Learning any new language can offer a lot of benefits. The hard part can be deciding on what language to learn. You want to learn a language that you'll enjoy learning and will be useful. We recommend learning Hindi. Hindi is spoken by over 615 million people. It's the 3rd most popular language in the world. It would be beneficial to learning Hindi. You'll be able to have more opportunities professionally and personally. You'll also have a skill that employers will be after.

Living in Edmonton you'll have access to a lot of wonderful Hindi teachers. It's a great place to learn Hindi. Learning Hindi doesn't have to be hard or seem impossible. You just need the help. Working with a qualified Hindi teacher will allow you to continually progress forward. They take care of everything for you from start to finish. You'll be well on your way to being fluent in Hindi when you work with a teacher.

Learning Hindi takes time and effort.
Learning Hindi takes time and effort. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Why Should You Learn Hindi?

Being told you're going to make more money and have more opportunities is a good reason to learn Hindi, but these aren't the only reasons to learn Hindi. Learning Hindi you're going to be gaining a lot of skills that will last you a lifetime. We'll list some of our favourite benefits to learning Hindi below.

Work/Study Abroad - Being able to work/study abroad is a dream for a lot of people. Learning Hindi puts you one step closer making that dream a reality. With Hindi being in over 12 countries you'll have lots of chances to follow your dream. Of course, you can work/study abroad without knowing the language but you'll have a much easier time when you know Hindi.

Confidence - There's a lot of confidence you can gain when learning Hindi. It's incredible to be able to speak two languages or more. After becoming fluent in Hindi you'll know you can handle any other obstacles you may face in the classroom and outside the classroom. It's a good feeling.

Employment - There is a lot of business that needs Hindi speakers to work for them. Hindi is spoken all over the world so any employer that does business internationally will need people like you. Employers are often willing to pay for someone having a second language they need. You'll have a lot more job opportunities when you learn Hindi.

Increase your job opportunities when you learn Hindi.
Increase your job opportunities when you learn Hindi. Source: Negative Space, Pexels

Places to Learn Hindi in Edmonton

Living in Edmonton you're going to have access to a lot of great Hindi teachers. You're going to have to decide on the class type you want to learn Hindi. There are private lessons, group lessons, and online learning. All of these options are great to learn Hindi with but one is going to better suit you. Most places will have these options so you can always try them out. A lot of classes will even offer their first session for free so you’ll be able to try out a class before making that cost commitment. Now let’s look at the different class types.

Private lessons to Learn Hindi

Private lessons will benefit someone that prefers to learn by themselves. They’ll work one on one with a tutor/teacher. The private sessions allow you to have the teacher's full and undivided attention. You don't have to worry about not understanding or the class progressing too quickly you can learn everything at your own pace. The tutor/teacher can also customize the lesson plan to better suit your needs. If you're struggling with something they can easily spend more time on it. Private lessons do have a lot of positives but there is one negative thing about private lessons; the price. Private lessons can be more expensive than other lessons but you're also getting a lot more value from private lessons. They can be worth the price when learning Hindi.

Group Lessons to Learn Hindi

Group lessons are going to benefit someone that wants to meet other people and will feel comfortable being around new people. Most group language classes for Hindi will be around 4-8 people. It’s good to learn with other students. It can make your class more enjoyable and you can learn at the same time as someone else. It can be a good way to meet new people and make friends. Group lessons do miss out on the individual lessons but you can still learn Hindi efficiently. The classes are never too big so you feel unnoticed. Group lessons can be cheaper than other lessons making them a great choice to learn Hindi in.

Online Lessons to Learn Hindi

Online lessons are new but they're becoming popular every year. You can learn Hindi from the comfort of your laptop. You don't have to worry about travelling or even what you wear you can just open your computer and be ready to learn. Online lessons can be done in groups or person. They can also be cheaper compared to the group and private lessons. The teachers don't have to pay for as many overhead costs making their class prices cheaper. Online lessons feel different than being in person. It may take some time to get used to. A lot of schools or even tutors are offering online lessons. It’s worth a try if you haven't done them before.

Learning Hindi online is another population option.
Learning Hindi online is another population option. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Superprof - They have 100s of Edmonton Hindi tutors to help you learn Hindi. They have the knowledge and experience so you can learn Hindi the best way possible. Superprof’s tutors offer lessons in person and online giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn Hindi when you want to learn. There’s a lot of great tutors on the platform that is qualified and ready to teach. They’ve worked with so many other students now it’s your turn.

Alberta Hindi Association - They offer lessons in Hindi once a week from beginner to advanced. They offer classes to all ages. During the lessons, you’ll learn about the language as well as the culture and history of Hindi. They have a lot of different programs around the Hindi culture making them a great place to learn. You could understand and be able to interact with the Hindi population living in Alberta. It’s a warm and welcoming place to start learning Hindi.

Listen and Learn - They offer numerous class types for those that want to learn Hindi. They're known for teaching languages all over the world including Hindi. They have a full team of qualified professionals that are ready to help you learn Hindi. Listen and learn also has a lot of satisfied clients making them a great place to check out and learn Hindi.

Start Learning Hindi Today!

Now is the time to make the first step forward and learn Hindi. If learning another language is something you've always wanted to do now is the time. Learning Hindi doesn't have to be hard or impossible. You just need to hire the right teacher. We've listed 3 great places in Edmonton to get started. Remember a lot of classes will offer their first session for free so you can get a feel for what the class will be like before making that cost commitment. Find a class you feel comfortable in and start learning Hindi today. You'll be well on your way to learning a language that will benefit you for a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

Are you interested in learning about other cities Hindi classes? Check Hindi lessons in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary or Montreal. You can also check out Hindi Lessons in Canada for a complete guide.

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