing economies. It is also popular for its very impressive political, economic, and socio-political atmosphere that has made it a desired destination for many young people worldwide.

With many good things that Canada is known for globally, several countries have begun entering into different partnerships and agreements with Canada in a bit to strengthen their economic ties.

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Canada is home to millions of people from different parts of the world. Source: Unsplash

Each year, hundreds of  investors come to Canada to establish different businesses and investment channels. This is why learning English is more important for anyone who is looking to make the most of the many opportunities that abound in Canada.

Many companies are looking for individuals who are proficient in English to fill specific roles. The good thing about this opportunity is that there are several of them, and you could be one of those that could benefit from these opportunities.

Mastering the English language will help you communicate better with people on a personal and professional level. What is a better way to learn and practice the English Language in Canada than with English natives who reside there? It is far more beneficial than learning it from a language school or by enrolling for  an online course; you also have to enhance your cognitive understanding by regularly practicing it.

If you are one of those that don't have the time to travel overseas and learn the English language, you can make do with what you have and learn at home. There are people in your circle – personal or professional that have a good understanding of the English Language. Find these people, create a community around them, and subscribe to regular practice.

Travel Overseas to Learn English

As we have established, the possibilities that come with knowing how to speak English fluently are endless. If it means traveling overseas to improve your understanding of the language to tap into the opportunities in it, then that is a worthy bargain.

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You can travel overseas to study English better. Source: Unsplash

With the means and the time, you can travel overseas to enroll in any accredited universities that teach the English language to foreigners. By doing this, you are not just working on your knowledge of the language, but you can also get the required certifications that make you attractive to prospects in case you want to teach English in the future.

However, the challenge comes with choosing the right country to travel to as there are several factors to consider. To surmount this challenge, you have to consider certain factors, which starts with doing research on different countries and their available programs. It is easier if you are considering traveling to an English-speaking country because many of them offer international student’s courses that help improve their fluency in the English Language.

Another factor that you should consider when traveling overseas to learn a language is how long you want to be staying on the program. While there are programs that take two years, others take three years depending on the proficiency level you want to attain in the language.

Learning on a program is not enough to improve your language skills; you also have to relate with English native speakers while you are abroad.

They could be your friends, fellow students at the university or probably live around you. Find them, create a community around these people so as you are learning in the school, you can put to practice what you are learning. Learning in a school or taking an online class is always very good, but the best is to put to practice what you’ve learned.

Take English Lessons with Native Speakers

Have you tried learning from native speakers in Canada and still yet to have a full grasp of the English Language? Are you still not satisfied with your level of proficiency even after traveling abroad? Then, there is always another great option that you can consider, and that is to take English lessons with native speakers.

This is where Superprof – one of the best e-learning platforms comes to play.

Superprof is a popular learning platform that boasts of several English teachers in Canada that are available to students looking to learn the language. The good thing about this platform and the teachers available in it is that they are all native speakers. The platform gives you the opportunity of not just choosing the teacher you want but also choosing the pace at which you hope to learn.

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Aside reading English textbooks, you can learn the language from natives too. Source: Unsplash

There are several courses available to help you grow at any level and improve your understanding of English. If you are a beginner with no understanding of the English language, there are courses that you can take that will help you become a professional.

As an intermediate, some courses help you become a professional in little or no time. Some of the different English courses that are available on SuperProf include:

  • Courses on political institutions of English speaking countries.
  • Courses that deepen the oral expression and understanding of students.
  • Courses that help students to discover and appreciate the history and cultural diversities of English-speaking countries.
  • Courses that help students converse fluently in English.

Superprof allows you the opportunity of being in your home in Canada and learning from native English speakers like you would if you were in their countries. Lessons available have been carefully designed to give you a theoretical understanding of the course and practical knowledge.

Meet With English Speaking Foreigners in Your Home Country

Like with life, it is always best that you surround yourself with people who are on the same mission as you when learning the English language. There are foreigners in your home country that have an understanding of the English Language. These ones may be speaking English as a second language.

You can meet with people and create time to discuss with and learn with them. While this might not be the best way to learn the English language if you are living in Canada, it can complement some of the other means that have been discussed above.

Native speakers are not the only ones that can help you learn English better, foreigners can help you too. This will give you a broad understanding of the language as you can compare and contrast a native speaker’s knowledge of the language with that of a foreigner who speaks English.

After traveling overseas to learn English, you can return to Canada and meet foreigners from the country you traveled to and share what your experience in their country was like for you. By doing this, you can create a community with such people to open you up to many opportunities in the future.

Re-iterating what has been discussed in this article, the best way to learn the English language is to learn from native speakers. You can do this by practice with native speakers who are in Canada or may decide to travel overseas to do so.

You can also learn from native speakers online while staying in your home in Canada using online learning platforms like Superprof. Where you don’t have the money or the time to do all of these, you can meet with English speaking foreigners in your home country and discuss the possibility of learning English from them.

Whatever means you chose to learn the English language from native speakers, make sure you are not just learning, but you are practicing whatever you are learning. Also, make sure to create a community around those you are learning with. Such community will be helpful to you in accessing opportunities that comes with English proficiency.

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