There’s a different kind of excitement when you’re learning a new language, especially Italian. From the phrases you’ll start to say to the conversations you can maintain with Italians, the learning process can easily be one of the things you look forward to. 

But as with any learning process, it’s not going to be that easy—unless you’re a genius, of course. 

You’ll be thrown hurdles every now and then, and it’s going to feel like you’re never going to learn the language. Lucky for you, those who have been through this process have laid out some tips that you can use to make sure you finish the courses you’ve enrolled yourself in. 

Want to make life a bit easier as you study in Canada’s greenest city—Vancouver? Read on to find out.

Tips on Learning Italian 

Learning about Italian in Vancouver. Source: Pixabay

Everyone needs to get a few tips every now and then because let’s face it, life isn’t always that easy and we could do away with knowing a few hacks to get through tough times. 

The same can be applied to obtaining new knowledge, say learning how to speak like a true Italian. This Romance language has its own set of challenges that often makes its learners question if they made the right choice to study it. 

But as far as we know, the pros outweigh all the cons. 

So, to help you push through the tough modules on pronunciations, grammar, and words, here are some tips professionals freely give to eager students like yourself.

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#1: Immerse Yourself in Anything Italian 

One of the most underrated tips out there is to actually immerse yourself in the language, as if you’re living in Italy! Listen to Italian music, watch Italian shows, or read Italian newspapers and articles—or just about anything you can think of!

Don’t worry if you won’t be able to understand the words right away, you’ll get there eventually. This tip is only so you can catch words and phrases that you’ve already learned, and hear and understand how it’s being used by actual Italians. 

You may start by understanding nothing at all. Then as you progress through your studies, you start to pick up words which then leads to phrases, until you understand entire paragraphs. 

So, just immerse yourself in the language and see how quickly you learn the language. 

#2: Practice Speaking and Writing Everyday

Now, this is one of those obvious tips that you’ve read everywhere. That’s because it’s truly one of the most effective ones that help people speak like a native speaker. 

To master the language, you have to practice speaking and writing it every single day. Nobody goes from 0 to 100 in just a day’s time—it takes baby steps. So, learn how to take a step every single day until you reach 100. 

This also means that you practice with someone who can speak it fluently or, at least, much better than you do. By practice with a fluent speaker, your grammar is corrected along with your choice of words and pronunciation—if you do get it wrong. 

Practicing Italian in the City of Vancouver. Source: Pixabay

#3: Just Have Fun 

Unless you’re learning Italian for something really, really important—like an upcoming business transaction—don’t beat yourself up if you do make mistakes from time to time. 

Just learn to have fun as you go through the basics and difficulties of this language. When you’re having fun, you relax and get into the zone until you barely notice just how much time you’ve spent learning it.

Having fun also means that you’re not putting unnecessary pressure on yourself that might hamper your progress. If your idea of having fun is to try reading funny stories or jokes in Italian, then do it. 

Find what works and be consistent with it. 

Where to Study Italian in Vancouver

The tips above shall be useful in your journey to becoming a fluent Italian speaker. To make sure you really achieve that goal of yours, let’s look at the options you have for Italian classes in Vancouver. 

Italian Cultural Centre

Also known as Il Centro, the Italian Culture Centre was opened in 1977 and since then has been a crucial part of the city’s cultural landscape. It was founded by 13 different Italian associations that wanted to promote and share the Italian culture with different communities. 

Currently, the centre has more than 700 member families who welcome individuals and groups who want to study the language. They usually also hold catering and banquets and serve as a great Italian venue in Vancouver. 

For their Italian classes, they offer eight different levels for adults. These are from beginner through advanced, where two courses are dedicated to conversation and customized courses for travelers. 

If you want to study abroad, you can do so through their Study Abroad Program where students are able to experience learning at institutions recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. 

Children can also learn Italian, since Il Centro is currently the only school in the city to offer full range courses for children and members of the youth. 

You can also check out Hansa Learning Centre in Toronto, if you want a similar program in Italian. Find out the best places to study Italian in Toronto.

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West

The italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West was opened in 1992 with the mandate of promoting and enhancing business, trade, and investments between Italy and Canada. It’s a private, non-profit organization.

It’s also a part of the worldwide network of Italian Chambers of Commerce that has over 150 offices in Italy and 80 offices around the globe. Learn more about Italian classes in Calgary.

The organization currently offers Italian lessons and Italian conversation classes to both their members and anyone interested in learning it. 

Their courses are beginner, intermediate, and advanced, with beginner and intermediate having 3 levels and advanced having only 2. They also post their weekly schedule to guide the students, as well as those who are interested to enroll. 

Rest assured that their teachers are native speakers with university qualifications to guarantee that they can successfully teach Italian as a second language. 

The Dante Alighieri Society of British Columbia 

This society was founded in 1889 by Giosue Carducci with the hope of promoting appreciation and understanding of the Italian language across the world. He successfully did so since the society has more than 500 chapters, 400 of which are all over the globe. 

This society offers Italian classes through the Dante Italian Language School located in Vancouver. 

Their language courses only accommodate 5 to 12 students at a time and meet once a week for 11 weeks, each meeting consisting of 2 hours worth of lessons. All instructors are native speakers who are more than qualified to teach the language. 

Currently, the courses are delivered via Zoom. Dante Society members are given a 5% discount on their tuition. 

You can also check out this society’s branch in Edmonton. Find out more about learning Italian in Edmonton.

Find an Italian Tutor in Vancouver

If you’re not a fan of classes, or just looking for additional help and time to work with a professional, you might want to look into Italian tutoring services. 

A lot of professionals are eager to teach Italian students everything they need to know and more through a personalized program. These programs take note of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their pacing, current knowledge level, and goals. 

Italian Lessons You Can Find in Vancouver. Source: Pixabay

Should this sound like the perfect setup for you, look into the following tutoring services you can find in Vancouver. 


  • Superprof 


This online platform connects to various tutors from different study areas, not just Italian. The professionals you can find here are a variety between students, professionals, and native Italian speakers. 

If you want to check out how much you’re willing to spend, you can also see their rates. You’ll also find reviews made by former students in their profiles. 


  • Language Tutors 


Compared to Superprof, this online platform is solely dedicated to tutors teaching different languages. These tutors can dabble between native speakers and professionals who learned it along the way. 

On their website, you can find which levels and age groups a certain tutor is willing to teach and where they prefer to conduct their tutoring services. They also have reviews you can check out. 

Whatever the platform you decide to use, just make sure you are willing to be open and honest with your tutor for a really wonderful experience. After all, their ultimate goal is to help you achieve yours. 

You can check out their tutors in Montreal, if you want to study in the francophone city. 


A few tips to get through tough Italian classes or modules won’t hurt, especially if you start to feel like you’re not getting anywhere. The tips we’ve mentioned above should be able to help you not just have fun, but also actually learn the language. 

Use these tips as you go through your Italian lessons. If you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact a tutor to truly master the language. 

The capital city also has its fair share of Italian classes. Check them out should you wish to study there!

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