Studying Italian takes work, dedication and time. You can’t pick up a language overnight, although it would be great. Learning any new language is a lifetime commitment but it's a commitment that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Learning Italian you’ll be able too to develop stronger analytical skills. As well as experience their culture and be able to speak one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

But How do you start?

There are now a million different ways to learn Italian. You’ve seen the advertisement on tv and online of wonderful language programs. You have so many different options to learn. You have DVDs, articles, youtube videos, schools and private tutors. Learning any language you're going to have great success with a tutor. Your tutor will be able to actively work with you to make sure you're progressing. They’ll also be able to actively access your strengths and weaknesses making sure you learn the best way. Learning from a tutor also means you're going to be able to know you're pronouncing the words correctly. But, learning from a tutor isn't the only way. 

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Italy's Flag
Italy's Flag

Free Resources to Learn Italian

Being able to work with a tutor is a great first step in learning Italian, but it’s not the only option. Some people can't commit to a tutor’s time slot or they don't have the funds. Both aren’t a problem, you can still learn Italian. There's plenty of free sources to learn Italian that will list below.


Everybody has heard of Duolingo by now. It’s the world’s most popular language app. The app offers personalized learning, interactive software and a reward system. Besides Duolingo's main learning path for you, they also offer a dictionary, podcast and a words library to help you learn. Duolingo keeps you involved and motivated by offering free stamps each time you progress. They advertise to learn by just practicing 5 minutes a day. This makes them the great first choice when picking a language program to learn Italian, everybody has 5 minutes free a day. The best part about Duolingo is you can learn right from the palm of your hand. The app is available to apple and android giving you no excuse not to download the app and start.


They are another language learning app that's loved by the users that use it. Memorize is a fast and fun learning app that makes learning into a game. They have flashcards with phrases of the new language you're trying to learn. The flashcard is also said by a native speaker so you know how to pronounce words properly. The app helps you learn by using memory. This method has been proven to show effectiveness in learning new vocabulary and making sure the language sticks. Memorize is another app meaning you can learn anywhere.

Learn Italian Words Free

This app does just what the name says. The app is simple and basic to use compared to the ones above. You can set up how much time you can devote to being on the app each day. The app then works around your schedule. The language app helps you learn 14 Italian words every day that relate to travel, emergencies and conversations. Learn Italian Words Free stands out from the other language apps because they offer a slang portion. When you learn a language you learn the proper way to say something, but this isn't necessarily how the native speakers say the words. This apps gives you a sense of how the locals say the language. This leaves you with a better experience of real-world Italian.

Learn Italian right from your phone
Learn Italian right from your phone. Source: Pexels, Pixabay

These apps are a great way to learn for anybody that wants a quick and easy solution to learning Italian. If your someone like me and likes watching videos. Youtube provides another great source. There's a couple of great youtube channels that will help you learn Italian.

Learn Italian with ItalianPod is a great channel on youtube to help you learn. She has 100s of videos about learning Italian. Her videos range from quick bits of information like how to introduce yourself to videos of her teaching you how to say 100 Italian words. ItalianPod teaches you Italian with each video she posts but along the way she has helpful tips and interesting facts to keep you learning. She’s a great free resource to get you started on your journey.

The last free resource you can look at when learning is textbooks. Textbooks create a structured learning program. You can learn at your own pace and focus on what you need too. Your textbook will offer everything a traditional Italian course will offer you're just missing out on the pronunciation. Although textbooks aren't usually free you can look into your local library to see if they have the book in stock. A lot of libraries will also order in books for free as well you just have to ask.

Italian Textbooks to Check out

Italian made simple by Cristina Mazzoni

Their textbooks offer the reader a good and easy way to learn Italian. You’ll learn basic grammar, vocabulary, expressions and so many other things about Italian culture and language. The books are also full of drills and exercising giving you ample ways to practice. The book has over 75 positive reviews online. It's perfect for the self-learner.

More Italian textbooks to check out.

  • Living Language Italian, Complete Edition by living Language
  • Italian Grammar: Barron Grammars Series by Marcel Danes
  • Italian Conversation by Marcel Danes

Textbooks are missing the pronunciation part of learning as well as a guide to keeping your learning. Textbooks aren’t for everyone. If you do want to learn from a textbook follow the book to a tee. Complete every exercise and set out time each day if you can to practice and learn. This way you’ll keep progressing.

Italy Sea Houses
Italy Sea Houses. Source: kookay, Pixabay

Free vs. Paid Learning for Italian.

Using free resources to learn Italian is a great first step in learning the language. It gives you the chance to see if you enjoy learning without making a commitment to pay. With so many free resources to learn Italian, you can pick the right one that works for you or try them all out. The downside to free resources is they usually limit your learning ability. Some apps will only go so far until you have to pay for the next step or youtube videos won't always give you everything you need to progress. You can still learn Italian with a free resource it just makes your time a little harder.

Using a paid resource like a tutor or paying for an app. You're getting the whole package from start to finish. You won't have to worry about not being able to progress. Using a tutor to learn can be the easiest way to learn. Your tutor will create a pathway for you to learn to Italian and be there every step of the way. Paid resources can be the next step for you once you feel like you've benefited from the free resources and want to move on.

Start learning Italian Today

Using a free resource to learn Italian means you can start learning right now in Canada. Check out the apps, videos or textbooks we listed above to get started on your journey to learning Italian. You don't want to put off learning Italian anymore. The best time to start is now.

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