A lot of us grew up being told we should learn a second language. We’re told it’ll increase our opportunities professionally and personally. It will also give us the chance to travel the world and make more money, but even with all these benefits being true a lot of us don't pursue a second language. Learning a second language can give us the option to do those things, but you need to find a language to learn first.

There are tons of different languages out there to learn, so how do you pick one? You need to find a language you connect with. You need to have the motivation to continue to learn the language. Russian could be the next language you learn. Russia has an amazing culture. By learning Russian you would be able to experience their culture up close and personal. Russian is also spoken in 16 different countries which means it is spoken by over 200 million people. You’ll be able to travel with ease.

Russian is usually seen as a hard language, but any language you learn will be hard. According to the Foreign Service Institute or FSI, they state you can learn Russian in as little as 44 weeks. The FSI compares each language to English and expresses whether it's hard to easy to learn for English speakers. They don’t say Russian is the easiest but they don't say Russian is the hardest. 44 weeks is less than one year. It would be pretty incredible to start learning Russian this year and be able to be fluent next year.

Your opportunities are endless when you learn to speak Russian.
Your opportunities are endless when you learn to speak Russian. Source: La Miko, Pexels

Places to Learn Russian in Vancouver

Vancouver is home to over 190 languages. It’s quite a diverse city to live in. Out of those 190 languages Russian is on the list. Vancouver doesn't have the biggest population of Russian but there is plenty of places to learn Russian in Vancouver. You're going to have 3 different options when considering Russian classes. You can learn from a tutor, a school or a local class. All 3 classes are going to offer more benefits to others compared to someone else.

We always recommend working with a tutor or teacher to learn Russian. The Russian language can be quite challenging on its own, but by working with a tutor your one step closer to becoming fluent. It's not impossible to learn on your own, but it has a lot of obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles to learning on your own is pronunciation, You want to make sure you're saying everything correctly. It would be twice as hard to re-learn the right way. Using a tutor means you learn right the first time.

Learning Russian with a Tutor

There’s plenty of Russian tutors that are ready to help you learn Russian. Tutors provide a personal approach. You’ll get to have one on one sessions with your tutor. This means the tutor will be focused on you. They’ll be able to create a custom learning plan based on your needs. Your tutor will be able to actively access your strengths and weakness to keep progressing you forward. Learning Russian with a tutor can be a great way to get good quality lessons for a fair price.

Superprof - They have 100s of Russian tutors that want to help you speak Russian. They have the experience and knowledge so you can learn Russian quickly and efficiently. Superprof offers lessons online and in-person giving you freedom and flexibility so you can learn Russian when you want to learn. Superprof tutors have taught so many other students just like you and now it's your turn.

Learning Russian at School

Your next option for learning Russian is through university or college. This option shouldn't be for everyone. If you're serious about learning Russian and are interested in having a career around the Russian language then this option is for you. You’ll be enrolling in a full degree or diploma program. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the Russian language, but also the history, culture and literature. Learning at schools means you’ll have a qualified professional Russian teacher that will be able to help you learn. If you want to pursue a career in the Russian language this option is for you.

University of British Columbia - They offer a fantastic Russian program. It’s a 4-year undergraduate degree program. They focus on the language ensuring you can fluently speak the language well. The University of British Columbia has a full team of industry professionals that want to help you learn Russian. They also provide an exchange program so you might even get to learn Russian abroad.

University Russian degree programs teach you everything you need to know.
University Russian degree programs teach you everything you need to know. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

Learning Russian at a Local Class

Learning Russian from a local class offers people a lot of benefits. You’ll be able to learn privately or in a group setting. Local classes can be a cost-effective method so you can focus on learning Russian. Most local classes will have a teacher that understands the language and has a proven track record of helping students learn. Local classes are perfect for anybody that wants to meet new people. You’ll also have the chance to practice the language more being in class.

International House of Vancouver Modern Languages - They have a fantastic Russian language class that offers lessons privately or in small class sizes. They keep their classes to 10 students maximum so they can effectively work with everyone. Their teachers are native language speakers so you can ensure you're learning the correct way. International House focuses on everyday conversation skills so you can feel confident taking your Russian outside the classroom.

Choosing the right method to learn Russian can be a hard choice. The best option is to try the class out first before signing up. A lot of local classes or tutors will offer their first session for free. This will give you the chance to see if the class is right for you before making that cost commitment. You could also get in touch with past students and ask them to share their experiences during the class or session. Be sure to ask any questions you may have. You want to feel confident signing up for Russian lessons.

Should You Learn Russian Online?

Online learning is becoming more popular. Every school, local class and tutor is offering online Russian lessons. Online learning can be beneficial, but it is different. With online learning you're not getting that in-person connection, it's also going to be hard to make friends in your class. Online learning does take some time to get used to but it’s worth it to stick with it.

Learning Russian online you won't have to worry about commuting. You can learn Russian in the comfort of your own home. You can just open your computer and be ready to learn. Online learning can also be cheaper depending on who is offering the sessions. Your teacher's overhead cost will be lower because they’ll just need a webcam, computer and good internet connection to teach. Learning Russian online isn't for everybody, but it’s something everyone should experience.

Online learning is growing in popularity
Online learning is growing in popularity. Vlada Karpovich, Pexels

Start Learning Russian in Vancouver

If you've ever wanted to learn Russian now is the perfect time to learn. You could be fluent in Russian in as little as 44 weeks. This means before this time next year you'll be able to speak Russian. Learning Russian will take time and effort not to mention a lot of practice but the reward is very high. You'll be gaining a skill that will benefit you for a lifetime. You just need to make that first step forward and sign up for a Russian language class or sign up with a tutor.

Every Canadian city has access to great Russian lessons check out Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal to learn more. You even check out Places to Learn Russian in Canada for a complete guide.

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