Italian is the world’s most beautiful language. It’s full of passion, history and a lot of culture around it. And who doesn’t want to eat Italian food? We’ve always been told we should learn a second language. Especially living in Ottawa we’re constantly around French and English, but have you ever thought about learning Italian?

The Italian alphabet only has 21 letters. A lot of Italian words end in vowels. Italian is also the official language of music. These facts might not make you want to sign up for Italian class right away, but Italian is an interesting language to learn.

Art School of Athens painted by Raphael (famous Italian painter)
Art School of Athens painted by Raphael (famous Italian painter). Source: janeb13, Pixabay

Benefits of Learning Italian

Learning any language provides benefits. You can earn more, travel easier and be able to study or work abroad, but Italian provides something different to those who understand. Italian is the language of love. It sounds beautiful to hear someone speak in Italian. Most of the words end in vowels. This makes the words sound soft and doesn't come off as harsh. Italian is also full of history, especially when looking at painting or literature. There are lots of Italian artists that make learning Italian more interesting. If you do have a passion for art you can read the original content said by Italian artists.

Having a reason to learn Italian like wanting to work or study abroad is a great reason to start, but your answer can even be simpler. You’ll find a lot of enjoyment from learning Italian. It’s fun to learn something new. You’ll start to notice yourself getting better at the language and you can take pride in knowing your hard work is paying off. Another reason to learn Italian is you have more experience. Ottawa has an Italian week that usually takes place in the first or second week of June each year. Italian week is all about Italian culture. You can get out there and experience Italian culture up close and personal. Ottawa also has more Italian festivals and events that happen all year long. A quick tip: When you do start learning Italian these events are a great way to practice. It can be hard to practice the language if you don't know someone that speaks Italian. These events will be able to provide you with people that speak Italian.

Why Do You Need an Italian Tutor?

Learning any language alone is a hard task. You have a lot of unanswered questions when you start to learn and if you search online for these answers you could be getting bad information. Learning alone also means you have no set path to learning. Yes, you can use language apps or textbooks but these are all missing two very important things. Pronunciation and accountability. You need to know how to pronounce words correctly. It's a fundamental part of learning any language, not just Italian. Learning on your own means you could be pronouncing the words incorrectly. Another reason it’s hard to learn on your own is you have no one there guiding you. It’s hard to learn something on your own. You could be nervous to start which leads you to never starting or you just can’t make your self sit there and learn. You're not alone in this. Your tutor will be with every step of the way and you’ll have a dedicated time each week so you can keep learning.

Of course, it's not impossible learning without a tutor but if you want to learn Italian quickly hiring a tutor is the best way to learn. There are too many unknowns when learning by yourself. Your tutor will take care of everything. You’ll also have someone to practice Italian with all the time. It’s different learning about the language and then actually using it in a conversation. Your tutor will be able to help you through it.

Using a tutor can be the best way to learn.
Using a tutor can be the best way to learn. Source: Anna Shvets, Pixabay

Places to Learn Italian in Ottawa

The next step in learning Italian is to pick the perfect place to learn Italian. Ottawa offers amazing Italian programs that will get you speaking Italian. They also have a lot of conservational groups. These groups won't necessarily teach you Italian, but as you continue to learn you can practice your Italian at these places. We’ve listed some great places to check out to teach you Italian but don’t forget about these conversational groups. We recommend that you speak with each tutor/teacher before you sign up. You want to make sure you feel confident they can teach you. Most places will also offer their first session for free. This a great way to check out the tutor before making that price commitment. If you don't feel good about that free session or when you speak with them don't sign up, move on to the next one.

Carleton University - They offer a great Italian program for anybody looking to pick up the language. The university Italian class is taught by passionate teachers that want to help. Carleton focuses on getting you to speak the language quickly. They also focus on vocabulary, pronunciation and only the necessary grammar. The school offers conversation groups each week so you can practice what you learn in the classroom. It’s a great place to check out if you’re looking to start learning.

Berlitz Language School - They are a world-class language school that specializes in teaching people languages. They offer sessions private, group or online. Berlitz has a proven method of getting you to speak Italian and promises faster results. They have excellent teachers that all have a proven background in Italian. Berlitz is worth checking out in Ottawa.

Superprof - They have 100s of tutors in the Ottawa area that can get you speaking Italian. Superprof's tutors have spent hours educating themselves and others about the Italian language. Now they want to teach you. They offer lessons online or in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility so you can learn Italian when you want to learn.

Ottawa offers great places to learn Italian. Most places are offering online or in-person tutoring. Online tutoring has become increasingly popular in today's world. It offers the same benefits as in-person you're just learning from a distance. You won’t have to worry about travelling to and from your lesson you can open your laptop and start learning. Online tutoring can be a cheaper option when looking for tutors. They don't have a lot of overhead costs so they can offer lessons at a better price. Online tutoring does a feel a little different, but with some getting used to you’ll love learning in the comfort of your own home.

If you're wondering what other Italian lessons are like read our article Places to Learn Italian in Canada.

Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy. Source: LunarSeaArt, Pixabay

Start Learning Italian

Now is the time to start learning Italian. Your dreams of being able to speak the language can finally come true. Start by looking for tutors in the Ottawa area. Remember, you should always meet with your tutor before signing up or visit a class for your free session. You want to get a good feel for what each lesson will be like. If you do feel nervous going to your first class it's completely normal. The nerves are most likely mixed in with excitement and once you settle in you’ll be glad you learning Italian. Another tip to remember is the conversational groups you can enjoy. It's a great way to practice your Italian. The more you practice speaking the language the more confident you'll feel inside and outside the classroom.

Check out other Italian lessons around Canadian cities like Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal.

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