Becoming a chef isn't easy. It takes years of hard work and dedication to become the best. As an aspiring chef, it may seem like you have a long road ahead of you if you do want to become the best, but it won't feel that long. If you have a passion for cooking and love being in the kitchen you're going to love every minute of your own journey.  This article is going to offer some motivation and inspiration to start your own culinary journey. We talk about past chefs that are no longer with us as well as some of the best chefs in the world. As an aspiring chef, we also encourage to check out the cooking shows to relax, but also to see what it takes to be fierce in the kitchen.

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Become the next best chef in Canada.
Become the next best chef in Canada. Source: Rene Asmussen, Pexels

Best Chefs That Have Died

A good chef will inspire you to cook. Watching someone in the kitchen that has a passion for cooking looks like an art form. They can put ingredients together and create something amazing is incredible. There have been lots of chefs who share this passion and were the best at what they do. Unfortunately, there have been a few great chefs who have passed, but they're still important to talk about. Aspiring chefs should take notice of these past chefs. They have made an imprint on the culinary world forever.

Julia Child - She is most known for her personality and for inspiring millions of people to start cooking. She was extremely talented in the kitchen, but she also shared a passion for teaching others. She had an array of cookbooks and even had her own cooking school. Julia Child passed away on August 12, 2004.

Anthony Bourdain - He was a frequent face on t.v with his number of culinary T.v shows. Anthony Bourdain also spent years working in the kitchen to gain his culinary knowledge. Before working his way into the spotlight he works as an executive chef and ran restaurants around New York. He died on June 8, 2018

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Best Chefs Right Now

As an aspiring chef, it can be motivating to look up to other chefs that are at the top of their game. It takes years of consistent hard work, studying and learning from other great chefs to become a good cook yourself. Learning about the chefs who are the best in the world can help you with your journey in becoming the next best chef in Canada.

One of the great things about the culinary world is the different ways to get started. You don't have to work in a restaurant to become a good chef. There are lots of other ways to work your way up to becoming known as the best chef in the world. Each great chef does have one thing in common though, they've been able to work hard work and become the best at what they do.

Some of the Best Chef’s in the World:

Gordon Ramsay - He is known for his impressive cooking skill as well as his temper on t.v. He’s one of the best-known chefs in the world. He has impressive restaurants all over the world and has had a series of successful t.v shows.

Lynn Crawford - She has over 25 years in the culinary world and is known for an array of things. Lynn has been a t.v host, restauranteur, cookbook author and chef. She used to be an overall executive chef at Four seasons Toronto hotels and has continued to have culinary achievements.

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Gordon Ramsay. Photo credit: gordonramsaysubmissions on / CC BY
Gordon Ramsay. Photo credit: gordonramsaysubmissions on / CC BY

Cooking Shows in Canada

Cooking shows can be a good way to learn a few tips and tricks from other chefs. Of course, you can't become a chef just by watching t.v, but it's good for aspiring chefs or home cooks to see how chefs work in the kitchen. Cooking shows can offer insight into how to prepare ingredients, cook the food and offer other small tips in the kitchen.

Cooking shows can be full of drama, but it’s impressive to chefs perform in their element. Canada has lots of cooking shows to check out. There's everything from home cooks proving they have what it takes to professional chefs working with impossible ingredients. Cooking shows can be highly entertaining and are great to sit back and enjoy.

Cooking Shows

- Chefs Table

- Chopped Canada

- MasterChef

- Top Chef

- Cutthroat Kitchen

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Canadian Dishes

Food is used for many things. It’s not necessarily only about feeding our bodies. At weddings’ there's a meal to celebrate a happy day and at funerals, there's food to comfort you. Food is a big part of our day and has been for many years. Every country has a few dishes there known for. These dishes are full of history and culture. They all have a story to tell. We’ll list a few dishes below that are known for being Canadian, but there are also a few food items we need to talk about. One of them is ketchup.

Canadians use more ketchup than any other country in the world. Canadian didn't create ketchup, but it’s something everyone has. They took a survey and found at least 87 percent of Canadians have a ketchup bottle in their fridge. It’s something that goes well on the most thing and Canadians love.

Dishes in Canada

Poutine - It’s a simple dish with the ingredients being fries, gravy and cheese curds. It’s a dish that is known all over Canada. Poutine can be found in fast-food restaurants and fine dining establishments.

Split Pea Soup - It’s been in Canada for 400 years. There are stories of the first Canadian settlers making this dish on their boat as they came to Canada. Once they arrived in Canada the soup was perfect for the hard winters they had to face.

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Poutine is a popular Canadian dish.
Poutine is a popular Canadian dish. Source: Pixabay.

Start Cooking Today!

After reading about this article we hope you are ready to become the next best chef and start your culinary journey. You just need to make that first step forward. If you have a passion for cooking and know you want to become a chef now is the time. You'll be able to look back and be glad you made that step forward. You could become Canada's next best chef. Work hard and dedicate time to learning, studying and practicing. You'll be while on your way to becoming a chef.

Start cooking in Canada today!

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