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One of the fastest-growing cities in North America, Calgary is a city in Canada that provides everything you want from a major city, except for the stress. The relaxed way of thinking of Calgarians provides this city with a sense of peace, unlike other cities that have the same size. Despite numerous things the city can offer, the cost of living in Calgary is relatively low.

To discover more of Calgary and enjoy more activities and its surroundings, you need to learn the English language so it’s better to take an English as a Second Language course.

ESOL Courses in Calgary

Located in the Grassland region of Alberta, Canada, and roughly 80km east of the Rocky Mountains, Calgary is also the largest city in Alberta with around 1.2 million population as of 2019 census. In the early 1900s, Calgary got recognized by many due to the “oil boom” which also significantly improved the city’s significance to the world, which leads to a lot of people from across the globe to travel not only in cities like Vancouver but also to cities like Calgary to be a permanent resident.

There’s a lot of things you can do while staying in places like Toronto, especially in Calgary, such as visiting famous attractions, museums, markets; doing shopping or winter sports; exploring; or just simply taking the time to relax. And you can do this by booking esol courses Calgary.

This city has become one of Canada’s most significant cities, with a combination of diverse nationalities creating a multicultural melting pot that’s a perfect place for anyone who wants to take English study international programs.

Many schools in Calgary or other cities like Ottawa offers English as a Second Language classes to improve students’ language skills easily during and after effective and fun English lessons. Aside from the regular and intensive courses, there are also available exam prep, private, and part-time courses.

What Makes it Different to Teach the English Language to Adult Students?

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When adults learn English in Calgary or Edmonton they usually need very feasible English. They need it also to greet neighbours, friends, and colleagues, as well as to shop for groceries and roam around the city effortlessly. Language is vital for professional success, especially for everyday interactions.

The students might be on a business trip overseas or preparing for a family vacation. They might be getting ready for a job interview where they will be required to understand and speak English fluently. Or they probably want to move to an English-speaking environment such as Montréal and they must know everything from turning on their washing machine to sending a letter in the main.

Since adults are grown-ups in their corresponding households, they also take time from their hectic schedules to study the language, and they often pay for the lessons by themselves. It also means that as much as possible, they want to receive as much value from their english lessons Calgary.

Tips for Teaching English Effectively to Adult Learners

Compared to children, adults can be different English students. It might be a bit contradictory because we are aware that most adult students have substantial goals and a will to succeed, but they are frequently more formal in wanting to try new words and being confident in the classroom. Their urge to succeed usually leads to a fear of failing.

Here are some of the things to do to make the adult learners speaking and participating like free, unrestrained kids.

Make them feel at ease - When English Language Learners or ELLs feel comfortable to speak and feel safe to commit errors, they will talk more honestly and more frequently. It’s also much better to have a reward for each student's participation to improve confidence, even if there are some mistakes made.

Interact with them - Making genuine connections with adult students is important. Taking a short moment in each class to know them personally is already enough. What are their hobbies? Are they married? Do they have kids? It’s also better if the teacher will share his or her own experiences and relate to the student’s stories as much as possible.

Don’t use childish materials - Adult students won’t usually find children's books and cartoons relevant to learning English or their lives. There are lots of learning materials suitable for adult learners.

Each student must get an opportunity to speak - One of the most challenging parts of learning ESOL for adults is to become comfortable to talk using the new language. Teachers need to spend some time to allow every student to practice and participate. The more they practice speaking, the more comfortable they will become.

ESOL and Conversation Classes for Adults

Are you a student needing a private ESOL calgary tutor to practice learning the English language with? Are you having problems with some sections of English vocabulary and grammar? Do you want to enhance your pronunciation? You might not have enough time for regular esol classes Calgary, but you can avail of a 2-hour class for each week. You will still see significant improvements such as:

  • Learning how to speak English more fluently
  • Improving your pronunciation and speaking like a Canadian
  • Improving your listening and speaking over the phone
  • Feeling more relaxed and comfortable with your neighbours
  • Becoming more at ease with your co-workers and colleagues

Private ESOL conversation classes and intense private summer ESOL classes can also improve your learning skills.

Ways to Choose The Best Private ESOL Tutors

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As an adult learner, getting an online tutor can be significantly favourable in learning the English language and has been proven to enhance educational performance dramatically, but how do you choose the perfect private ESOL tutor to meet your learning needs?

Determining your budget

One of the main factors that you must consider when finding an English tutor is your budget.

Instructors who have more experience or a degree usually offer higher rates. However, remember that a skilled, qualified tutor who dedicates little efforts with their classes will most likely cost as much as one that puts in a lot of time for their students.

Keep in mind that sometimes price doesn’t show the quality. It means that ESOL tutors who have higher rates don’t automatically provide a higher quality of teaching. You can choose a tutor that does his or her job effectively compared to one that charges more than them.

Check for private tutoring Vancouver.

Are they appropriate for your level of learning?

As an adult ELL, think what level of a learner you are. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced learner?

Some tutors are appropriate for a higher level of learners and are excellent in teaching more advanced sections of ESOL to enhance your skills. Other teachers are best suited for total beginners and possess more patience to teach the fundamentals.

Every teacher has a profile that will let you know their favoured level of students such as:

  • Beginner
  • Pre-intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Proficiency or Advanced

You need to identify carefully on where you fall on this level because this will help you choose an ESOL tutor that’s appropriate to meet your needs.

How active is the tutor?

Same as the completed lessons, the recent activity on a tutor’s profile will give you an idea if someone takes their tutoring earnestly.

Teachers’ profiles will also give you an idea of how the perspective tutor quickly reply to messages. The quicker they respond, the better because this shows they spend lots of time concentrating on their lessons and interactions with their students.

If the response time of ESOL tutor is usually below one hour, you will know that they are dedicated to helping you learn. One hour is a glorious time, but you can also pick a tutor that replies within at least six hours. The important thing to remember is that you will get a response on the same day, and your knowledge will not slow down because you keep on waiting.

How many lessons have they done?

Everyone must indeed start somewhere, acquiring knowledge with an ESOL tutor that has finished many English sessions or lessons helps you get an idea that they a skilled tutor already.

Lack of classes or sessions may show that a tutor doesn’t take their job seriously, which can give a negative experience for you as an ESOL student. It could also mean they might not have appropriate lesson materials that a more skilled tutor has.

To make sure you end up with an excellent tutor, search for profiles that have the most completed lessons and sessions.

Check for reviews

Once you identify if you’re searching for an informal or professional ESOL tutor, you can start browsing through better options. Many ESOL tutor websites include tutor profiles that will allow students to leave a review.

Past learners have the chance to leave a rating out of five stars and write comments about their experience with the tutors and how they help them learn the English language.

These are some of the things you need to look for in reviews to guarantee someone is an excellent ESOL tutor:

  • Have at least 4.5 star and above reviews
  • Have more than ten reviews to make sure the average is precise
  • Reviews must be written long with more than a few words
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