Italian isn't that popular in Edmonton. The two languages we do hear often are English and French, but Italian is being studied more and more each year. We might even start hearing Italian more in Edmonton. Maybe you've never thought about learning Italian or you’ve never even heard Italian, but Italian is such a beautiful language. It even sounds beautiful when you hear someone speak it. It’s a language that's full of passion, history and romance. If you want to learn Italian Edmonton offers amazing places to learn. There's also a couple of Italian festivals that take place each year in Edmonton that would be worth checking out.

Over 64 million people speak Italian around the globe and that number is growing. When learning Italian you don't just learn about the language. You start to gain more cultural appreciation. You’ll learn about the food, people, fashion and so many other parts of the culture when you start learning Italian. It gives you a perspective from two different sides. You see the world differently. If you love history, art, romance or Italian food it may be time to start learning Italian.

Colosseum in Rome
Colosseum in Rome. Source: Vektator, Pixabay

Places to Learn Italian in Edmonton

Edmonton offers great places to learn Italian. You have the option of learning Italian in a group or privately. Both will provide there own benefits. Learning in a group you’ll have the chance to meet new people and usually, the price is cheaper. The downside to learning in a group is you won't have the individualized focus as you would privately. Private lessons provide a lot of benefits. You’ll be able to have a customized learning plan designed for you. You’ll also have the teachers focus. Private sessions can be more expensive than group lessons, but you're getting a lot more value. Check out these places below to start learning Italian.

The University of Alberta - They have Italian classes for everyone. You do not need to be enrolled at the university to attend their Italian classes you just have to register. The university focus on everyday conversation. By the end of the course, you should be able to have a basic conversation in Italian. You’ll also learn about grammar and pronunciation. They offer a welcoming environment for anyone wanting to learn Italian.

Dante Alighieri School - They offer phenomenal Italian lessons for anyone wanting to learn Italian. They have been teaching people Italian since 1962 and have a proven track record of teaching people to speak Italian. They also have world-class Italian teachers with qualifications and experience. Dante Alighieri is known throughout the world with them being in 62 countries. It’s worth checking out.

Superprof - They have 100s of Italian tutors ready to teach you Italian in the Edmonton area. Our tutors have years of experience educating themselves and others on the Italian language. Now they want to teach you. Superprof offers lessons online or in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn Italian when you want to learn.

We always recommend you meet with your tutor/teacher beforehand. This gives you the chance to meet with them. From there you can ask questions and find out what each session will be like. Most places will also offer the first lesson for free. You can try out the lesson before signing up. Don't be shy to try out a few places. You want to spend your money in a place you feel comfortable in.

If you're wondering what other Italian lessons are like read our article Places to Learn Italian in Canada.

Historic area in Italy
A historic area in Italy. Source:Tama66, Pixabay

Hire a Tutor for Italian Lessons in Edmonton

We all want to learn something quickly. Learning Italian will take some time, but it can take even longer learning on your own. Hiring a tutor is the quickest way to learn Italian. There are so many unknowns when wanting to learn Italian. You have so many questions when first starting and you need those questions answered. Looking for those questions online might lead you to get the wrong answer. Hiring a tutor takes care of all your unanswered questions along with so many other benefits.

Create a Pathway
Learning by yourself you won't know what to start learning. You might start with something to easy and become bored. Or you’ll start with something too hard and become frustrated. Your tutor will know the best way to teach you. They've worked with so many other students like you and will know how to get you speaking Italian. Your tutor is also going to be able to progress you forward. Learning on your own you might not know when to move on to something else. You need to fully learn something before jumping on to the next step. Your tutor will be able actively to access your strengths and weakness and keep you moving forward

You need to have the time set aside to learn Italian. The more you practice and study the better chances you have of learning the language. It can be hard to find the motivation for some days to practice. This can lead you to take a long time to learn Italian or never learn at all. Your tutor will be with you every step of the way. On the days you don't feel like practicing your tutor will be able to help you through it. Your tutor and you will also have a dedicated time each week. You’ll stay on task with your tutor. It's like the appointment you can't miss.

Learning Italian you need to know how to pronounce the words correctly. It can be hard learning on your own because you have no one telling you if you're right or wrong. You don't want to be learning the wrong way only to re-learn how to pronounce something. You can learn right the first time with your tutor. This is also an issue with language apps or learning from a textbook. You're missing out on a fundamental part of learning any language.

First-class jitters are a real thing. It's completely normal to feel nervous. This feeling will past. Something to help with your first-class jitters is to be prepared. Ask your teacher what you'll need on your first day. This way you'll be ready to start your first lesson. Your first-class jitters will pass and you'll love learning Italian.

You can even learn Italian online.
You can even learn Italian online. Source: Artem Podrez, Pixabay

Start Learning Italian!

Start learning Italian in Edmonton today. After reading this article you should know the benefits of learning Italian are endless. Another benefit we didn't mention is being able to work or study abroad. Imagine going to school or working in Italy. It would be an experience of a lifetime. The biggest issue can be the language, its' not impossible to work or study abroad without knowing the language, but it provides an obstacle. Learning the language puts you a step closer to this dream.

You don't have to wait any longer to learn Italian. Start searching for the perfect tutor in Edmonton.

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