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Aside from making use of this convenient and helpful website, how can you go about finding learners of Italian to teach?

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Work with your youngest family members first to gain teaching experience
Start your tutoring business by teaching your youngest family members Source: Pixabay Credit: Dagon

Teach the Italian Language to Your Immediate Circle

According to a British Council report published in 2013, Italian is one of the ten languages projected to become most important to the UK, alongside French, German and Spanish.

While those three tongues are a part of school curricula across the country, Italian is less so.

The overall tone of the Council report suggests that Italian teachers may continue to find themselves less favoured by schools throughout the country.

Why don't we adopt a glass-half-full attitude?

The language of Dante Alighieri is being overlooked by mainstream education.

That unfortunate attitude opens up the probability that those who teach Italian have a wide-open market.

We're picturing eager students, just waiting for that first buongiorno to immerse themselves into their language studies.

And you, who are pitching yourself headlong into this vocation, are likely to come out on the other side of things with pound notes just...

Let us stop the daydream now.

It is all good and well to promote Italian language and culture, but who will you promote it to?

In other words: how will you build your client base?

Statistics show that Italy – Tuscany in particular, is the destination of choice for UK holidaymakers.

But how do you get people interested in Italian culture? Italian history? The Italian language?

We don't think anyone would have trouble appreciating Italian food, but how to get people interested in learning about Italian cuisine, using Italian words?

What about introducing people to the joy of Italian cinema and music – from Italian opera to modern singers?

We Britons love Italy so much that we book on average more than two million trips per year to the country shaped like a boot, but can we actually say more than ciao! and grazie mille?

And will we venture out of the Tuscan region, to Sardinia? Sicily? Venice? Florence?

This is in fact one of the best ways you can grow your tutoring business.

Talk with your family: tell them you wish to help them learn Italian before their next holiday.

Parents, grandparents; aunts and uncles: spare nobody! Because, even if they are not onboard with the idea of growing their language skills, they may well have friends and colleagues who are.

What is even better is if they do participate in language instruction with you, they may well encourage extended family, friends and even their colleagues to do the same!

Finding Prospects on Social Networks

Guiding a language learner through the intricacies of Italian grammar and vocabulary is a captivating journey.

If your student is an absolute beginner, you will have to teach the Italian alphabet before anything else, as it is a bit different than in English.

From there you would progress to words and phrases, in tandem with rules for word usage:

  • nouns and pronouns – both personal and possessive
  • gender assignment for nouns and articles
  • descriptives – adverbs and adjectives
  • word order and sentence structure
  • verb conjugation

Finally, you would drill in Oral Italian: that entrancing, mellifluous quality only heard in Italian pronunciation.

There should be absolutely no doubt that you can impart all of that knowledge before you log on to social media and find any students.

Bear in mind that friends and family are generally less demanding and more forgiving. Beyond them, the expectations placed on a teacher of languages is much higher.

As you advertise your language online teaching jobs on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkdin and Twitter, you are communicating that your students can expect the highest quality of instruction.

Your community of cyber-friends is another adit you can mine for that gem of a student to validate your teaching methodology.

If your besties are currently not in the market for language learning, how about asking if any of their other friends are?

While you are promoting your language lessons, be sure to state your fees. A reasonable tariff may be just the inducement to signing up for the Italian courses you teach!

Mining is hard work; so is starting a tutoring business
Mine your social connexions for that gem of a student Source: Pixabay Credit: Tunaolger

Night Classes, Summer Classes, or Seminars: Canvassing Door to Door

Social Media permits you to cast a wide net in the search for the aspiring Italophone, but your neighbours are much closer.

They know you better, too!

Whether you are a native speaker of Italian or have mastered la lingua italia as a second language, marketing your skills face to face is the tried-and-true method of impressing you capabilities on potential clients.

If your neighbour works in a large office, talking with her about night classes for her department: seminars or intensive workshops that will help develop an appreciation for global enterprise would be a good suggestion.

If the person in the house next to you has young children enrolled at school, propose courses in Basic Italian that they could continue during the language development phase of their formal education.

If their children are a year or two away from GCSE, plant the seed of success by averring their exam could rate higher if they select a language component.

And what a boost a second language would be on their CV!

With such versatility of teaching and variations of level, you will most likely have generated sufficient interest in your teaching programme to build a satisfactory client base.

And imagine the convenience of teaching close to home!

Approaching your neighbours may not even need to be a door-to-door affair. After all, people do have busy lives and you might waste a lot of time trying to find them at home.

What can you do be to sure you have offered your teaching services equitably, to every neighbour, even the busy ones?

Printing fliers would be one solution.

The advantage with this method is that you can concisely list answers to questions your prospects did not know they had:

You could think of these handbills as the FAQs for your burgeoning business.

Printed on colored paper with an eye-catching design, you can be sure that more than one person who lives near you will be interested.

Do not miss an opportunity to advertise your Italian language services
Talk yourself up at every chance you get, even while at work Source: Pixabay Credit: DutchPirates

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker – and Other Places

As long as you have fliers printed up, why not visit your local shops?

You might already have seen, handwritten or carefully printed: half-sheets or whole A4s, advertising some sort of service or goods for sale.

In fact, many shops hang bulletin boards specifically for the very type of community announcement you propose making.

Going a bit further out, you won't find such notice boards only at your local grocer's or petrol station.

Check out your local community center, council office and library.

  • Italian students wanted!
  • Native Italian looking for students to teach!
  • Key Stage 3 students needed for Italian language course!
    • You could also advertise for other key stages, college students, or even adults
  • Learn how to speak Italian!
  • Learn to speak Italian from a native of Napoli!
  • Italian is my native language. Do you want it to be your second language?
  • Learn conversational Italian before your next Roman holiday!

These are all ways you can headline your avert. But don't stop there! You could craft all manner of enticing Italian phrases designed to attract anyone who has ever dreamt of speaking Italian.

Posting such a bill is a great way to show your creativity and enthusiasm.

Using Italian expressions on your flier would be a testament not only to your knowledge and passion for Dante's language, but to your ability to teach it.

Register to Teach Italian Online

You didn't think that we would omit this most obvious means of finding students, did you?

Every day, future polyglots scan the Internet: want to learn french, learn spanish, learn german, learn arabic...

You had better believe they are also looking to learn Italian.

My, the searches launched by people who want to learn Italian!

"Learn Italian language", "Free Italian Course", "Italian Free", "Learn Italian for free", "Italian course online" “Italian Language lessons” “Italian language courses' “learn Italian free” or "Learn Italian online" ...

All of those language learners warm our hearts, but you and I know that they cannot become fluent in Italian by doing a few exercises online.

At the least, learning the language of Roberto Benigni requires frequent pronunciation drills and vocabulary building exercises.

At most, immersion is recommended through, let's be bold!, an extended trip to Italy.

Back to reality, now.

Our prospective clients should not sojourn in Italy. If they did, we would have no one to teach Italian to!

Or, they should wait until we've taught them, and then they can sojourn!

Likewise, those looking for free Italian lessons may not be fully satisfied with their learning experience.

That is why it is all down to you.

Listing your services and abilities with a site such as Superprof permits you to reach out to a multitude of students who need you to show them the best way to learn Italian.

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