There are around 1500 people in Calgary’s city that are Italian. They have one of the smallest Italian populations in Canada, but their influence on the city has an impact. There’s plenty of Italian restaurants and lots of other Italian businesses in every industry in Calgary. There's also the Italian Heritage Center that actively puts on events in the area. Living in Calgary you may not speak Italian but you definitely are surrounded the culture.

Hearing the Italian language is beautiful. It’s been deemed the most beautiful language. Italian is full of passion, culture, and history. If you've ever thought about learning Italian living in Calgary now is the time. You have the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by a passionate Italian community.

Why Learn Italian?

Learning a second language you'll have better career opportunities. A lot of companies that work internationally need someone that speaks Italian. Over 64 million speak the language. It's a language you're bound to come across internationally. Employers will pay someone 5%  for that someone is bilingual compared to someone that speaks only one language. It’s also great to get paid more for a skill you have, but that's not the only reason to learn Italian. Here are our top 3 reasons for learning Italian.

1. Work Or Travel Abroad
We’ve all dreamt of working or studying abroad. The hardest part of going overseas is knowing the language. It can cause a lot of confusion and worry especially if you are looking to work or study. Knowing Italian will put you one step closer to living your dream of being abroad in places like Italy. There are also so many other great places that use the Italian language. You’ll have so many great options.

2. Experience More
Italian culture is known for art, literature, painting and so many other wonderful pieces of history. Knowing Italian means you’ll be able to experience all of the things in their original ways. You could be reading original copies of Giovanni Boccaccio's work. He is arguably one of Italians most influential writers. If you're interested in history you’ll love learning Italian.

3. Convince Boost
There's plenty of benefits to learn Italian, but one simple one is you’ll gain more confidence. It feels great to overcome and achieve in learning Italian. As you continue to learn more Italian and your ability to communicate or read more you’ll start to feel good about your progress. Once you can learn to speak Italian you’ll be able to conquer anything you put your mind too.

Be able to work or study abroad.
Be able to work or study abroad. Source: nimrodins, pixabay

Why Should You Hire an Italian tutor?

Of course, you can learn Italian on your own. It's not impossible it’s just harder. There's plenty of language apps, textbooks and articles out there that can teach you, but they're all missing two things. They don't teach you the pronunciation and they don't hold you accountable. The pronunciation in learning any language is fundamental. You need to know how to say the words correctly. You can hear the word from an app but you don't know if you saying it right. This is even harder when reading from a textbook. You run into the same issue. Another big concern is you need someone holding you accountable. A lot of us start things but don't finish them. We’ve tried to pick up a new skill like learning to play the guitar. You start good, but then fall off track. The same thing will happen without a tutor. Your tutor will be there to guide you every step of the way to keep you learning. You're going to have a dedicated time each week to study and practice Italian. It’s the best way to help you succeed.

Again, we're not saying it's impossible to learn without a tutor. We’re saying you're going to have an easier and more enjoyable time with a tutor. Tutoring is an added cost, but if you're serious about learning Italian it’s worth the price. If you're unsure about hiring a tutor you should start with the language apps or textbooks. This way you can find out if you want to learn Italian and then from there hire a tutor.

Student working with a tutor
Student working with a tutor. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Places to Learn Italian in Calgary

The next step in wanting to take the Italian lesson is finding a tutor. Your tutor will be able to make your learning process easier. You won't have to worry about learning incorrectly or not being able to progress. Your tutor takes care of all of this. No more worrying. You can still learn Italian without a tutor, but learning Italian with a tutor will be easier and quicker. You’ll be learning Italian in no time. Hiring tutors also means you're going to have options for tutors to learn with. You can learn in a school or privately. In a group or by yourself. You’ll have to make the choice for yourself. Learning in a school setting means you're going to have a structured program and have a scheduled time each week. Learning privately means you going to be able to have your teacher's undivided attention.

Using a tutor privately also means you can have a more flexible schedule. In a group setting, you're going to be in small groups of 3-6 students. This does range for each Italian lesson. One of the best reasons for learning in a group is you have someone to practice with all the time. You're going to be around so many others that will help you learn the language. Learning one on one means more time with the tutor. This relates to a better understanding and you can go at your own pace. Each of these situations for the Italian lesson will benefit some more than others. Pick the one that feels best for you. Here are our top picks to learn Italian in Calgary.

If you're wondering what other Italian lessons are like read our article Places to Learn Italian in Canada.

Endless possibilities in Calgary to learn Italian
Endless possibilities in Calgary to learn Italian. Source: Westjil2, Pixabay

The University of Calgary - They offer Italian classes for everyone living in Calgary, you just need to register. The University of Calgary has a great Italian that can get you speaking Italian. You're also going to learn about reading, writing and Italian culture. Anybody new to Italian can start in Italian 01 and work their way up each level as they progress through each course. It’d be a great place to meet others trying to learn Italian in a welcoming environment.

Berlitz Learning Centre - Berlitz is a world-class language school that offers teachings of numerous languages like Italian. They're known for getting you to speak Italian. Their teachers have the qualifications and experience to be able to help you succeed. Berlitz also has there very own teaching method when it comes to learning. It’s a great place to check out.

Superprof - They offer 100s of tutors in the Calgary area. Superprof’s tutors have years of experience teaching and the education behind them so they know the best way to teach you. Our tutors work with you online or in-person giving you freedom and flexibility. You can learn Italian in your time.

Start Learning Italian!

Now is the time to start learning Italian living in Calgary. You just need to make that first step and start looking for a tutor. We always recommended you meet with your tutor before signing up. Also, a lot of Italian teachers offer the first lesson for free. This way you can try out the class. Feel free to check out a few classes before signing up. Your dreams of learning Italian are starting to become a reality.

Check out other Italian lessons around Canadian cities like Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal.

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