It’s the big day. They’ve agreed to go on a date with you, and you’ve decided to do it at your place. The pressure’s on to impress!

To make a good impression you’ll get out the fancy wine glasses and set the table with your best crockery. But you don’t know what recipe to cook!

Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Follow our tips on how to impress your date.

Tips on Creating the Perfect Date Night Recipes

Share a romantic evening over a homemade meal
Impress your date with a simple, well-made dish (Source: Pexels)

Now we are not masters in flirting, but we do have some tips for you.

Ask yourself some questions about your invited guest, what do they like, what don’t they like? For instance, if they’re gluten intolerant you’re obviously not going to make a pizza for dinner.

Think about who you’re cooking for by asking yourself some questions:

  • Are they vegetarian? Do they prefer simple traditional food or finer gastronomy?
  • Do they like red meat, fish, shellfish, seafood, soup?
  • What wine should I choose to accompany the meal?
  • Should I put flowers on the table or is that too much?
  • What type of menu is best for a romantic meal? Starter main dessert?
  • How should I decorate the table? Should I use candles to set the mood? What should I wear?

We think simplicity is key, don't risk a disaster with a more complex meal. Plus you’ll save money on the ingredients.

For example, you could make an avocado or salmon salad with fresh pasta and pesto sauce, a dash of olive oil and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese, served with a glass of red wine. It won’t cost much and you’ll make a balanced, healthy dish that your date is bound to like!

Or, if you want a challenge, make something more original that they may not have had before. Cooking should be fun so experiment!

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Preparing a Romantic Dinner

Set the mood with ambient lighting and good wine
Pick a good wine to accompany your meal (Source: Pexels)

Learning to cook is a sure fire way to attract the person you like. Don’t put pressure on yourself but make sure you pay attention when you’re cooking, it takes time to learn.

There is no magical recipe for the perfect romantic meal, tastes, pleasures and desires are all subjective.

But here are a few ideas:

  • Research recipe ideas
  • Make a cocktail for an aperitif - mojito, caipirinha, pina colada, cosmopolitan, kir, etc.
  • If you're just a budding cook, test out your creativity, it may turn out to be a hit even if you don’t understand the basics of cooking
  • Put time into the presentation of the dish
  • Don’t over season or use too many spices
  • Choose the right wine: red for meat, white for fish
  • Decorate the table nicely with flowers, napkins and nice dishware
  • Pay attention the decor in the rest of the room, notably the lighting – light some candles or put on a lamp to create a warm atmosphere
  • Choose some nice background music like jazz or a vinyl

All things aside, having a good time is what’s most important. Be considerate, attentive, caring and happy and everything you make will taste good! Just forget the microwave ready meals

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Share Your Passion Through Cooking

Cooking is more than a fundamental skill; it’s a means of seduction! Mastering the art of cooking is a sign of independence and autonomy which are attractive qualities to have.

Cooking is also a sign of creativity: in the kitchen, you can let your imagination run free by creating different ingredient combinations.

By inviting someone to share this moment with you, you’ll not only show them your cooking skills but other parts of your personality too.

Tasting a meal made with love is a moment of intimacy between two people. It’ll taste even better if they’ve watched you put all of your efforts into making it.

It sounds stupid but there’s a correlation between the taste of your food and your mood.

If you’re stressed or angry, you’re more likely to make errors when measuring things out or adding seasoning. Conversely, the more love and attention you put into your food the better it will taste!

10 Recipes For a Romantic Dinner

Obviously, there isn’t just one dish that would seduce every date in the world, everything is subjective, but we have compiled a list of classic recipe ideas that might help make your romantic meal a success:

  • salmon tartar with avocado and melon
  • fresh scallops
  • avocado and prawn salad
  • traditional veal blanquette
  • duck pie and sweet potatoes
  • poached lobster with pepper, pumpkin muslin and fried chanterelles
  • duck with orange and honey
  • raspberry macaroons and italian meringue
  • creme brulee
  • panna cotta with rose water

Don’t panic if the meal doesn’t produce the desired results: if you have spent time cooking for your date, they’ll forgive you and the effort you’ve made to welcome them will be more important than the dish itself.

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