Music is a wonderful thing. It brings people together, creates emotion and for a lot of people is a great way to escape from the world. For some people, they loathe about learning to play the guitar or piano but for others, they turn to the drums. Playing the drums is unlike playing any instrument. Drumming is the foundation for any good beat. Your job is to keep that beat.

Wanting to play the drums is a lifelong passion project for a lot of people. They've dreamed of playing the drums ever since they were a kid. They want to play their music for others and be a part of a band. Regardless of your reason for wanting to play the drums everybody just has to start. 

Music Is a Wonderful Thing
Music Is a Wonderful Thing. Source: Karolina Grabowska, Pixabay

Drum Lessons for Beginners 

Drum lessons can be the reason your drumming ability takes off. It gives you an edge against anybody learning on there own. The hardest part of learning to play any instrument is starting. There's so much information online about learning to play you don't know where to start. You may start learning something to advance or you may start learning something to easy and won't be able to progress. The scariest part of learning on your own is not knowing if you're doing everything right. Of course, even with your tutor you're going mess up and make mistakes, but your tutor will be there to guide you. Your tutor will be the reason you keep on playing. 

Here's our 3 reason for getting drum lessons

  1. Create a path - it's the uncertainty of learning on your own. Your tutor will have a roadmap for you to follow. They're going to know when to progress forward or when to focus on something a little more. 
  2. Learn right - the worst thing you can do when learning anything is to learn wrong. Let’s say you thought a certain note was a different note or you were even holding the drumsticks wrong. It will be hard to re-learn the right notes or right-hand position. Instead, your tutor can start you off right. You know you’ll be doing things right the first time
  3. Learn the Fundamentals - learning on your own you can miss out on the fundamentals of drumming. This can be a huge loss if you've been learning for quite some time and have missed the fundamentals. Your fundamentals are your foundation. You may find it harder to learn if you're missing the beginning steps.

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Types of Drum lessons 

You have two types of drum lessons when looking to sign up. Music schools or private tutors. Both of these have benefits for everyone. Music schools are a trusted source for learning drums, but can usually be more expensive. Music schools also allow you to learn from other teachers. If you don’t work well with a teacher you can easily switch teachers. On the other hand, private lessons give you more flexibility in scheduling and are usually cheaper than music schools. Private lessons give you the chance to work with a qualified drum teacher by yourself. You have their undivided attention. 

Learning the Drums in a Classroom
Learning the Drums in a Classroom. Source: jillrose999, Pixabay.

How To Find Your Ideal Drum Teacher? 

The next step in learning how to play is looking for the right teacher. You don't just want to sign up with the first teacher you speak with, but you also want someone that is qualified. There are two parts to finding the right teacher. The first part is your teacher's ability to teach. Your teacher needs to have experience in teaching. They need to be confident in there ability to progress you and you also need to know you can learn from them. The second part is there drumming ability. Do they play the drums as a hobby on the side? or Are they a professional drummer? Of course, you would want someone that is a professional. Not all good drummers are good teachers. Just because someone plays amazingly doesn't mean they can teach you. They might not know how to teach properly which can be frustrating for you learning how to play.

The best thing for you to do for finding the right drum teacher is to speak with all the drum teachers in your area before signing that check over. Most teachers will also offer the first drum lesson for free. This is also a great way to see how they teach and you can see if they're a good fit for you. You can also find a drum teacher online. In the age of the internet, you can now find drum tutors online. The same rules apply as above. Make sure they have an even balance of the two parts. 

If you want to start looking for your tutor you can google drum tutors in your area or online. You can visit your nearest music schools and find out if they have any drumming programs starting soon. Another option is to use Superprof to find your ideal tutor. Superprof gives you a list of 100s of tutors in your area or around Canada. You have the option of looking for online or in-person tutors. 

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The Cost of Drum Lessons 

The price of drum lessons is going to vary from city to city in Canada. The average price of drum lessons is 30-50$ dollars. The price can more if it’s in a busy city. Simply just because the cost of living is more expensive. Another factor in the price per lesson is your teacher. if they have years of experience in the field their rates are going to be higher. Also if your teacher specializes in a certain genre of music you're going to pay more. 

Drum lessons are worth the price. In other articles we’ve talked about the risk you take learning on your own. Although it’s not completely impossible to learn on your own, you will just have an easier time learning. 

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Playing the Drums on Stage
Playing the Drums on Stage. Playing the Drums on Stage. Source: Pexels, Pixabay

Do You Need to Buy a Drum set? 

Yes, you should buy a drum set. Depending on your type of lessons like in person or music school they will likely have a drum set for you, but you wouldn't be able to take it home. Imagine loading up a bass drum and snare drum in your car. It wouldn't be easy. Having your own drum set allows you to practice what your learning. A huge factor in learning the drums is muscle memory. Muscle memory is when your body just knows what to do and you can play without even thinking, This is what you're trying to achieve when learning. The more time you have on the drums the faster you’ll be able to progress. 

Online tutoring will require you to buy a drum set regardless, your going to need one to play. I would recommend purchasing one as soon as possible. This way you can have the options when looking for the right drum lessons. You won't be limited to in-person or music school. 

How to Start Learning to Play the Drums? 

Don't overthink playing the drums, you can overthink something too much and you’ll never start. Everything above is a guide to get you from 0-100. Start by searching for drum lessons around you or consider online if you're worried about pricing and scheduling. Playing the drums will be a fun experience. It’s always amazing when you remember where you started, just to see how far you’ve come. 

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