Japanese culture for many people is a mystery. The language, work ethic, anime, karaoke, food, and the implementation of capital discipline makes Japan a scenic spot that seduces and confuses people from all life's journey. 

It’s beyond doubt that Japan is an exceptionally lovable and unique country. Thus, as an outcome for humanity's love for Japan, many are dreaming to immigrate and start a new life in the land of the rising sun. By this, there are lots of people who want to learn the Japanese language and culture in Canada especially in Montréal

If you plan on moving to the country of Japan, you have to learn their language in Montréal or other Canadian cities such as Vancouver for political, social, and economic reasons. It is a smart move to start learning the language first before leaving. 

So, to provide effective learning of the Japanese language you need to find the best private tutor in Montréal and in some other Canadian cities such as Toronto, who offers Japanese lessons such as the basic grammar and pronunciation of the language. 

Tutors in Montréal and even in some Canadian cities such as Calgary will discuss the Japanese culture, language and its origin. Montréal city also provides a volunteer-based and a non-profit organization, where students are encouraged to adopt the integration of the Japanese and Japanese language identity. 

The activities and program of Montréal’s tutors and some Canadian cities such as Edmonton carry the same goal which is to help children develop and improve in the Japanese language. 

Thanks to Canada’s popularity in teaching the Japanese language, tutors can now offer various lessons and classes towards students, even adults who desire to learn Japanese as the second language. 

Choosing A Japanese Tutor

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Learning a foreign language in Montréal and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa is an incredibly useful asset. Italian, German, Spanish, and French are languages that are dominantly taught in many schools beyond the world of English speaking countries

Learning Nihongo, as what Japanese people call it, is easier than it looks. In addition to living in Japan, you can also learn the language through online courses with the help of a private Japanese teacher. It will allow you to improve your language proficiency using tailored lessons that are a lot more challenging than what you are thinking. 

The majority of the tutors in Montréal are native speakers or those tutors who speak Japanese fluently as their second language. It makes them well-positioned in helping students to improve their Japanese skills. If you are a beginner, you sure have lots of questions about Japan and the probable life in Japan. 

So, you will need someone who can answer all of your questions and an environmental setting that will let you ask to follow up questions to make sure you understand completely what is being taught. 

A private language tutor that will perfectly meet your needs. So if you desire to learn the Japanese language, don’t hesitate to choose one from Montréal. 

Qualities A Good Japanese Tutor Should Have

An exceptional Japanese tutor must possess some of these qualities : 


Empathy is a must-have quality that is needed in a one on one tutor and student’s relationship. The tutor must pay attention to achieve quick progress for the student. Empathy is necessary to create a relationship that is trustful with the student. In-home tutoring is like school coaching which is implying a tailor-made and psychological aspect which is very essential. 


By making your Japanese language lesson original and interesting, a tutor must perceive how its program adaptation can be captivating and modernize. The epoch of technology has transformed the world of learning. 

Many teachers hold on to antiquated materials but few tools are making waves already nowadays. Tutors can also recommend some language apps to download. Where students can learn Japanese, like Japanese graphic system, romaji or katakana, hiragana, and kanji. 

There are also educational tests and quizzes in exclusive sites where you can learn modern Japanese. Modern technology helps in learning Japanese and private Japanese tutors must ensure to use modern methods. Tutors must be creative without using the academic school systems. 


Pedagogy is essential in a teaching profession. The gift of learning how to impart knowledge to many students means that you are a great instructor. A good tutor knows how to vary media and use simple words to provide accessible Japanese language courses and lessons to beginners and students in the intermediate levels. 


It may sound so obvious, but Japanese tutors must be nice. Since learning is essential, progress should be quickly made if students work together with a tutor in a trustful and relaxing environment. 


Tutors want to see quick progress in their students but they must know how to approach patiently. Students have different learning skills and adaptation, so tutors must feel every student’s rhythm and that is a golden rule. 

Japanese Language Syllabus 

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A tutor in Montréal will assess every student in their Japanese language knowledge and skills. Here is a syllabus provided to different ages, levels, and learning methods to help students improve in their Japanese language and skills. 

For Ages 3-5 years old 

Crafts, arts, videos, songs and books are taught and provided in a group or team setting. Tutors introduce hiragana, basic expressions and counting in Japanese. 

For Ages 6 years old and Above 

Tutors introduce kanji, katakana, and hiragana progressively. Students will be able to understand kanji readings and strokes. Higher level students will develop a deep understanding of Japan and discuss interests that are related to Japan. 

For Ages 7 years old and above ( Hanabi Class ) 

Students will be able to learn writing and reading comprehension of kanji, katakana, and hiragana. Students will learn to focus on the conversation through various activities. 

For Adult Ages 13 years old and above 

The classes are split up into 5 depending on the students ranging from beginner to advanced. They will be able to learn kanji, katakana, hiragana progressively, and understand the kanji readings and stroke. Higher level students will develop a deep understanding of Japan and discuss interests that are related to Japan. They will also have an opportunity to take a look at some classic Japanese traditional occasions. 

Small-Group Courses 

Canada supports deep ties with the Japanese local community and provides every help needed such as festivals or fundraising. They are not only helping students to learn Japanese but they also provide immediate access to the community, empowering the student's motivation and progress to learn more. 

With a tutors help along with little commitment from their vocal approach, you will be capable of : 

  • Politely interact in any social gathering without disturbing the harmony
  • Travelling to Japan with confidence 
  • Understanding anime, J-pop, or manga and can connect with Japanese social media

Through a tutors approach that is functional and focuses on the Japanese language, by Montréal's small group classes you can speak the language quickly and comfortably. Montréal’s small group classes are classified into 3, these are Skills practise, Grammar acquisition, and Vocabulary building. 

Corporate Conversation Workshop 

  • Increase language skills with an easy touch
  • Creates an atmosphere that is informal such as in a coffee shop chat 
  • Have fun learning the language without even noticing
  • Skilled facilitators 
  • Practise real Japanese conversation in a safe environment 
  • Open to all levels 
  • Discuss experience in learning the Japanese language and personal problems
  • Reading and understanding Japanese article from a website 

Corporate Private Lessons 

  • One on one tutoring with teaching professionals
  • A personalized language learning experience 
  • Guaranteed Individual progress

Corporate Group Courses

  • Helping students growth and success by providing language skills
  • A customized approach that suitable for your group’s needs

Corporate Language Skills Training

  • Enjoyable and productive lessons are provided in your workplace convenience
  • Promotes professional and personal connections 
  • Encourage professional development and lifelong Japanese learning
  • Lessons focus on Japanese communication
  • Language put into a social and cultural context 
  • Custom made courses with the combination of vocabulary building, skills acquisition, and skills practise

Corporate Skype / Zoom Lessons

  • Learning without limitations 
  • Intimate connection with professional Japanese tutors
  • Lessons are focused on Japanese accuracy and fluency
  • Custom made courses with the combination of vocabulary building, skills acquisition, and skills practise
  • Open for students with an intermediate, pre-intermediate and advanced level of the Japanese language

The most difficult thing about learning the Japanese language is that it is one of the fastest languages spoken with over a hundred particles, along with a complex system. Some students make mistakes by studying the language all by themselves by just using videos and books and ignoring the Japanese culture and the top Japanese dialects such as Kyoto-ben, Osaka-ben, and Hyojugo. 


Stay safe while learning the Japanese language and essential skills. You just need to learn and listen to a Japanese native speaker tutor in Montréal, since they are offering various online courses, programs, and customized lessons regarding the language. Finding a Japanese tutor in Montréal will help you prepare while having fun through their interactive programs. 

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