There are so many languages out there to learn. There’s French, German, Spanish, Italian and these are just to name a few. We’ve been told our whole lives that learning a second language will benefit us. You’ll make more money and have better opportunities is the answer we hear all the time. These are the two best reasons for learning any language but first, you have to pick the language you want to learn. Learning Italian isn't on people's minds when picking a second language to learn. Italian is one of the most interesting and beautiful languages in the world. Learning Italian you can start to understand and appreciate their culture more.

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa. Source: Lorenzo Pacifico, Pexels

Why Should You Learn Italian?

Learning any language you're not just learning to speak the language. You're learning about there customs, norms, music, fashion, food and so many other things about their culture. Learning to speak the language is only just the beginning. There is so much to understand their history and culture. You’ll love learning to speak the language.

Better Understanding of the World - Right now you only see things from your background. You only know about your own cultures from your background but by learning Italian you're going to understand more about Italian culture and you can start to view things differently. This gives you more cultural appreciation.

The Most Beautiful Language  - Yes, Italian has been deemed the most beautiful language in the world. If you've ever heard someone speaking Italian you know what I'm talking about. It’s a language that is pleasant to hear and rolls off your tongue.

Gateway to Learning More Languages - Not everyone wants to become a trilingual or polygon, but if you manage to learn Italian you’ll be one step closer to learning more languages. You’ll have an easier time learning French or Spanish because of the similarities.

Why Should You Hire an Italian Tutor?

Living in Toronto you have access to wonderful Italian tutors. We all want to learn something quickly. Learning on your own can be hard. You have so many unanswered questions when first starting out and by googling your answer you don't know if you're getting the right information. This is what makes hiring a tutor so wonderful. They can be your information guide. Your tutor will be able to get you learning quicker. They've worked with so many students they know the best way to teach you.

Individualized Learning
When learning a language there are so many courses online but they all have one problem. They're not built for you. They’re built for the general population. There isn't a one size fits all when it comes to learning Italian. Your tutor will be able to create a customized lesson plan built for you. They can also actively access your strengths and weakness and keep you progressing forward.

Putting the effort in to learn Italian can be the hardest part. Learning on your own you have no one pushing you to keep you learning. For others, they have no problem with this and keep to a schedule. It’s okay to admit if you're not one of these people. Hiring a tutor means you’ll have a dedicated time each week so you can continue to learn Italian.

You need to know how to pronounce words correctly. Your tutor will be with you learning so you can make sure you're pronouncing everything correctly. You wouldn’t want to spend time learning something wrong only to have re-learn something all over again.

See Houses in Italy
See Houses in Italy. Source: Kookay, Pixabay

Places to Learn Italian in Toronto

Living in Toronto you have so many places to learn Italian. You can learn in a traditional classroom setting or you can learn with non-traditional methods like working with a tutor. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll talk more about this below so you know the best method for learning Italian.

Traditional Learning
Your first choice for learning Italian might be to google Italian classes in your area. You're going to get a lot of options for extra-circular classes at universities or colleges.  Learning in a school you have the option to learn alongside other students interested in Italian. This allows you to meet new people and have the option to practice with someone. The school Italian programs usually have been around for a while so they’ve worked out the kinks in their program and can get you learning Italian with ease. The downside to schools is the cost. They tend to be more expensive than other methods for learning Italian. You also won't have any freedom in your schedule. You’ll have to be there on the school's time and not on your own.

Italian Language Insitute - This a wonderful place to start learning Italian in Toronto. They have highly skilled teachers and keep class sizes small. The school offers classes throughout the year giving you plenty of options to learn Italian. They focus on communication skills to get you speaking Italian quickly.

Non-Traditional Learning
Non-traditional learning methods for Italian is tutoring. Tutors are only seen to help kids in school with subjects like math or science but this isn't the case at all. Tutoring has become increasingly popular over the years and this has to lead to tutoring for everything including Italian lessons. Tutors offer an individualized approach as well as have lower costs for each session. Your tutor and you can also figure out the best time for both of you. You won't be constrained to learning at a specific time each week. You’ll have a lot more freedom in scheduling. The disadvantage of tutoring is anybody can say there a tutor. You're going to have to look for a qualified tutor.

ScuolaScuola - They offer group and private classes for learning Italian. They focus on conversational Italian so you can get speaking Italian right away. Their classes run for 8 weeks throughout the year. They have a welcoming environment that would a great choice for beginners.

Online or In Person
Learning Italian online offers the same benefits as in-person. Online tutoring can be cheaper than most in-person lessons because of the lower overhead costs. Online tutoring also provides more flexibility in learning Italian. You won't have to worry about travelling to and from your lesson. You’ll be able to just open your laptop and be ready to learn. The downside to learning online can be it’s not for everyone. Some people need the tutor right there with them and you don't necessarily get that feeling being over webcam

Superprof - They have 100s of tutors in the Toronto area ready to teach you Italian. Superprof offers lessons online or in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn when you want to learn. Our tutors have worked with a lot of other students and know the best way to get you speaking Italian.

If you're wondering what other Italian lessons are like read our article Places to Learn Italian in Canada.

Italian Cuisines
Italian Cuisines. Source: Engin_Akyurt, Pixabay

Start Learning Italian

Now is the time to start learning Italian. Your dreams of speaking the language of love or being able to work or study abroad all can become a reality. You going to be able to open yourself up to so many new experiences and meet some incredible people along the with.

Before you work with an Italian teacher always meet with them beforehand. This gives you the chance to ask questions and get a feel for what your tutor will be like. Looking back you'll be glad you made this step forward. Start learning Italian today.

Check out other Italian lessons around Canadian cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, or Vancouver.

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