Cooking is fun, and anyone can cook their favorite meals. The challenge for many is that they don’t know how to cook. While there are people who find it easy to learn cooking just by watching someone do it or going through a few articles, there are those who need to watch series of videos.

The good thing about learning how to cook is that you don’t have to register in a cooking school or hire someone to come over to teach you. With technological advancement, you can learn how to cook from the comfort of your home.

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There are thousands of YouTube channels that teach beginners how to cook their favorite food at home. Source: Unsplash

YouTube is home to several comprehensive videos about how to cook a variety of foods from professionals. These videos provide a breakdown of the recipes needed and the process to be followed to improve your cooking skills. Learn how to cook using cookbooks.

While it is impossible to exhaust all of these videos, let us examine some of the major YouTube Channels you can follow to learn how to cook online.


Food Wishes

While some love to explore with travel, others love to explore with food. If you want to learn how to cook different foods from different backgrounds, you need a channel that covers that versatility, and that is what Food Wishes offer.

This channel exposes its subscribers to different meals, many of which you may not know about. The upside to it is that you are not just informed about a meal; you are also taught in detail the best ways to prepare it. The attention to the details of cooking is why this channel has made it to our list for you if you want to improve your cooking skills.

The advantages

  • It covers different cuisines that you will love.
  • You will find every style of food you are looking for here.
  • Cooking on this channel is simplified, making it the best for beginners who have little or no idea about cooking.

The disadvantage

  • Some of the videos that are available on this platform are lengthy and can sometimes get boring.

Serious Eats

There are basic foods that everyone can make all by themselves. The difficulty always comes when they have to make complicated foods. Living in different homes, we have watched our families cook different foods, and because of consistency, we find it very easy to cook these foods.

However, when we have to come out of our comfort zone and try out a meal different from those we are used to, we may need help. Serious Eats has a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching its subscribers how to cook more complicated meals.

On this channel, you will not only learn how to cook complicated and delicious meals; you will also learn how to eat other foods. From learning how to cook a whole chicken to cooking different local meals, Serious Eats can help you understand different cooking skills.

The advantages

  • The videos provide for the recipes to be used in the right proportion.
  • It provides an in-depth analysis of the best cooking techniques for each meal.
  • They also offer a blog that provides rich content that can help improve your cooking skills.

The disadvantage

  • The videos might be a bit difficult for beginners.


Bon Appetit

This YouTube channel is made up of a collection of kitchen staff that have all become celebrities. Every member of the cooking staff plays different roles in explaining how different cooking skills work. If you are a beginner with no idea of cooking even the basic meals, this channel will be of tremendous help to you.

There are many chefs that have turned celebrities via popular YouTube channels. Source: Unsplash

This channel is a collection of teaching tutorials covering how to cook different meals from the simple to the complicated ones. Here, you can learn how to prepare your favourite pasta, chicken peas, and all kinds of rice. A stand out feature of this channel is that you don’t just learn how to cook alone, but you are also taught necessary kitchen activities like knife sharpening.

Bon Appetit features notable chefs, including Molly Baz, Claire Saffitz, and Brad Leone.

The advantages

  • It offers a comprehensive learning atmosphere who anyone and everyone who wants to improve their cooking skills.
  • The tutorial videos on this channel are a combination of short and long videos.
  • The long videos are well-detailed, and as such, viewers don’t get bored because there is always something new to learn.

The disadvantage

  • If there is a particular cooking skill you want to learn, it will take you a lot of time to dig into the channel’s archives.

New York Times Cooking

There are different meals that you can learn how to cook online, from the recipe meals to the non-recipe one-offs. Of the many YouTube channels that help viewers learn how to cook, just a few offer videos covering both the recipe and non-recipe meals. New York Times Cooking is one of such.

This YouTube channel offers free and paid subscriptions. If you can't afford the paid subscription, there are several videos you can watch on the free channel to improve your cooking skills.

This channel is referred to as the food video wonderland for beginner and expert cooks by many people. From finding videos of how to cook your favourite Roman recipes to all kinds of pasta and macros, the New York Times Cooking channel will meet your expectation. Leading professionals who guide you through the learning process on the channel include Erin Jeanne and Melissa Clark.

The advantages

  • It offers a wide range of entertaining cooking videos.
  • This is a YouTube channel that is regularly updated with new recipes.
  • There is always a breakdown of the recipe meals provided on the channel.

The disadvantages

  • Beginners may find some of the videos on the channel difficult to comprehend.
  • Getting ingredients for some of the recipes in your locality may not be possible, making it difficult for you to learn.

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube is a popular YouTube channel for anyone to learn how to cook or improve their cooking skills. This food channel grew in popularity due to James Oliver's reputation over the last thirty years.

He offers several five-minutes videos that will teach you different basic cooking skills. It has been straightforward for those who love him to learn a lot by watching his videos. He makes sure to simplify every complication about a cooking skill, making it very easy for beginners to grasp it. See  these other sources of inspiration for cooking.

The right side of subscribing to this channel to learn how to cook is that you not only learn from Jamie Oliver himself, but you can learn from other chefs. He features many other cooking videos from other chefs that will be of tremendous help to you. Asides from learning how to cook, you will also learn about different ingredients and their importance.

The advantages

  • Moving from basic recipes to complicated ones is easy with this channel.
  • The instructions that Jamie Oliver rolls out are straightforward and can be understood by anyone.
  • The videos available on this channel are of a very high quality making them more interesting to watch.

The disadvantage

  • Though there are great resources on this channel that will help you learn, it is not regularly updated.

Just Eat Life

If you have been on the internet searching for a YouTube channel to learn how to cook, then the chances are that you have come across Just Eat Life. This channel is a very popular one with a large viewership. With a growing number of subscribers daily, this channel meets the needs of its global customers.

There are several ways to prepare a single meal. Source: Unsplash

There are numerous videos on this website, all between three minutes minimum and five minutes maximum. Here, the unnecessary parts are cut out, leaving you with only the important aspects of cooking that you need to know about.

To access all the videos and tutorials available on this platform, you don’t have to pay any fee as they are free. However, the platform provides for a paid subscription for some exclusive members that can afford it. By subscribing to this paid subscription, you can access longer and comprehensive videos that improve your cooking skills for complicated recipes. See how these websites can help you learn how to cook.

The advantages

  • Every video feels like a continuation of the previous, and they all come as a playlist.
  • The recipes that are uploaded on this channel are simple, with the ingredients and procedures named.

The disadvantage

  • The videos are too short and might not help you like you envisioned, especially if you are a beginner.

Online videos can be a great way to learn new cooking skills and improve existing ones if you have the right device and an internet connection. In the absence of any of these, you can get a good cookbook that guides you in cooking a particular meal.

Another alternative to this is to use Superprof by searching for the closest cooking class or tutor near you. The platform immediately helps you to identify a tutor and create a link. You can have personal lessons with the selected tutor of your choice to improve your cooking skills or learn new ones entirely.

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